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Arms of Faircourt
Vassal of Bowcourt, (formerly a vassal of Foxcourt)
Status Viscounty (as of 810WK)
Location East of Foxcourt, southern neighbour of Newcourt
Geography Rolling hills and highlands
Major Towns
Couer-le-Fer (7,900)




6% (mostly urban)

Meat, Wool, Cheese, Metals


Established in 221 WK, the first Baron Faircourt was Javert "The Fox", a younger son of the then Count of Foxcourt. Javert was a knight of no small repute and was prominent in King Otto the Gentle's (163 - 209 WK) campaign against the southern barbarians into the Sea of Grass -- from 194 to 198. His sobriquet stemmed from both his family name and from his cunning military tactics.

From 204 he was Marshall of the Kingdom's Southern Army, and served in that position through the remainder of Otto II's reign and through the entirety of King Eberhard's (209 - 214). When he retired from active military service he was created Baron Faircourt by King Albert Eberhard in 221.

The name "Faircourt" is a cant on "Foxcourt" in Common -- particularly a reversal of the "false heart" origin of that name, and also a corruption of "fer coeur", or more correctly "coeur de fer" meaning "Iron heart" in Lalange. The children of Baron Javert bore his sobriquet as a family name from this point on, being Renard in Lalange, or Reynard in Common.

Guillame Renard, 3rd Baron Faircourt also held high position in the King's army and was the bearer of the Crown Princess's standard at the battle of Newbridge in 227. During the fierce fighting on the left flank, Princess Isabel de Bowcourt was dragged from her horse and would have been captured or even killed, had not her banner bearer Guillame led her bodyguards in such a ferocious charge that the enemy were forced to give ground and the young Princess was able to be helped back to safety. For this and other heroic actions Baron Faircourt was deeded the fiefdom of Bois de Cerf, "Hart wood" in Common, where the current Chateau de Renard stands to this day. Guillame Renard was slain at the Battle of Everbury in 235.

The 14th Baron Faircourt was one of the many Western Kingdom nobles who, in 494 WK, rode with the last Western King, Sigismund the Pious, on his ill-fated crusade south into the Sea of Grass, never to be seen again.

In 810WK the Barony was raised to a Viscounty, in part as recognition of its growing power and prosperity and (it is rumoured) as an additional indication of the Vicomte's loyalty to the Marquessa over his former liege lord Foxcourt.

Places of Interest

The main economic pursuits in Faircourt revolve around sheep; meat & wool being the primary exports. A well respected white ewe cheese is also made in the northern part of the Barony.


The present Vicomte Faircourt is Sebastien de Malvallet; the Barony having passed from the Renard family in 657.