Erzsabets 2nd Report

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GM: Jono Bean
This relates to the area of the Fastness of Girwyllan.

Sith was not an ordinary every day thief, for one thing he was charming, and for another he had plans. Sith was not satisfied with the every day things of life he wanted the big things; Big like castles and flying ships, dozens of dutiful daughters to dance on his whim, Dukes and Counts to bow before him. Unfortunately for this sorry little tale Sith knew exactly how to get the big things.

The plan was short sweet and simple, as often these things are. All he needed to do was steal some of Furfur’s voice and put it into a harp, so that all who heard him play the harp would be charmed and do exactly what the thief wanted. Now Sith was not your ordinary every day thief and he succeeded in stealing Furfur’s voice. Furfur being a demon cursed Sith, who knows if it was merely because he could and he let the man get away with the theft or if he was actually angry. Never the less Sith was cursed with a subtle and devious curse; he was now permanently under the effects of the harp.

Sith went to court, to find a suitable wife from the daughters of the nobility of the Aqulian court, and there he found two beautiful and unmarried twin daughters of a local Count, Bridget and Rebecca. Bridget and Rebecca where young witches and wise to the ways of magic. Being the vain man that he was he courted them both and married the heiress. It was not hard because as I said earlier Sith was charming, also he had the harp.

Now the younger daughter was returned home heart broken, vowing revenge upon her sister. Her father the Count Clowss of Bremen was amazed at he change in his daughter and went to court to investigate and get rid of this evil man from his life. Sith a careless and off handed manor asked who would rid him of this man. Although the Count was a good and strong man he too fell sway to Sith’s demonic charm and the marriage went ahead. The Clowss was already as good as dead for Seth was cursed and as a result of his earlier off handed comments he never made it home.

During the next 25 years although all seemed well on the surface, still the County of Bremen came to the attention of the Duke of Aquila. People who went there became tainted by contact with Sith and as a result desired perverse sexual pleasures. During this time Bridget the younger sister studied ancient texts and found how to turn herself into a vampire, having finally succeeded she returned home to Bremen. Where she found that Sith had two sons one legitimate named Girwyllan and one illegitimate named Derwint. Bridget put Girwyllan under her thrall.

The Duke had a court wizard named Malcor, who was seduced by Jasmine into saving her sister in law Bridget. Malcor was an old and wise wizard, before going to Bremen he made himself a heart of stone to protect himself from the evil of the town. He and many members of the local covern of Bremen including a young woman named Angela, Kathryn, Suzanna, Roxanne, Clemintine and a ranger named Swithan, defeated Bridget and put her to sleep.

Now Malcor also had a plan, and his plan would take 200 years to complete.

Sith used his charms to arrange for Dirwint to be trained in the arts of Necromany. He also had Dirwint named Heir to the county. Dirwint has lead a number of groups of Necromancers to try and foil Malcors plans, he is most definietly an agent of Furfur and probably a campion. While the witches try to remain strong, it is often difficult for them to resist the pervse nature of the Curse of the Harp.

Malcor's plan required a powerful Crystal which was in the possesion of Kokhan the most powerful Erelein in Kinlu. Kokhan would not lend the Crystal to the shaper Girwyllan when he asked so Malcor arranged for it to be stolen. The Erelein dispatched their most feared assassins Faldo and Gross to kill the shaper. For many years the agents of the shaper fought to keep Girwyllan alive, until finally Angela a noble woman of Bowcourt (of Royal Blood) gained an ability to die for her loved ones. Girwyllan is her brother in law as she is married to Dirwint. Unfortuneately Kitty and Purr stole her ability and the plan failed utterly.