Erzsabet's Report

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GM: Jono Bean
This relates to the area of the Fastness of Girwyllan.


This is not an offical guild record. The opinions stated within are solely those of Miss Erzsabet Hillborne - practitioner of the college of Naming Incantations, and are intended to help parties adventuring in the fastness.

bum I did this logged in as Jono don't be fooled. I also wrote this a year after the adventure, so investigate widely

We Negiotated a Truce with the Harpies - Break it at your peril.

We agreed not to interfere with the Harpies and not to attack them, and they will do likewise.

Winter 805


I and my friends (Clemintine, liessa, Bart, Ben, Ithilmore, and Boulder) negiotiated a truce with the Angela the Harpy from the Fastness. We did this outside the fastness as all the native inhabitants are "twisted" within the fastness. This effect is in place to thwart the shapers children this could be the Harpies.

The harpies wanted our help to free the shaper from the lands of the dead. He would not leave while his wife was trapped there as a vampire. We made a potion which would allow us to resurrect her as a human and not a vampire, with the help of the shrivers in Sanctuary and the body parts of 3 dead vampires and some other miscellaneous items I can't remember exactly what.

The harpies would like to control the shaper.

The harpies are in general Nasty do not be confused. However some may also be Naga's I think this as they appeared as snake women when viewed with my very powerful true vision ability. Angela the harpy is definitely one that was elevated by the shaper and is also a Naga. Her outlook appears to change if she leaves the Fastness. This requires more investigation.

I think that if a namer with a very powerful trueform ability performed this on Angela, Fiona, Margaret and Suzy outside of the high mana zone they might turn into Nagas. There are rumours that they went north as Nagas after talking to me, I don't know any details about this.


Clemintine the water nixie knows everything but has removed her memory. At one point we beat some of her memories into Clemintine the adventurer so we would know what she had done with Faldo and Gross's memories.

Faldo and Gross are assassins who had been hired to kill the shaper but he also saved their lives. Their memories had been removed to stop them killing themselves. We restored their memories and fixed everything so they wouldn't have to kill themselves and could go home. They are not naturally gargolyes.

Clemintine told us that The wise Owl is the shapers son. I am not sure how this is as the Owl is a female and we don't know how the shaper could have had any children, as he was cursed at the age of 15 to be obessed with his Aunt.

Clemintine told us that Catherine the Witch is the Shapers sister. This information comes from the last part of Clemintines memories which also contained the information about where she had hidden Faldo and Gross's memories. It is not exactly reliable.

The Eye

People are leaving bits of the "eye" the crystal that was controlling the Elementals in the basement of the house in Amber, so the adventurers can put it back together. Catherine the witch entrusted us with her pieces as she did not trust herself not to use them and she also did not want to be a target for the necromancers or harpies.

Try to stop Clemintine the adventurer from drinking eating or otherwise using up the "eye" as I am sure this is warping her and she will end up as a gargolye with no arms at the rate she is going.

Catherine also loaned the party her gloves - we did not return them and Ithilmore has them, they are a very powerful magic item and if she is annoyed this will be in part why.

We Negiotated a Truce with the Harpies - Break it at your peril.

We agreed not to interfere with the Harpies and not to attack them, and they will do likewise.


There is a Naga in the red light district in sanctuary. If you are a courtier and wish to know about this Naga look me up, I can probably help you a little. Her name is Katherine.

The shrivers in Sanctuary have a portal to seagate they won't admitt to it unless you smile at them very nicely. Also brandenburg and I think the fastness.

Our party rescued two apprentice shrivers from some Vampires we think might be associated with the necromancers in the fastness.

We also returned a key to a safety deposit box in sanctuary for the Erelein.

We also rescued two shapechanger tigers from the red light district in Sanctuary. These women are no better than they aught to be, handle with care.