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Status Barony
Vassel of Brandenburg
Location Northwestern Brandenburg.




6% (mostly urban)


The Barony of Erewhon is a poor area with few natural resources. The land is bleak and hostile. The countryside has been ravaged through years of conflict and neglect.

Its an area of some 3500 square Miles of which 15% is Forested, 10% is Mountainous, 10% is Hills and the rest is 65% Plains which vary in productivity and cultivation quality.

All citizens in the Barony (men, women and children) are required to serve time in the militia, and are given substantial training. The population of Erewhon are toughened through hardship and training. They are experienced fighting undead, criminals and bandits. Life in Erewhon is hard and weaker people have fled.

Orcs are common throughout the area, as are bandits, thugs and thieves. Brawls are common in Erewhon, and disputes are generally resolved through conflict, with the stronger ruling over the weaker. However, serious crime within the Barony of Erewhon is extremely rare, and public property is never damaged. Anyone who breaks the law is dealt with quickly and harshly (there is, however, no law against brawling or fighting in the streets).

Wine flows freely in all of the taverns and pubs in the Barony and is the major export from Erewhon. Many of the population make a living trading wine, beer and other alcohol.


Castle Black
Castle Black

This is the Baronial seat of power in Erewhon and home of Baron Turf . It is also known as Castle Erewhon. It is a dark and foreboding structure built high in the dark, bleak and windswept Castle Hills.


This is the main city in Erewhon and home to 6,000 citizens. This city was decaying along with the rest of Erewhon until Baron Turf restored it with his policies of Law & Order, encouragement of businesses, enticement of new settlers and growth of existing businesses.


The second town of Erewhon with a population of 2,500 citizens

Gullet Hollow

A Fishing village on Sulpher Bay, home to 2,500 ppl and has s sinister reputation from its past as a pirates haven. The Pirates have all been run off by the Baron's strict Law policies and now abound elsewhere.

This town now makes its living from fishing and a small dockyard facility (The Brevdice Shipyard) owned by the Brevdice family of Felicemouth.


A region abutting Gallows Wood to the sea

Erewhon Village

A town of 2,300 people


The is the Fortified town at the pass closest to Glissom, home to 1,200 ppl


This is the SE most town of farming, mining and wood. Home to 1,000 ppl


This is the main agricultural town for the barony, home to 2,500ppl


This is a fishing town on the Donier basin coast, home to 1,400 ppl


A fishing/mining village on Kraz Basin coast and in foothills of Worn hills, home to 1,500 ppl.


A town of 1,700 ppl


A fishing/farming community, home to 780 ppl

Geographical Features

  • Plain of Erewhon
  • Worn Hills
  • Splinter Isles
  • The cross Isles
  • Keld Isle, Browl Isle, Sercet Isle, Dras Isle, Dreld Isle, Vind Isle, Hond Isle are all largely uninhabited.
  • Death Isle is home to a few fishermen and some old ruins on the island
  • Skull Isle has a lighthouse on it to guide ships away from the many rocks thereabouts.
  • Grey Hills
  • Castle Hills
  • Gallow Woods
  • Vale of Shadows
  • Helfax Fields
  • Crob Fields
  • Helfax Woods
  • Suplher Bay
  • Erewhon Pasaage
  • Kraz Basin
  • Donier Basin
  • Kalac’s Gap
  • The Shriven Hills
  • Crob River
  • Ashmore river
  • Erewhon River
  • Baywater River


Rulers of the Realm

Baron Turf

Turf is an Elven Namer who first joined the guild about 10 years ago. He took over running the Barony when the previous Necromancer was killed. Banditry was rife throughout the barony until the arrival of Turf. He is a fair and honest Sheriff who seems to always know who is telling the truth. However, he has been blamed for the harsh conditions in the area and is wanted throughout the Baronies for terrible crimes. His whereabouts is currently unknown.

As of around late Winter 806, there is no recollection of Saydar ever being the Baron of Erewhon. In fact, nobody has ever heard of Saydar.

Others of Note

Chevalier Roke

Chevalier Roke is the Lord of Shadowvale and Herald of Erewhon. One of Baron Turf's circle of advisors.

Giacomo Spiamasa

This shadowy figure seems to advise Turf or various matters of import and is never far from his ear when meeting dignataries or visitors to the Barony. He operates in Turf's Shadow undertaking?

  • Waylter Reitzenstein, the Harbour-master
  • Veena Wulf, a doxie


White Skull Guard

A group of 20 Elite Orc Horsemen keep the peace. They are dressed in black Heavy Plate armour that is adorned with a white skull. The Orc Horsemen patrol the borders of the land. The horsemen have access to invested items and are typically enhanced with magic when they are encountered. They drink hard, live hard and fight frequently.

Other Groups



Erewhon is home to a number of businesses that have started since the beneficial reign of Baron Turf enabled a better economy, stronger trade links and firmer law & order.


Winter 806

Turf is sentenced of death by Western Kingdom due to some particularly heinous crimes. His whereabouts are currently unknown and multiple heafty rewards are offered for his head. The Barony is current managed by the seneschal.

As of around late Winter 806, there is no recollection of Saydar ever being the Baron of Erewhon. In fact, nobody has ever heard of Saydar.


The GM 'overseeing' this Barony is Andrew Luxton-Reilly Baron Saydar, but until he returns to actively running this area then please see Chris C Roke. Contact me by phone or by email

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