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(One of the Alternate Alusias)

Empyrea was visited by Alusians many years before it was recognized as an alternate Alusia, and a permanent portal exists somewhere in the north-eastern part of the Sea of Grass.

Similar to Alusia Prime in many ways, Western Empyrea has suffered thousands of years of war at the hands of the dark lord Krelloc (ably supported by his power behind the throne known as "the One"), backed by his predominately goblinoid forces. Defending against the southern aggressors the High Council of Empyrea (supported by the arch-mage known as "Doc") were slowly losing ground when they first contacted Alusia.

The Guild party involved with freeing the demonic emperor Ahriman discovered that both Doc and the One were shadows or projections of part of Ahriman's soul / lifeforce. When Ahriman was freed from his prison both Doc and the One vanished from Empyrea.

In the last decade Krelloc's forces have slowly but inexorably crushed the free Empyreans.