Emmit's Ford

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Five miles north of Tobintown, Emmit's Ford is the northern most crossing of the Champion River.

The ford is sixty yards across, with entry and exit "ramps" sloped for easy access by foot, horse or wagon.

The depth varies with season; at midsummer it can be as little as a foot and a half, in late spring and autumn with heavy rains or snow melt it can read 4 feet in depth.

The bottom of the ford has had stone blocks embedded to make a smoother and safer passage.

On the north-west side of the river is a small (20' diameter, 15' high) round tower that is occasionally used for shelter by travellers and patrols. The open entrance arch faces east and small windows provide a view in each direction.


Winter 806wk

Towards the end of Winter, Braegon returns with a patrol of Carzala's new army to repair the ford so that the re-settlers can use it again. After a couple of days work and significant use of magic, the ford is restored to its previous state. A small tower raised by Braegon for the patrol and him to shelter in while they work is left for future travellers.

Winter 805wk

Following the failed resettlement of Brastor the Dark Circle forces are attempting to trap and destroy the settlers and troops trapped in Brastor. Colonel Lyndon-Smyth and the 1st Brastor Pike Regiment hold the ford against the DC forces pushing up from the south-east. To deny the DC forces easy passage and allow the Regiment to withdraw safely a guild group destroy the north-western third of the ford and the exit ramp to make the crossing impassable.