Elven Isles

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Gyronny argent and azure a Gurges counterchanged
Vassal of Alfheim
Status Principality
Location Approximately 1200 miles due west of Flugelheim
Geography Archipelago consisting of 7 major islands and over a dozen minor ones
Population Unknown number of Teleri (Sea-elves)
Major Towns





To be populated by Spys


Elven Isles

An elven holding deep into the Western Ocean the Elven Isles are home to a population of Teleri, (Common: Sea-elves) whose lives revolve around islands, the sea, ships, fishing, and other things aquatic. The Isles have limited contact with the Duchies through a small fleet of trading vessels but are largely self sufficient and supporting. They are known to be in friendly contact with mer-elves (confusingly also known as teleri) and some other aquatic races.

Places of Interest

The Isles are mostly quite rugged and given over to true wilderness (unlike artfully "wild" forests normally associated with elves). Numerous rock formations and shoals pose a danger to shipping without local guides (and there are indications that these may move about). Some large (and potentially dangerous) aquatic creatures may also be found in the area.


The elves who live on the Isles are generally less civilized than most of their Alfheim kin; they are quite similar in temperament to the wild elves of Elvandar. Most have considerable experience in sailing and other nautical pursuits and fishing is the main source of meat.

The Isles are ruled on behalf of the Elven Queen by Prince Goronwy and his wife, Lady Ysoldé the Swanmay. Two of their children Lord Gwydion, and Lady Gwyneth still reside in the Isles while their youngest child is a member of the Seagate Guild under an assumed name.

Less Well Known


Two portals exist between the Elven Isles and Terranova. The first is of modern construction being design by Sir William of Mulberry and built by planar mages from Kinlu. It takes the form of a stone circle some 50 feet across on Dolphin Island. Every moonrise a mist rises in the circle to a height of 10 feet. A minute of so later it dissipates and everything wholly within the mists swamps places with an identical volume on the island of New Destiny.

The second portal, called the Water Path is a form of undersea tunnel that links a tiny islet between the Shark and Whale islands with a point near the southern tip of Northern Terranova. This ancient path dates to the time of the Elven Empire. The path contains breathable air and is protected from the dangers of the sea floor. It may be traversed on foot or mounted but has become too uneven to take carts or wagons. As travelers move along the path they somehow take longer and longer steps so that a journey from the Isles to Terranova take about two days of full travel. There are a number of broken side paths that are now closed off. Some apparently led to Mer-elf cities that have been long lost.

The Fleet

The Elven Isles is the base for the (remnants) of the Imperial (Alfheim) Fleet. Most of the ships are partially or completely moth-balled and stored in caverns under some of the larger islands woven about with spells to preserve them and ensure they are ready in time of need.

Current Events


Borovia is currently occupied by Drow and they are a remainder from Drow Invasion of the Western Kingdom. The tunnel between Alfhiem and Borovia has been closed for years. The Borovia portal to Kin-Lu has somehow been retasked to act as a two way portal between Borovia and Elvish Isle. A large portion of the general population of Borovia escaped as poor refugees, later becoming guests of the Superstition Mountains Dwarves south of Carzala.

The Elvish Isles has been sold to the Kingdom of Destiny and is said to still be largely occupied by the Drow. Few details are known at this stage. The Elvish Court of Alfhiem wishes to have the Drow removed from Borovia ASAP, and hopefully information which will assist the liberation of the Elvish Isle.


The Drow who occupied the Elvish Isles 'seemingly out of concern for their ability to hold the Isles' negotiated the sale of the region to the Kingdom of Destiny. The Kingdom of Destiny has not been able to occupy the area, due to the large Drow force and it is unclear if this was a double cross of the Kingdom of Destiny. The Kingdom of Destiny has apparently been discussing issues with the court in Alfheim.

Autumn 814 WK

Scouts from Alfheim say that the Isles are currently occupied by Drow forces.
Rumour has it that the Drow have re-aligned a magical portal to connect with Borovia.

Winter 813 WK

Credible rumours and stories learned from several officers over dinner on the Destinian Flag ships Don Bellow under the command of Admiral Don Fishinbow: The Destinains are negotiating an offer for the Elven Isles from Drow Forces.

Spring 812 WK

Contact with Western Alusia has been lost; Alfheim may still be in contact with the Isles but this is currently unconfirmed.