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The legions of Alfheim, sometimes known as the Elven Host.


The 1st (Royal Elven Guards) Heavy Foot Regiment, the regiment is known for its stout defence of priceless immobile statuary and public buildings in Eidolon but is considered a show regiment rather than a battle hardened one.


17th (Royal Elven Guards) Cavalry Regiment, they have prestige & equipment but no luck as they have not won a battle in some time, possibly since before Carzala.


Elves are immortal. Meaning if they don't get sick, have an accident or so on they can expect to live forever. Tarahell is such an elf and is the sole remaining member of an ancient military unit, which due to several odd laws and traditions now that no-one remembers the laws anyways, cannot be disbanded. He is the ur-example of the knowing sergeant whose advice a younger and less experienced (ie everybody) officer should listen to. Tarahell Alatáriël is currently stationed in Ladlaugh


525th Elven Legion, 2000 elves under the command of War Leader Garath.

  • Mildar - a junior officer that was one of the first to be rescued from being a devil.

Stone Legion

While they are an army of (petrified) Elves, it is unclear whether they acknowledge the authority of Alfheim.

Beltan Elves

The Beltan are warriors in the millenia old inter-planar conflicts with Calimar and similar enemies. Technically part of the Elven Host, but allies may be a more appropriate term. If Alfheim avoids giving inappropriate orders then the Beltan will not be forced to ignore those orders. The exact chain of command should become clear within the millenia.