Eltan aka Stupid Stupid Rat Creature

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Eltan Rudra is a Halfling Earth mage played by Joe Parker

Joined the guild 797WK


Appears to be a very short halfling / rat cross (2'6") with a portly build. Youthful in appearance, energetic and surprisingly agile. He's got whiskers, a longer angular face, long front teeth, and an 24" prehensile tail. This combined with the twitching of his nose makes him seem half rat, half halfling, but is somehow endearing. Eltan has a slightly improved sense of smell and good hearing if he puts his mind to it (No actual benefit).

Eltan is renowned throughout the guild for his go along attitude and his willingness to do just about anything. Gullible to a major fault and after a few mishaps is now known as Stupid Stupid Rat Creature, courtesy of Dramus.

Now a practiced Warrior, Ranger and Courtier his speed and agility make him excitable in combat, but reliable as a front line fighter.

Adventure History

799: Summer - Hobbit’s Home GM Francis

802: Spring - Trip to Savarea GM Zane Mendoza

803: Winter - Six Impossible things before breakfast GM William Dymock

803: Spring - Pet Show GM Gordon Lewis

804: Summer - Back to the Day GM Rosemary Mansfield

805: Autumn - A trip to Bright GM Gordon Lewis

808: Autumn - The Legacy of Kael GM William Dymock

808: Winter - The Sun, The Moon, and the Piper's Song GM Jacqui Smith

811: Summer - SauRus's Curse Removal Quest GM Helen Sagers

811: Autumn - Elemental as Anything GM William Dymock

811: Winter - Twice as Cold GM Kelsie

812: Winter - Wolves of Winter GM Deal Ellis

812: Spring - Our Two Main Weapons are Fear, Surprise, A Huge Mountain of Skulls...Wait a minute. GM William Dymock

813: Autumn - Walk a Crooked Mile GM Jim Arona

813: Spring - Kill Them All GM Ian Wood

814: Autumn - Send Lawyers, Knives and Money GM Bridget Dymock-Johnson


It should be noted that despite the epithets connotations I have a great deal of respect for Eltan and recommend him for any Guild Party. - Dramus