Elemental Ambassadors

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Elemental Ambassadors
To be populated by Spys

Duncan & Charm
Two twins (male and female) that often appear as Humans or Elves. The taller male human twin is named Carase or Duncan. He is an adept of Celestial magics & Earth magics. Charm is the name given to Duncan's twin sister.

They both seem to be deliberate in motion, androgynous and very politely spoken.

Duncan and Charm seem to pop up from time to time over a range of years. The are at odds with the Janx
They represent the Elemental Kings. Apparently representing four of them, they have been evasive when talking of the fifth element.
They obviously have spent years in the deserts of the rich and colourful land of Aŝan.
They personally have a range of social & combat skills.
They seem to be able to move quickly between locations.
They are known to work with the guild from time to time.


Autumn 821 WK - Not just a simple comb
Autumn 820 WK - Thirteen feet and to trust your fifth look
Spring 819 WK - Half a crisp spring
Autumn 807 WK - Jail_Break party in/around Khatovar City
Autumn -134 WK - Closed one of the tombs in Asan.