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Edwin Lankard is a 6'0" tall thin human youth, who wears black.

He spends a lot of time sulking, and often complains of the things that "They" made him do, like learning stuff. Presumably "They" are his family. He has a smattering of many (most?) skills, none of which he is interested in learning more than the basics of. Indeed it was the desperation from his family that perhaps he might find something he liked/excelled at, eventually, if only they could find out exactly what it might be.

Edwin is a practitioner of Dark Celestial magics, consequently he is not amiable casting (or doing anything) during the daytime. He has one special spell, shadow wings ("only because They said it would be useful and everyone else would expect it").

He comes from Seacroft, and seems to have been sent to the Seagate Adventurer's Guild at the express behest of Borghoff, to try to grow up and become a real man. Though whether Edwin gets past his teenage angst phase and self absorbed sulkiness remains to be seen.

His first adventure was Autumn 812 Hunting the Eagle