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The capitol of Ebola, the town of is at the top of the cliffs above the fiord, stone buildings are clustered on ledges and flat land, connected by foot paths and the occasional wagon navigable road.

Several inns and taverns are immediately above the harbour, serving the merchants, sailors, fishermen, and those in town looking for itinerant work. They include the Broken Drum (with an orcish bartender), the Merchant (for the moneyed rather than posh), the Blue Parrot (which apparently has reel nikid ladyz arfter dark), and the Rampant Unicorn.

Better quality houses and establishments are in the upper reaches of town, closer to the reservoirs and with views out to the sea. Dempsey's is the establishment of choice for those looking for a fine and discrete lifestyle, with personally tailored services from the financial to the flexible.


The 'palace' is a sprawling building partially carved out of the cliffs at the top of town. One of the reservoirs feeds a pool which is frequently used by the upper echelon of society during the dry seasons, overflow from the pool feeds the palace gardens.

Ebolo Harbour

Wharves and warehouses fill the cove at the northern end of the fiord, steep tracks lead up the cliffs to Ebolo town.

Siege weapons on the cliffs discourage raiders from pursuing ships into the harbour or piracy against moored ships.

New wharves have been recently (Spring 808wk) carved into the base of the cliffs immediately east of the cove and the ship yard caverns (completed in Summer 809wk) at the western end of the cove.

The original switchback trail up the cliffs is now supplemented by a counter-weighted wagon lifting system for moving goods up and down the cliffs.

Fresh water is available via a subterranean water channel from one of the reservoirs above.

Ship Yards

The ship yards are huge caverns carved out of the cliffs west of the main wharves.

Forges, smithies, rope-shacks, sail makers, wood sheds, and other workshops fill the back and sides of the caverns.

The construction yards are large enough to lay down keels of up to 130 feet.

There are two Graves Drydocks one large enough for Carracks or Galleons up to 150' long, the other intended for Caravels or other smaller ships.

NB The Drydocks are an innovation over the standard Destinian design with a lifting mechanism based on the drawings of Mechanician Graves.

Count Aryan claims to have commissioned the best ship yards outside of Destiny. Except for the Elven ones... and the Drow ones.. and maybe those secret yards in Azuria, and.. oh never mind! Master Mechanician Silvercrest has done an awesome job.

Ebolo Exotic Goods Emporium

This thriving business imports delicacies and treats from across Alusia for the tastes of various clients. Fruits, preserves, sauces, speciality baked goods, beverages and other such items are imported or made on the premises by locals according to foreign recipes, ingredients and tastes. The Emporium is run by the Craig and Jaundi Mclean.

The McLean family of Ebola – Craig (b773) and Jaundi (b 778) have a family of 5 children ( 3 boys and 2 girls) B (b798), G (b799), B (b800), B (b801), G (b802) to help run the place and do errands around the town. The children are local features always getting into trouble clambering around the town, getting into nooks and crannies while playing their games and being found in all sorts of places.
The family moved here from Brastor after the last undead invasion failed to be repulsed and they wanted somewhere warm to spend their days and raise a family.

Bleakley’s Dagger

A small shop specialising in daggers, knives, and other small blades. Proprietor Jonas Bleakley is a man of discerning tastes who ended up in Ebola after leaving his home of Borderlay and travelling until he found the perfect weather for his temperament.

Ethigons Ores

Ethigon Lampriere (b777) specialises in supplying and acting as broker for independent miners, several of whom are former comrades in arms and arrived in Ebola on the same ship. Ethigon is often in the hills of Ebola making deliveries, meeting with his suppliers and frequently carrying messages between hill and town folk. While he is competent in his own defence, Ethigon often travels with his brother or another associate for added security from the bandits and other monsters known to live in the hills.

Ethigon and his brother Riley arrived in Ebolo from Brastor where they demobbed from the Eltrandorian forces there in 806, he has been working with the miners since then.

Lampriere Training Academy

Riley Lampriere (b 775) is a swordsman who specialises in training the local youths in how to protect themselves as well as offering specialised tuition to more refined customers. He is a good looking man and there are rumours that he has seduced many women. Riley moved here with his brother Ethigon in 806 after demobbing in Brastor from the Eltrandorian military. He has bought a small plot of land high on the hill that he uses as a training area.