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The College of Earth Magics is concerned with the shaping of the powers of the earth itself and of those entities and things that are rooted in the earth or in contact with it.

There are two distinct branches of this College:

Pacifistic Earth Magic
Usually practiced by wild people who live in isolation in the wilderness, this type of Earth Magic is very powerful, but entirely defensive in nature. An adherent of this division of Earth Magic will never attack without provocation (i.e. unless attacked themself or unless they see animals or plants attacked). They are unaffected by counterspells of their College cast over an area they which occupy while attempting to work the magic of their College. In addition, the counterspells of their College give only half the normal benefit to characters attempting to resist their magic. They may never participate in rituals of this College which involve human sacrifice.
Druidic Earth Magic
This form of Earth Magic is practiced by strong-willed individuals who have no objection to the taking of human life to further their magic. It is often practiced communally since it is in part ritual magic. Many of the rituals involve courting the darker sides of earth by providing blood to quench its thirst.

Earth Magics on Alusia

The Earth college is common in magic using societies throughout Alusia. Its practitioners are more likely to be found is rural and wild areas than in urban areas. Where magic is accepted, Druids are generally treated with respect and caution due to the many stories of their blood rituals. The few Pacifistic mages that like to live and work in villages are usually well liked and respected, but the majority are the wild men of the woods, enemies of woodcutters and miners.


Earth is an elemental college that is believed to have evolved from one of the first types of magic used by the Elves.

Famous Earth Mages

Earth Places of Power

These are places frequented by worshippers of earth that have or have developed a strong association with Earth Magics. If the Place of Power is used for ritual sacrifice it is of no interest to the practitioners of Pacifistic Earth Magic.

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