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A character race in DQ.

Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Highlands)
1-500 (10)
Dwarves are stout 4 feet tall humanoids. They usually have long beards.
Dwarves form strong community ties, and are distrustful of strangers, especially those of other races. Their strongest antipathies are towards orcs and elves. Although dwarves are greedy by nature, they are essentially honest and stand by their word. Dwarves covet precious stones and metals, and appreciate fine, detailed workmanship. Pride and attention to detail are important to dwarves.
Dwarves can see in the dark as a human does at dusk. This is particularly effective deep underground. Dwarves have an affinity with caverns and mountains, and a natural dislike to being bested in bargaining. A dwarf’s capacity for alcohol is twice that of a human.
The listed characteristic ranges are for NPC dwarves only.
Movement Rates 
Running: 225
PS: 6-24 MD: 5-23 AG: 4-22 MA: 3-21 EN: 6-24 FT: 17-23
WP: 7-25 PC: 6-24 PB: 4-22 TMR: 4 NA: None
Dwarves delight in axes and hammers and they will have Rank 4-7 with these weapons. They also commonly wear heavy armour, with chain mail being most frequent, although plate is also occasionally used.

They come from a range of areas on Alusia.
Dwarven Faiths and Pantheon
Dwarven Gods.
General comments
A race of short people with large axes and the skill to use them. They have their own language and strong culture. The often drink a lot. Dwarven populations tend to be lower than other races, with larger settlements being up to 10,000 Dwarves, with the exception being Darkhorn Kingdoms. Dwarven holdings tend to be built around mining.
While known as Dwarven to everyone else, the Dwarven name for their language is Khuzdul. While accents vary between clans, dialects are vary rare in Dwarves; they are proud that their language is as steadfast and unchanging as the mountains.