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Status Free State, Member of the Axe Alliance
Location Beneath northern part of Finmark/Govyna, north of Jarenmark, east of Nordon,
Population ~4000 dwarves
~2000 humans
Major Towns
Dvergarheim (~4,000 dwarves)




70% (mostly dwarves)

Stuff we sell
Stuff we buy


<--Map of Dwarven Lands

Dvergarheim is one of three large Dwarven underground cities in the far north along with Harhakeim and Kondasgel. The city and fortress of Dvergarheim is on the mainland, while Kondasgel and Harhakeim are on the island of Nordon (Ivinia).

Dvergarheim is an active member of the Axe Alliance.

The inhabitants of Dvergarheim and the other far northern cities are often referred to as Hoar Dwarves.

Ruled by six clans or ættin -- each comprised of several extended families bound together by oaths and complicated blood ties. Each clan elects 9 representatives to jointly govern, decide on laws, and pass judgements. These representatives meet in the þinghús (thing-house). Each year one of these goði (leaders) is selected to be the lögsögumaður (law speaker) who presides over the meetings from his seat on the lögberg (law rock). The role of law speaker rotates through the clans. Every long year (18 years) an Alþingi (All-thing) is called which all free dwarves can attend.

The six clans are:

  1. Hárfæstnes (Highfastness)
  2. Járnfyst (Ironfist)
  3.  ?
  4.  ?
  5.  ?
  6.  ?

Notes to be fleshed out

Ancient dwarven city. About 4000 dwarves still live here but the city once housed over five times that many and parts are now deserted and in disrepair. A number of the other dwarven settlements have their distant origins in Dvergarheim with émigrés leaving the frozen north and interminable political wranglings and feuding in search of warmth, gold, peace and prosperity.

Places of Interest

The þinghús

The Dvergarheim thing-house was originally designed for seven clans as can be seen from the seating for a further 9 gothi and a blank clan seal. The name of "lost" clan is unconfirmed although some rumours make it Beorht, an old form of Bright.


GMs: Adam Tennant Martin Dickson