Duchess Meredith

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Duchess Meredith

Queen Meredith of the Western Kingdom & Duchess Meredith of Ranke

On the 2nd of Heat 812wk she is married to His Royal Highness King Ulric Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom, and became Queen Meredith of the Western Kingdom.

Duchess Meredith (known as Duchess Meredith is, or simply that girl by her subjects) is the current ruler of Ranke. She inherited the Duchy from her father Abakithis, after a tragic accident in Spring 806 where he was eaten by a shark while being attacked by pirates off the coast of Sanctuary. Meredith has shown great skill in building alliances with other rulers, notably King Rowan of Eltrandor, and Duke Baltmond of Aladar, both of whom attended her coronation. Internally, the situation is not as stable, with her older step-brothers still seeking to become Duke, and several provinces refusing to recognise her as ruler.

Meredith was born in early 794WK, and was a sickly child. Once she took charge of her own household (maids, cooks, guards), she soon recovered, and appears to be in robust health. She has inherited the family nose, and penchant for information, and


In less than 10 years (806 WK - 816 WK) she became Duchess of Ranke, tamed Sanctuary, enchanted the Ulric the King of the Western Kingdom (to secure Ranke from Mordeaux), married him and then quickly had five children. She is very smart and said to be a courtier abd political player of of unmatched skill, in recent living memory.


The Queen has a few allies and courtiers who are said to be close to her.




  • Ranke have been going downhill since at least the rebirth of the Western Kingdom. She can start afresh, making new agreements and putting aside her father's word where convenient.
  • Sanctuary is now under control, and is still one of the biggest trade ports in the baronies.
  • Carzala


  • Dalmakithis, her older step brother. Had taken over the palace while she fled to Sanctuary in Meadow 807. Is a courtier with many allies and followers in the capital, though little power outside it.
  • Chenaya Vigeles, her revolutionary cousin, is at her side as "sworn bodyguard" for a year and a day. On 14 Meadow 808WK, the gloves will come off. Having already led a palace coup, and being literally unbeatable in combat, this beautiful, wealthy and charismatic leader and her personal army of professional gladiators could be a real challenge.
  • Ilsig, the north town and surrounding lands, have declared their independence. Ilsig has never been happy under the Rankene yoke, and the prospect of a weak female ruler was sufficient for them to break their shackles. The Ilsigi have ruled Ranke before, and may do again soon.
  • Mordeaux controls all of southern Ranke, and heavily influences much of Ormond to the north. With the Dark Circle defeated, it's battle-hardened knights may relish the opportunity to cleanse the corrupt cesspit's of Ranke.