Draymax Death Squad

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This group of a dozen mercenary / adventurers is based in Westmarch, in southern Aladar. It is led by the indomitable Silus von Merkel.

Members include (details listed are from 1st hand experience or DA's and the like):

  • Silus, Warrior, Mil Sci, Namer
  • Danyel, Warrior (Glaive), 2ic?, NOn-Mage, Non Pacted
  • Charles, Shadow Mage, best spell Shadow Wings
  • Barrack, E&E, best spell Quickness
  • Michael, Earth Mage, best spell SoS, 22PB
  • Therese, elven lass, Warrior. DIED - SUMMER 807
  • Avril, Human Female - PB 16, 6'2" and 150lbs, Red Hair, Green Eyss and well Tanned. Rank 7 Healer.
  • Carla, halfling lass, Warrior
  • Nigel, Warrior
  • Gerrald, Warrior
  • Ty, Warrior, Elf
  • Zeke, Warrior, Dwarf
  • Harold, Warrior

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Scribe Notes

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