Dragons Beds are hard to Find

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Adventure Details

Dragons Bed are hard to Find
Phil Judd
Spring 802wk
  1. Gerald/Glass, an Illusionist played by Struan
  2. Amber, a Witch, played by Jo Drum
  3. Thaeuss, an evil Dark binder, played by Stephen Martin - PARTY LEADER
  4. Clementine, a Shape Changing Bear, played by Kelsie
  5. Serendipity, a Celestial Mage, Played by Lisa Rose
  6. Silverfoam - Namer Male Elf Mil Sci, Troubadour, Healer, Played by Michael Parkinson - MILITARY SCIENTIST
  7. Kern, an Elven Earth Mage, played by Chris C - SCRIBE
Marshall Michael Deneer.
The Marshall's Lord, Draco has lost something to a nasty bunch of Orcs and would like it back


We were hired to recover Lord Draco's bed that had been stolen by some Orcs. After much searching an assault on the Orc stronghold was launched and the bed recovered and returned to Lord Draco.

== Events== TBC =Background= TBC



Daily Diary

Start - Day 0

We all met up in Guild meeting room B2, which is nice and cool compared to the temperature outside, coming as we are to high summer. I take a seat while I await the arrivals of the rest of the fine bunch of adventurers who have volunteered for this hazardous duty. Other adventurers and some weasel looking staff wander pasts to various destinations discussing the stuff of their daily lives but irrelevant to myself, a merely working class adventurer who fought day to day to stay ahead of the rabble of society. An assortment of people drift in and we exchange pleasantries with each other and formally undertake introductions.

A SAG functionary, a toady little man of no name lurks in the background along with a vague shape from guild security. Since they are but shadows of what guild security used to be we simply ignore them. Our employer’s representative Marshall Michael Deneer(MMD) enters and explains how we are being asked to recover an item from a number of orcs who have it. A brief number of questions ensue and we agree to leave at midday tomorrow. We undertake party decisions and elect Thaius as Leader, Silverfoam as Military Scientist and myself as Scribe

Additional Extra’s. We also gain some extra’s coming with us, namely Clemintine’s Unicorn named ‘Hewho’, Amber’s hawk ‘Greatwing’. I have had my warhorse ‘Oppo’ skin changed to a mouse and then made into a small stone statue in case I need him later on. We have all bought our winter woolens and assorted other clothing for our sojourn in Cumberband. We arrange to purchase some invested’s as contingencies against unforeseen occurrences. Quickness, Enhance Enchantment and some others.

Day 1

The day dawns and we recover from various fasting, celebrating, and drinking and prepare for the day and weeks ahead. All come properly equipped for a cold climate and possible ‘action’ at our destination. We all travel the 30min walk north of Seagate to the ‘lone tree of travel’. We follow Michael’s lead and knock on the trunk whereby we are transported via the rune portal to the empire of Cumberband. We arrive in the ‘little’ village of Cumberband. It’s a small habitation and the villagers are startled to see us but once they see MMD they wave as he nods towards the castle. ‘More strangers to work for Cumberband” We head up to short mile long road to the ‘Castle’, which is only some 3 stories tall and 400ft high. We are illuminated as to the purpose for the bunkers along the side of the road (the giant road some 120ft across with giant wheel ruts in it), which is to shelter in if some giant creature, should take an unhealthy interest in us. There are giant cows in the field nearby and one of those cowpats could do a lot of damage to us little people not to mention the stink. Gerald cuts down a blade of giant grass to inspect. We enter the ‘castle’ via a little door within the normal giant door and proceed to meet Cumberband and have some discussions. It seem our employer resides in Castile Draco in a nearby Earldom and we are directed to the appropriate rune portal to see him. The portal takes us to a castle courtyard of what looks like a small castle used in campaigns and simply kept up otherwise. The guards are a mercenary company and the captain of the company, one Captain John DeSar of the freehold mercenaries, meets us. He tells us we are expected and we are led into the castle proper, leaving the extras outside and see the main hall is cluttered with junk as if from moving houses. This includes paintings, numerous boxes and the contents of a sizable wine cellar. The captain leads us down stairs to what we assume is a wine cellar. At the bottom of the stairs is a heavy curtain and the captain grandly stands to one side and states, “may I present my lord Draco” and pulls aside the curtain to reveal …… A 3 foot long white dragon on a small pile of gold. We quickly recover our wits being the seasoned adventurers of SAG that we are. We then bow and introductions are made. We make ourselves comfortable while he completes the story as much as he wishes to tell us. It appears that a local earl had some issue with the dragon in his previous abode and had sent his entire army of 20 knights, 60 men at arms and 1 fire mage to deal with Draco. He had to leave the fracas and fled here after being offered this residence by a friend. He however had to leave behind his beloved and comfortable bed of money and gems etc, this bed had over the years molded to Draco’s shape and was thus most comfortable. This is what missing. The knights having taken the ‘bed’ preceded home but along the way encountered something, which impeded their return home and later a site of a battle was found where some fighting had broken out leaving some bodies and a little wreckage but no bed. Draco located the bed in a valley NW of this present abode in a valley populated with orcs. We have been granted full salvage rights on any loot apart from the bed and also an item of our choice from the dragons hoard. We need to triangulate exact position of the ‘bed’ and so we all (including the dragon) fly off some 64miles and get a second bearing so that SF can get a better location on the ‘bed’. We return to the castle and leave the dragon there while we fly off to a nearby town some 100miles away to get supplies for a location potion. This happens uneventfully and we get the ingredients and return to the castle just as night falls. We have ascertained certain aspects of the dragon, his colleges are as follows: FIRE, E&E, Mind / Namer. (The size being the aspects differentiated by different races). We sleep with overlapping watches for the seven of us and the night passes uneventfully. 7-10 SF, 830-1130 Thaeuss, 10-1 Kern, 1130-230 Gerald, 1-4 Serendipity, 230-530 Amber, 4-7 Clementine.

Day 2 and 3

Over these next 2 days we stay at the castle while serendipity makes a Location Potion with the aid of the dragon. The rest of us train together and acquaint ourselves with practicing weapons, dancing, music, and other skills. At the end Serendipity successfully makes the potion and we prepare to leave early the following morning our time.

Day 4

We depart on route for Borrath, which is where the earl that had the dragon ‘evicted’ resides. We plan to go there and maybe ask some questions and see if we can get some answers that we want but otherwise just a short stopover. We fly up there and land at a beach some mile away from the town which from our over-flight looks like a keep with a fortified town around it. It looks like a great deal of the populace has left and is leaving as we see a line of wagons leaving and heading south out of town. The town looks like it should have a population of about 6-10,000 people. However it looks like only a tenth of the population is there judging from the lack of activity and lack of light chimneys in this cold time. No guards appear to be on the walls, we approach the gatehouse and some guards are there – however upon short inspection these aren’t well trained or capable of much guard duties. We get asked our business and we reply that we are here to see the earl about some trading opportunities. We are told the earl is dead, murdered in his bed 2 nights ago. Aghast at this we ask to see his successor, and then we are told his advisor Garth his chief advisor is also missing, gone about 10days now (BEFORE THE RAID ON DRAGONS LAIR) and we ask after the next ranking advisor or officer. We are then told they are all dead from the commander down to the corporals who were killed only hours before our arrival while they slept in a locked room with guards outside. The deaths of those above the 6 of them in the chain of command had prompted them to sleep in one room for protection but this had availed them little by all accounts. We ask who is in charge then and Taro the acting pfc says no-one is and all the guards are all pfc’s. We surmise that they are all the cooks and clerks and stable hands that put on some armour.

Being the kind hearted people that we are we offer to help the guards find clues to the murderers and assassins. They excitedly accept and we’re shown by 'handsum the guard', to the great hall where the bodies are laid out, some with the assassin’s bolt still in the bodies, some with the bolt taken out etc. It appears a crossbow bolt of unusual size and shape is responsible for the death in each case. A normal crossbow due to it being shaped solid metal and heavy weight cannot use the bolt. We see the bed the earl died in and perfunctorily look around. We decide to return later without escort to do what we can in private. We ask to be shown to an Inn and we are shown one close by and ask for some time to sleep before we talk with the guards more. We are left alone and we organise ourselves and proceed back to the great hall. No-one is about and there are too few guards here anyway for us to be seen, but we do go silently and unseen. We ask the dead earl some questions and don’t get much useful information; we search the rooms and find one secret passage there where the assassin could have killed him. We talk with inanimate objects and other such things but find little information. Miranda was the earl’s nurse, Madeleine was his companion. The earl thought that the jagged tooth clan has the bed. (See the list of questions attached). We decide that we are wasting time here so return to the inn, get some wings and flee this town of sorrow. We fly for some 3 hours, then camp and rest up in a copse of trees near the river.

Day 5

We awake and refresh rituals etc, we then fly NE towards the valley. We fly over it in the moonlight and reconnoiter where we can and eye out some canoes down by the headwaters of the river. We spy out a knoll some distance away and where we think it will be safe. We land and I conjure an elemental. He says there are lots of orc's nearby. I ask for nearest airspace big enough for us to walk and breath in underground. He thinks and says 70ft below, we look happy at this. Then he says 60ft, then 50ft. I look worried and arch eyebrows at SF and Thaeuss. He then says 40ft, then 30 ft then 20ft. I say jump and fly. We do so in time and see the elemental disappear below us. We fly some distance away and sleep in trees across the river to avoid being detected. We plan some more before heading elsewhere. I get an elemental to dig a bunker in the hill we are close to and Gerald will hide it using illusionary terrain. Once the bunker has been dug and we are again resting under our illusionary terrain we are attacked by several earth elementals and air elementals. We bunker down for the night, getting some much needed rest and especially tasty food as served by Clemintine and myself.

Day 6

The morning comes and we prepare to go on our way. Now that we know they can detect us and then direct elementals to attack us once we land, we decide to do some fly-by's to determine locations of the enemy. We take wing and start scouting the land, around midday we are just across the western side of the river near the source when we discover the land below is actually covered in a large scale ‘Illusionary Terrain’ or rather several of these Illusions covering what we expect to be exits / entrances into the cave complex(s) below. After some more scouting and much experimentation in the locality we find what we consider to be one of the outlying posts and we go on the offensive.

We ‘bomb’ the area using methane and Greek-fire Grenado’s. We land, fight hard and gain a foothold and an entrance. Knowing time is limited and expected a counter assault we head into the tunnels. Using tunnelings we make our own way down and have several more fights before we get to the bottom and find our prize. We quickly load up and leave a trail of bodies before us and stretching behind for some distance.

We fear more counter attacks until i send my elemental in to create a hole to the lake which fills the complex up very fast.

We fly off and return lord Draco's bed

The END.