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A world, resembling Alusia Prime in the days of its youth, and created by the Ancient Dragons as a place of rest and solace at the end of their long exodus. It was an ideal land, green and fertile, peopled with elves who saw the dragons as gods, and at its centre was Kadath-that-was.

It was built beyond the shattered world of Dislusia, in a place of chaos and made real by the combined will and might of the dragons. There was but a single portal into Draconia, created and guarded by Dumuzi, and before that only a single path from Elusavia; guarded by Nin-gizhida -- the two having sworn to protect the dragon's haven.

Some of the exiles stayed only a while in Draconia before leaving for destinations unknown, others gave themselves to their animal minds and their descendants were beasts similar to modern Alusian dragons.

By the time the guild party seeking the lost dragons came upon Draconia there were only 14 ancient dragons remaining; 12 in the spirit graal, its keeper and guardian Inanna, and the eternally mourning Eriskigal.

When the remaining ancient ones left Draconia to oppose Baal it is thought that the plane dissolved back into the chaos from which it had come. The dragons transported the elven population to the Terranova reborn in the cataclysmic end of Apollyon's attempt on Kadath, and the beastial dragons were sent to an unknown destination.