Dolphin Island liberty

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Dolphin Island liberty
GM: - William, Julia or Jono.
Season: Winter 818 wk
Night: Unknown
Level: High+

Dramatis Personae
Baron Silverfoam
Stop the Anchent Elvish warships in the Elven Isles from being a threat to the greater Western Kingdom area.
Stop the portals within the town of New Moriquendi on the Elven Isles from being used to allow support to and from Borovia & Terranova.

With the support of Princess Isil Eth in Seagate whose current house guests include Lady Alais, two of the Royal Eyes and 1,200 guards.

The assistance -

  • Support from Destiny - 23 ships of war with the many associated support & troop transports ships. Nine experienced professional mercenaries companies totaling 6,000 humans with healers and some mages.
  • Lord Velteyn from Elvandar has made available the service of 1,200 Elven Scouts and Rangers. 200 Sea Elf scouts & water mages.
  • Sir Celladoor Bladekind has the support of the Beltan Elves. They have six skilled Flag Captains lead by Captain Willowhelm who command six flying ships.
  • Princess Katerina, sister to the King and wife to Baron Silverfoam has gained the support of the The Kings Rapiers and its members.

Other supporters of Borovia -

Payment from Royal Court of Alfhiem is unknown but will be large.