Diril Highlands

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The Diril Highlands are on the Dragonspine (Southern) side of the Dragonspine Mountains.

March of the Diril Highlands
Location March of Aquila
Government Margrave of the Diril Highlands
Religion Western Church: ?%

Demon Worship: ?%
Old Gods Worship: ?%
Other Gods Worship: ?%

Population 155,000

Human ?%
Dwarf ?%
Goblin ?%
Giant ?%
Hafling ?%
Orc ?%
Elf ?%
Other ?%

Area 7,7000 sq miles
Languages Common ?%

Folksprach ?%
Reichspiel ?%
Lalange ?%
Dwarvish ?%
Elvish ?%
Halfling ?%
Literacy ?%

Taxes x
Military 1,000 Troops

5,000 Militia


Due to its border nature a march lord or Margrave is the highest ranking lord in the area, and he is charged with the security of the border area. There are the area's normal governing nobles such as the barons who live in this area due to the opportunities it represents.

Governed by

The area is governed overall by the Margrave of the Diril Highlands who is Alberto “Bellator” Alcibiades Hartmann (of the Hartmann Family).

Other Lords are;

  1. Davos Mangelsdorff (of the Mangelsdorff Family), the Baron of Bryshande
  2. Symone, the Baroness of Diril
  3. Errol, the Baron of Bywic
  4. Constantine, the Baron of Nordheim



The highlands grow good crops of Rye, Barley and Millet over the spring and summer months which they harvest in late summer and early autumn before the weather turns.
There are plenty of animals in the area such as highland cattle, goats, sheep, deer (moose) and pigs.


The highlands are a great source of wealth such as Gold, Silver, Gems and much more.


  1. Kanst River
  2. Kanst Pass
  3. Amber River
  4. Mt Shande
  5. Eldeboran River
  6. High Spike
  7. Zelans Pass
  8. Estel Pass
  9. Norgen Pass
  10. Abryn Pass
  11. Kalyn Pass
  12. Norwen Meadows
  13. Basron Meadows
  14. Bywic Vale
  15. Nord Vale
  16. Norese Vale
  17. Estren Vale
  18. Lake Rotmere
  19. Lake Dymmere
  20. Lake Arrynmere
  21. Kaputek River
  22. Pomohack River
  23. Sidmil River
  24. Abryn River
  25. Tyborne River
  26. Quagy River
  27. Raven River
  28. Semath River
  29. Stargon River
  30. Rycht Rapids
  31. Estver River
  32. Nordheim River
  33. Nordheim Confluence

Urban Centres

  1. Kanstyn
  2. Bryshande
  3. Diril
  4. Bywic
  5. Stargot
  6. Berem
  7. Astok
  8. Tremlyn
  9. Lyndvale
  10. Nordhem
  11. Kerdakin
  12. Kerdinval
  13. Estver
  14. Gydmynd
  15. Dyghyl