Del Toro

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Status Kingdom
Location On the South-East Coast of Southern Alusia (17-30°S 11-18°E)
Area ~170,000 square miles, 50% mountainous, 40% Plains
Geography North: Coastal mountainous

South: Grass plains

Population 88,000
99% Human
Ebola, Plaz'toro








Del Toro is comprised of two counties, Ebola the northern mountainous coastline and Plaz'toro the grasslands of the south.



General of the Armies, Admiral of the Navy, and the The figurehead of the Kingdom. Rarely in residence, usually turns up for official functions, and aimlessly wanders the Kingdom when bored. Sometimes referred to as the great bird of the sea by his wise court officials.


The real authority though rarely in residence in Del Toro, she spends most of her time in Ebola, turning up for official functions but delegating the day to day business to the court officials.


By Royal largess, Grand-Layer-On of Hands Phaeton, Physiker-Royal Del Toro and Chirurgeon General of Ebola.

Master of Healers and Healing within Del Toro, High Priest (within Del Toro) of Diancecht.


The Kingdom of Del Toro was formed in Winter 810wk when Aryan, Count of Ebola and freshly self-appointed Military Dictator of Plaz'Toro, combined the two countries into a Kingdom.

Aryan started his governance of Plaz'toro with wild claims of civic improvement, law, peace, and prosperity. Then followed through on one promise by wielding an unknown magical artefact to create new highways and towns in Plaz'toro leading up to the formerly wilderness highland peninsular where he constructed a 'grand' new capitol for Del Toro.

The new capitol and palace seems to be a complete folly, being miles away from trade routes, agriculture, existing population, or a port. But nobody is mentioning this to the new King. The majority of the population at the capitol are minor nobles and their servants, presumably trying to curry favour with the new monarchy.

The spring coronation of the King and Queen of Del Toro may have been intended as a grand affair with invitations delivered to the heads of state of most major powers in Alusia and a strange assortment of lesser nobility, the event was somewhat lower key with plenty of locals keen to see the magically constructed city and get a free meal but only a few representatives of foreign nobility.

The current political strategy seems to be to stay clear to avoid the fall out when the neighbouring empire of Raniterre eventually takes notice of their presumptuous new neighbour and squashes it. The only surprise is that it hasn't happened yet, the Duke of Alsine even sent a representative to the coronation.

- Political report as at the beginning of Summer 811wk