Dead Like Us

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Employer: Death (Lord Death)

Payment: To be able to Reincarnate ourselves.

Contract: To go to plane that this Death has come from and find out what has happened to his Reapers, and to find out why he is not getting any messages from his Lord. Also the Book of Names is not being delivered any more.


  1. Mira, a human Earth Mage with figher capabilities.
  2. Tolmar, a changeable Earth Mage, with the Healing ability.
  3. Dwork, an Orc Fire Mage, that likes hitting things and doing other things as well.
  4. Theodonna, a not quite human Namer.
  5. Hamish, a Human Wicca.
  6. Gerrad, a Human Illusionist, with fighter capabilities, and other interesting aspects.
  7. Glynn, a Blue skinned Elf Air Mage.
  8. Cyan, a Human Mind Mage, with a pet Rock

1st of Thaw

Death recommends that we get turned into Reapers when we get to his plane. We are going to be transported there by Melody a Being with Planer travel. Some of the party members seem to know her or know of her. (Security believe Melody is after something.) Cyan asks her about it. She is trying to get information and such to help in her fight against White Raven.

The reason Death recommends that we become Reapers is that they seem to be quite resilient to quite a few things and some of it would be any damage by our magic. The plane that we are going to does not seem to have very much magic, so we are going have to be careful of not scaring the natives.

We find out a bit more about the Plane that we are going to. The wars are caused by Religion, the area that we are going to are in the mountains so that we will have to dress warmly. There is a trade route in the mountains to the town that we will be going to. The town seems to be protected because of the trade route. There is a Kingdom to the North named the Chin.

We get ourselves organized for the trip off plane.

2nd of Thaw

Glynn does something that causes him to get himself cursed. We need to wait for him to get it removed before we can go the other plane.

Cyan has a very useful item. But the island seems to have got a resident on it that should not be there. He is taken back to Seagate and he will be sorted out later.

Once back in Seagate and after the curse removal, we fly to Sweetwater, so that we can be transported by Melody to the other Plane. If we need to get back to our Plane Melody will open a portal of wher she dropped us off once a week. We are transported near the town our Employer "Death" is located in.

The new Plane that we are on is called Orhodyr.

Once in the town, we find that certain streets and alleys have a certain type of shop on them. We seemed to have gotten ourselves into the one that has to be with Drugs.

Dwork is happy here and finds some drugs to help with his Bed Performance, which he tries straight away. He finds where the Brothel section is for this. Tomlar needs to heal Dwork when he is finished, as something happened to his heart from what is told.

We go to where Death has housed himself and find out more about the Reapers and the other things that are going on this Plane.

Reapers are people who have been changed to get the souls of the soon to be dead and help them pass over when there bodies die. Because the Reapers have to blend in they have trades like the live people, as Death does not pay them or there upkeep for the task that they have been changed for.

Reapers can tell who is another Reaper, unless the Reaper is concentrating of another form, (trying to hide it).

For some reason it is this Planes custom not to pat children on the head and not to point at feet. Hope that we remember that in our travels.

Gerrad, the Party Leader, says that he will be come a Reaper. Hamish gets the pleasure of taking his life. Death uses a Rod on Gerrad, and within half an hour Gerrad up and running again.

Gerrad says he feels slightly different, but he can't really explain it. He get Divinated to see what has changed. He has been magically transformed and has multiply magical effect on him, that range from Healing, changing appearance, he can see souls, stopping souls moving to another body, and the ability to detect other Reapers.

He is welcomed to the Ranks of the Reapers.

Death show us the crystal ball in his office.

Mira takes over scribing for a little while.

So the party leader is now dead, and still walking around. DA’s and Divinations later – he’s dead (not undead, or formally living – a new state called dead). Magic is holding his soul in his body – gives healing, including regeneration of body parts if severed, immune to poisons etc. Not bound to the creator, or the reaper who put him in this state.

We also divinate the crystal ball the reaper used to get messages on – it’s a relay only – source of messages within 300 miles, but noting else. Same with the area where the books used to arrive – it’s a focus point, but all the magic comes from elsewhere. On checking a few maps etc – there is a really large mountain within 300 miles that is considered a home to the creator – apparently everyone who tries to climb it never comes back. Looks like we’ll be doing some mountain climbing soon.

We head off in to town to look for more answers. After a spot of shopping (the air mage wants a large sapphire for something), we end up at a monestary trying to get them to explain their viewpoint on the creator and souls and dreath and all that stuff without giving away too much about us.

However with all good plans – they depend on the weakest link – the orc ….. He goes and gives away that he has two souls. This makes the chief monk very interested and suggests that we come back in the morning for a ‘special’ session. For some reason Gerrard agrees. We head back to Death’s house for the night.

3rd of Thaw

Bright and early we are back at the monestary. The head monk and six guards ‘invite’ us in. However it’s all relatively peaceful – the rest talk lots about souls and death and the creator – it’s all really boring. I’d be tempted to challenge one of the guards to combat, but I get the strong impression they are about rank 10 unarmed combat. And I’d hate to lose. The head monk suggests trying to remove Dwork’s second soul. Gerrard shows a moment of sanity and says no – particularly as it would involve mind to mind contact between the orc and the monk – and they don’t know which soul would be removed. I think the monk is insane just to suggest the mind-to-mind contact. Mindspeech with the orc is more than enough for me. Anyway they don’t seem to upset, and let us leave peacefully.

However we have learnt some things. There are multiple monestaries in the country – all have a slightly different viewpoint on souls and how to obtain a higher status in the next life. For example, one pair of monestaries claim it’s through physical pleasures, others through austerity. There’s also rumours that one monestary is basically a front for the local equivalent of the assassins guild. There is also a really strange monestary high up in the mountains that claims they are directly descended from the creator? – anyway they walk around naked, don’t appear to age, and refuse all contact with ‘lesser’ beings except through some limited trade.

We decide to try this place first. We leave town, and as soon as we find a secluded spot, we fly off up to the mountains. We land a short distance away from any communities, and start walking in. We meet up with a local hunter, and ask about the monestary and local events. Apparently there is a bunch of other ‘hunters’ in the area, camping a little distance away. We get the strong impression that this lot are actually bandits. So we decide to head up and check them out.

We find their camp, head on in. Gerrard uses telepathy to confirm they are bandits, and have grenades at the ready. We charge. Gerrard’s shield charge is impressive – knocks the bandit cold. I try the same trick – not quite as good, but does stun another bandit. It also causes them to drop their grenados, which promptly explode. Me and Dwork get peppered, but not much gets through my armour. Gerrard ignores them, Dwork looks pained. However the bandits look seriously pissed – as they took a lot of damage from their own grenados. A short time later, we’ve subdued the rest, including the leader who is female, and carrying a nice looking sword.

I, Theodonna, take up the scribing again.

The party is able to capture or most of the bandits that attacked us. While Tolmar is helping the wounded bandits, Cyan and Gerrad are questioning the Leader. Her name is Jocelyn. I D/A her very nice looking sword and find out that it is cursed. Because we have time I do a divination of it. It has a curse that makes the person who uses it to want to become the Greatest Bandit there is. It is decided that the sword would need to be destroyed. It is destroyed.

While Jocelyn is being questioned, Tolmar I find out, does some sacrificing to his God. Gerrad sees a white light that the person goes into, when Tolmar does this. Cyan gets wise to the fact that something is going on and does something to Tolmar to stop him doing the next bandit. In the end Gerrad does the last bandit so he can get to see the white light properly. Gerrad reports that he feels better when the soul goes into the white light.

Jocelyn also tries to defend the other bandits, saying that she was the one to do the killing and that the others did not do any of it. Also, since that we destroyed the sword she is aghast with what she has done. She wants to kill herself. Cyan is trying to help her through this and stops her killing herself at this time.

After some prodding, Cyan is able to get the location of the stuff that the Bandits stole from the travellers and that some of the items were fenced at one of the local villages. He also finds out about the Scout that we were unable to get. The Scout, Jocelyn thinks, is an ex Monk because of the unusual style of combat that he does. He has a slight fixation on Rings. He was different from the other Bandits as he really liked scouting and that he was a bit of a loner.

We are taken to the place where she store the items and we get a bit of raw materials, aromatic oils, blank amulets and dried snake skins. While there some of the Party members see if they can see any of the Scouts tracks. It is obvious that he was here because of the tracks that have been wiped out by him. But we are unable to follow him because it looks like that he is a really good Ranger.

We also get some information about some of the other Villages around this area from Jocelyn.

4th of Thaw

We head for Happy Valley, but know that it is not so Happy there. We pass through at a reasonable speed.

Hamish does something unusual and Blesses the crops of the area.

We go on the next Village and they seem better organised and equipped than the last, among other things they are friendlier. At the Café that they have set up for visitors we get information about the people in this Village and also about the Monastery that we will be going to further along in our travels, they have some strange monks up there and they seem to be very crafty and mechanically minded, among other things. We ask if anyone has come through here recently. There was someone, but it does not seem like the Scout that we are keeping an eye out for.

This Village Leader is from there own Ruling Family that protects them. The current Leader is called Diamond.

At the back of the Valley there is a Keep, this is where Diamond is, we pay a visit. Hamish also Blesses the crops of this Valley as well. This is very strange of him to do this. At the Keep we have a meeting with Diamond, his people seem to very protective of him. Dwork tries to make advances on Diamond’s companion, which she throws off.

We D/A items and people, magic seems to be non existent here. Not getting any readings of magical auras. We talk to Diamond about a few things. We find out there might be a Scouting Party in the area from the Empire Chin, as Diamond’s scouts have found Dragon droppings around.

We head off to the Monastery where the Monks called the Sacrodotes are, they might be the decedents of the Children of the Creator. They seem to have very good Mechancian skills.

When we get to the Monastery there is a Watcher Sacrodote, who is meditation, he is naked and he is wearing a gold Torc around his neck. We are able to get good D/A’s on him. This one is a highly skilled Merchant. Seems to have no spells. He has been healed recently by someone.

There is a Trader Room set up for people who come and visit, it is like a dormitory. It is very spartan. There is another trader bunking down. Seems to be another Reaper, D/A’s. He seems to have been around for quite a while, about 40 years, and sometime recently he has successfully resisted Bindwill from someone. He knows what Gerrad is.

Before we get to introduce ourselves to him, we go off to try and trade with the Sacrodotes. They do not trade information with Lessor beings. We can get Amulets or Mechanical devices and some other things made, but no information. They are a bit up themselves.

We put in our requests for Amulets, it will take almost a week for them to be ready.

Back in the dormitory, we find out more about the Reaper that is there. There is talk about things that is happening in the Reaper community and also what is happening in this general area. There might be a war with the Chin soon. He hints that there are people out there that pay well for the Reaper skills. He has moved on from doing the Reaper thing.

Since we have to get moving and we can’t wait here for the items to be made, we head off. We ask if the Reaper wants to come with us, which he does. He is interested in our mention of flying.

We move away from the Monastery before the air mage starts his casting. Dwork also tries a fire spell on the Gerrad, but it seems to have no effect on him.

The Reaper gets a bit uncomfortable after the Flying is cast on everyone and that most of the Party members go invisible to him. Cyan lets us know that he is possible going to do something. Which he does, he drops one of the Gernadoes that causes people to become paralysis and die. Well most of the Party gets hit by it. Luckily the Healer does not and is able to help some of the other Party members. Gerrad, our Reaper, is not affected by this poison and tackles the Rouge Reaper. With the effort of most of us, before the poison takes full effect and getting healed to help out, we are able to subdue the Rouge Reaper. We get to see some of the benefits of being dead in being a Reaper. Gerrad gets his he arm and head blown off in spectacular fashion with another Gernado and it all grows back within a minute.

Under hypnosis, we find out a little more information. There is something that is called a sensation helmet which allows Reapers to feel things again. This seems to be the unknown party draw card for some of the Reapers.

One of the Party spots a hawk over our heads. I am able to D/A and find out that it is the Plains Hawk and that it is under the influence of some other entity. Glyn summons the hawk down to have a talk with it.

The hawk is just looking for people, it is being trained by its Master who came from the North (The Chin). We are not sure if is Master can look through its eyes. They also have Dragons with them. Before we send the hawk back, Cyan decides to write a note for the Hawks Master. Mercenaries for Hire. We will be back later. The hawk flies off in a northerly direction, we start moving to a different location, and we take the Reaper with us.

When we get far enough away, we do some more questioning on the Reaper. He is not being very cooperative, so we show him an example of what we could do to him. Leaving him in a not so nice place to live out his eternal death. After this he cooperates with the questions that we ask him and get more answers. Like where to find the Assassin’s Monastery.

5th of Thaw

We fly up to where a close city is and drop off Jocelyn to begin her new life there and open up a hairdressing shop. Then we fly to where the Monastery (Sesh-sh-narayan) is and get the Rouge Reaper we have to make introduction to his new Boss.

We are able to get another reading on the kinda targeting question for the Mother Mountain and it is about 200 miles away.

Cyan is able to get a few of the group that comes to met us on Telepathy. Also D/A’s on the group tells us that they seem to be all human and only one of them is a long lived sentient. They seem to have all special abilities, but they are not magical.

They are concerned about the loss of communication with the Mother Mountain and have sent a small group to investigate. It is believed also that there is a Party from The Chin in the mountains as well, trying to see what is happening.

The Boss here is interested in our magical abilities, we really play down what we can do. Dwork gets bored and changes into his Rhino-man form to challenge one of the group members that met us at the gate. Well, Dwork got totalled by the person. Got bored and goes and looks at the erotic statues that they have around the place. He is really into them. The Leader of the Monastery is not too happy about this.

The Leader here would pay for information about the Creator. They offer us rooms for the night, which we decline.

We fly back to town to talk to our employer and find that the Rod has been stolen. We are given a bit more of a run down of what the Rod can do. We go to the most possible person that would have stolen the Rod, (another Reaper).

We get to the place, I am able to try out my new smelling ability. It seems to work well and I am able to track down the person who has the Rod. We set a trap for him and a buddy that he meets up with, they are both Reapers, which really gets them. As this was happening it starts to rain heavily. Hamish uses a Staff of his to put a temporary shelter up, a little ways from the river, so we can ask the Reaper questions.

The heavy rain creates a flash flood, we lose one of the Reapers to the waters but are able to keep one. We have a nice go down the river as well, but we all survive. We take him back to our Employer and get more information out of him. Mira gets to be the next Reaper in our Party. The Reaper that we captured goes into Mira’s afterlife. Our Employer gives us the Rod.

6th of Thaw

We are given a rough map of some of the area and how to sort of get to the Mother Mountain. There are three towns/villages that we need to go past to get to the Mother Mountain. They are Duray, Lukla, Nemshebazza. The last is the closest to the Mountain that we need to go to.

We fly to the first one with no problems, but we go astray with the second one and find a different village. The people here were gathered in there Hall, as they were doing a celebration of one of there members. We are invited to join in. Cyan picks up that the village is just about to be attacked by Orcs. We get to fight the Orcs and they run away. Dwork scares the villagers.

After checking the bodies and leaving a warning message for the other Orcs, we fly to Duray. Since we now have the direction that we want we go higher to the other villages. Once we get to the highest village. I, and some other party members fall sick very badly. It is decided that it is better for us to go back to one of the lower villages to get better and use to the altitude.

When in the lower village, getting supplies and finding if there is anything to help with the altitude problem, Gerrad and a couple of the others come across a couple of Chin getting items. Gerrad goes up and talks to them and they really insult him and they have a really bad attitude. This does not go down well. When the Chin leave the village Glyn follows them as they head off very quickly. The rest of us follow at a slightly slower pace, until flying is cast on us.

We find the Chin place of camp for the night, there are about 20 of them and they also have three dragons. We make plans. When the time is right we set things into motion. Gerrad blinds most of the camp, including the dragons. Glyn stuns some others with lighting. An avalanche hits the camp and buries the rest. We are able to pull a few survivors out of the mess that the avalanche made.

We question them and get a few answers, but they try to take their own lives with something in their teeth. But they are healed before they can die. Once we get what we need, they are sorted out.

7th Day of Thaw

We go back to the village and find out about the herbs that will help some of us with the altitude problems. We will still have to stay here a few days to help sort ourselves out.

Some of the party go and see the Scardotes to pick up the Amulets and some others are ordered as well.

We go to see a Tookaloo near the village. He can sense our powers. He tells us some interesting things. He is able to read our souls and see where we are on the karma level. Dwork who has two souls is not very good at all. The soul of the poet is dragging his soul down considerably. While I need to work on mine.

We find out that Tookaloos can be created a number of ways. Metal training, good karma, artefacts.

The Tookaloo shoos us away, a short while before a big snow storm hits.

7th to 13th Day of Thaw

The storm rages for many days and does damage to the village that some of us are able to help with. Some of us use this opportunity to improve our selves.

Also, during the storm, to amuse the each other, there is an organised fight with bets on. Part of it was that someone did not like Dwork and another wants to shack up with Tolmar.

It is a fight against Dwork and a Monk. The party bets on the Monk winning. In the fight Dwork actually wins. The Monk gets torn to shreds by the crowd as the monk sprayed quite a bit of the crowd with lots of needles. Gerrad and Mira are able to see a disturbing afterlife of this Monk and Tolmar together.

There another Tookaloo and he is a Sherpa and would be able to guide us in the Mountains.

Tolmar heals as many of the villages as he can, for this he is hailed a Tookaloo.

14th Day of Thaw

Some of the Party go back to one of the other Villages to see if the stone for Glyn has arrived, which it has and to see if the amulets are ready.

When at the Scarodotes they are accused of taking another amulet that was not theirs. Nobody knew about this. The person looks like Gerrad got the other amulets that we ordered and he left half a day ago. They go after him to get back the amulets.

After a little while and some help from a hawk they find him in a cave and sort him out. They get the amulets that we ordered back and some other things.

They get back to the rest of the Party.

15th Day of Thaw

The Sherpa will come with us and will try flying as it is something new. We fly to the last the last Village, Nemshebazza. A little after Nemshebazza our flying stops and we start to fall. Lucky for feather fall.

There is a magical aura on the Mountain that stops flying spells. As we are going down we are being buffeted by a magical wind that is trying to freeze us. There is no counter spell to stop this.

On the way down we plan what to do, as we will have to walk to the Monastery, which will take about three days, as a certain Fire mage does not seem to have a certain spell.

18th Day of Thaw

At the Monastery, Dwork is bored and he does not like the Monks. We get a little information from the Monks of what has been happening up here recently. Some (Chin??) came through the area around three days ago and they had two dragons with them.

Glyn communicates with the spirit of the Mountain and finds that it is artificial and it can help us in a limited way. Glyn gets it to generate a storm on the top of the Mountain and this will hopefully slow the other down.

We stay the night at the Monastery for the night.

19th Day of Thaw

We start up the Mountain and the Sherpa decides to come with us, for the experience. There are magical traps up here, like a cave that looks good to rest in, but it will crush you. We travel all day with a few minor mishaps that we are able to sort.

20th Day of Thaw

We continue on and find a narrow passage which may have to go through. It has a different aura and from what the D/A’s reveal it is worth Divinating. It seems enhancing magics have the opposite effect, this is not good.

There is another way but it will be quite difficult.

Down anther corridor Gerrad triggers something. It is an Ice Blizzard that is attaching Gerrad with ice shards and some snow men spring out of nowhere to join in the fun, so Mira also joins the fight. When the Snowmen are defeated the Blizzard goes away and we can continue on.

At the end of the corridor it opens up onto a very narrow ledge that hugs the Mountain. We make our way slowly along this edge, (tied together with rope). There a few misplaced footing and falling, but we get to a bigger ledge further along. There also seems to be a very cold wind spring up, maybe there is another storm on the way.

Cyan learns the hard way of casting too much magic in the Mountain area and brings down super cooled air onto himself and some other Party members. Hamish joins the Reaper ranks.

It is decided, as the next way point it a 1000 metres away, that most of us will be going into the rug and that Cyan will be taking himself and the rug up. I will be catching a ride up in his pack, in one of my small forms.

Once everybody that needs to go into the rug, the rug people find out that the ones that had been turned into Reapers are now truly dead there.

When they come back they are Rodded again. Gerrad has a little problem of coming back and Cyan use one of his items to restore him. He has to get Rodded again, otherwise he would die slowly and painfully from the cold and the altitude.

While on the ledge a very large eagle tries and has a go at us. The Party is able to use it talents to control the eagle (Roc) and us this as transport to the next area that we need to get to. On the way to our next area, the Roc explodes. I get squished, so does Dwork. We both get Rodded. Tolmar, Glyn and Cyan survive the explosion, only just. They are healed up.

We lose potions and some Gernados in the explosion.

We have an avalanche coming towards us. We us tunnelling to get out of its way of the avalanche and do something that will stop us getting squished when the tunnelling finishes.

21th Day of Thaw

The Squishes of the Party use the rug to cast spells on each other.

We travel further up the Mountain. There are now more magical auras up here and we must near a destination as it has changed up here.

After carefully deactivating and climbing a worked wall, there in the distance there is a level area surrounded by statues that will animate if we get too near to them. Before we can get there we have to deal with a Bottomless hive of wasps, which can do Ice Doom. We find out that the non squishes are unaffected by there stings. The Reapers of the party sort out the hive, so that we can move on to the level area, after deactivating the statues.

When some of the Party members stay on the level surface, it speeds rapidly into the air. They have a fun time with it going up. For the other members there is a trap door with a shaft that goes straight down. The ones that did not go up jump down the shaft because there is a growing horse that is voidless coming toward us.

Once we are hurtling down the shaft we are safe from the voidless thing. A little while later the other come down the shaft. We pop into another world, one that I had a vision about, and feather fall down. This plane is the same as the one we were on before, but even more so. The feather fall is not any of ours. Also we have not seen the Chin Party yet.

We can see a village that is near a ruined palace. The palace looks like there was a big fight there some time ago. We go to the village to question the people. They tell us that there use to be someone here called Sam the Creator. About 80 years ago the Alderwrath came and were okay for a while then there was a great battle and Sam the Creator has not been seen since and the thing that battle Sam disappeared as well. About 60 years ago another group came and set up in the ruined palace, they are very secretitive.

The villagers used to serve Sam and they did not age, but could die of accidents. They are now aging since the Battle. They have Monsters that they are having problems with, that only come out at night.

They tell us there is an island that Sam used to go to. To get out of this place there are Portals to the outside world. They shove some of the people that come to the village through them.

We go to the Island and there is a Light House there. The bottom door is alarmed with an Alderwarth spell. We fly up to one the door at the top and there are no alarms there. Through the window we can see a device. I get to Divinate it. The device is the cause of the Monsters that are plaguing the Village. It causes the peoples dreams to come alive.

There is a Mass Torture spell on the floor around the device, I am able to get the counter spell to deactivate it. It is almost night time now. The squishes go into the rug to sleep the night away. While, us, Reapers see the amount of damage that we can do to our bodies during the night.

22th Day of Thaw

Today we go to see the ruined palace and the people the inhabit it.

Two lizard like people come to met us and they spin a story to try and get us to go away. When they realise that it is not working and they see some of our invisible party members the attack us. They have this lightening effect that seems to slow us. We are able to kill them and some of the party members get Death Curses, (one of them two) and they find it harder to hit things and cast things now. We have also caught the attention of some guards and they are coming to investigate. Cyan says there must be an underground room as he can get a mind that is in the area and it is somewhere underneath us.

The buildings around us seem to be living. Mother of Pearl.

Cyan activates his spell a little too soon and makes the guards too aware that something is wrong. Dwork kill one of the guards and gets a Death Curse and the other guard is knocked unconscious. Also this haze and a low noise starts up in the palace. Cyan cannot detect any minds now. There is some sort of suppression magics in effect now.

We take the bodies back to the island with some D/A’s on the items that are on the bodies.

The device on the island has changed what it was doing. I divinate it, and at the end of the ritual some of the Party members are walking slowly back to the mainland. We tackle them and tie them up. We know that it is to do with the device. We come up with a plan to put the Device on an island in the rug. This works. While the Squishes are in the rug the tower falls over when one of the bodies explodes. Just before the tower collapses I am able to get grab the rug and change back into Rat form. Things go wrong with that.

Mira notices that I have the patterns of the rug as my fur now. There is a boat now coming towards the island. The other rings were homing beacons. The squishes are able to get out of me and I get a little trampled. Luckily I do not feel pain at the moment.

There is a barrier around the boat. Some of us Reapers decide to dive bomb the barrier and the boat. When the barrier is down some of us aim for the people on the boat. Gerrad gets captured by one of the people on the boat and is teleported away. This one seems to be a Reaper as well. When the boat eventually makes it near shore, the guards surrender and run off the boat just before the mages explode.

We get answers from the guards about a few of the question that we needed answers too.

They are trying to bring back there God. When we are over with the questioning, Mira slits the throat of one of the prisoners. The other one goes into the rug.

We head back to the Palace and do a flyby to see what is happening. We land nearby and Tolmar summons an earth spirit to find out about some of the layout underground. Tolmar tells the spirit where to gets its meal for coming. Soon after the spirit leaves to get its meal, the golden magic suppression field comes up.

We find out that when we tunnel the field is not underground. We tunnel to the area where Cyan felt the mind from our previous visit. Once we get into the room we disturb the construct that was waiting for the soul of the God that was trying to be resurrected, by moving one of the four very large Rods in the room. We have a fight where Mira loses her soul and is being reborn somewhere else. Dwork loses both his souls to be reborn somewhere else (first as a turtle that gets eaten by a Seagull and then a mouse, (he goes up the evolutionary scale)). The leader of the Alderwarth tries to do something with small rod to me, but it seems to have no effect. When it is done on Gerrad after we find him down there, his soul is being reborn again.

We kill the metamorphing construct. Hamish get four death curses on him, so he is only good for triggering items. We sort out three of the four Reaper Alderwarth. We find six intact bodies on slabs, find out that they all have part of the soul of the Alderwarth God, as well of their own. We take them with us when we leave the area. We go to the Monastery that supported Sam. We all get an effect because of all the tortured soul that come out of the construct.

Most of the people of the village near the palace are dead, as the children started to kill the adults, and then the adults had to kill the children to defend themselves. The survivors go off to the palace to sort out the rest of the Alderwarth because of what happened.

The Monastery Monks are able to get the souls back into the bodies of the Party members that need it. They are now back to being squishies. Once we get some other information we head back into the Inner plane, with the bracelet. We heal up the tree and release the Monks that had been trapped in the tree for 80 years, they have not aged a day. About every 10 seconds the world goes Red. The Monks tell us that the Inner world is going to self destruct. We see if we can stop it, but it is already too late. (We had to wait for Hamish to lose his slowness before we came back to this world).

The Monks find a box that goes to the rules of the Plane. Some of us go in there and find two off the Assassin Monks, one of them is a Reaper. Dwork throws me (Rat Form) at the Monk that tries to attack us, I twist around activate the rug and he goes to some island in the Rug. The other one surrenders. We go down to the River of Runes and destroy the Sickly Green Pyramid that is changing rune. Mira and Dwork get badly hurt and the only thing that is keeping there bodies together are the Monks that came with us.

We all get back to the Monastery eventually all in sorta one piece. I died when the Pyrmid went and so did all the other Reapers, including the last Alderwarth that was running around free.

Glyn takes about eight/nine days to get back to us as he was transported to a different part of the plane, when he was searching a body.


GM: (To Dwork) Your soul gets sucked out of you, (this is by the construct) Dwork asks: Which one??


Item List

  1. Rod (Reaper Creator)
  2. Short Sword (ambush on the Seller and Buyer of the Rod)
  3. Lots of poison Shirken
  4. 1 x small sickle with chain
  5. Caltrop type things
  6. Kune Eyes (Spear head type thing)
  7. Small silver ring
  8. Unusual Weapon – SR (Blue glowing Chin in the Avalanche)
  9. A Medalion (fight in village with storm raging)
  10. A Ring (fight in village with storm raging)
  11. Silver Trim from his clothing (fight in village with storm raging)
  12. A couple of well made Daggers (fight in village with storm raging)
  13. Protection against Mega Frosbite (Fight with the second Reaper)
  14. Other things (Fight with the second Reaper)
  15. Two Handed sword that Flickers
  16. Teleport Bracelet
  17. Box that goes to the Rules of the Plane
  18. Gaint Axe
  19. Death Books
  20. Box to the Rules of the Plane
  21. Dream Device

Expense List

  1. 5500sp 11 x Healing potions (500sp each)
  2. 4sp Herbs for the Altitude problem
  3. 5sp Hoods
  4. 20000sp Raw materials for the amulets