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A number of fables exist in regards to the 'Dark Path of Magic', although these days the term is generally used to describe any individual dabbling in dark magics and pursuing a life without regard for the rest of society.

The original 'Dark Path' appears to be a significant part of the Elven mythologies and a factor in the Elven Civil War that led to the final separation of Elves and Drow. While records of the times prior to the War of Tears are sketchy at best, some details have emerged.

Researchers face a number of issues including direct opposition by high Ranking officials in the Elven Kingdom and edicts against research into a number of aspects of this field of study.

Two theories currently lead the way in this field:

The first, postulated by researchers in Eidolon and Mittelmarkhauptstadt is based around the supposition that there are a number of great rituals and sacrifices that can be made to raise someone to become an Avatar. This is based on the presence of the the Powers of Light and Dark, most of whom were formerly Elves (or Drow) prior to their ascension.

A small group of renegade researchers (some believed to have survived the War of Tears themselves), have been garnering support for a second theory: the belief that the Dark Path is in fact the worship of an ancient elven God. While little is known about this deity, it is postulated that their return is unlikely to bode well for the Human population.