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As at Summer 810

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Visible Value
Well-off to rich, unless trying to look otherwise. Religious Symbol (a 6" ceramic cylinder) is worn openly if the situation permits, or in a belt pouch if not.
Offense: High
Defense: Medium (armour only slightly special)
Utility: High
Party Roles
Investigation, Combat Support

  • To further the cause of the Church of The One-Horned God
  • To be a respected and successful Adventurer
  • To make the world a better place, preferably in a condition to enjoy it

These are pursued pragmatically, with a preference for the long-term over the short.

Gods and Powers
Agent of Eric, The One-Horned God
generally considered a white hat, and tolerated as a useful ally by The Unified Church in most circumstances
anti Demons in general, although will talk to them if the situation requires
Friends and Allies
Favoured by Tuscana
Volunteered abilities in the fight against the Dark Circle
various grateful ex-employers (mainly off-plane)
Assumes Cain dislikes him more than average (involved in Eastdale Winter 801)
Denizens of the Dark Circle (not that they know of him specifically)
Undead, and anything that disrupts long-term fertility
Other Relationships
has arrangements with the Destinian Navy

Native Common
Courtly Lalange
Good Elven
Passable Eldaran
Literate in all the above
Passable Dwarvish, Smattering of Gnomish and Folksprach
Adept at Silent Tongue
Main Skills
7 Spy (including Counterspy)
5 Courtier (spec seduction)
Good at gathering information by talking to people (due to abilities taken)
8 Healer, 5 Thief, 4 Ranger (Highlands)
7 Philosopher (incl Knowledge taken)
  • Animals
    • Land (reproduction, Humanoids)
    • Magical (reproduction)
    • Avians
  • Social World (Farway Dwarves)
    • Heraldry & Genealogy
    • Politics
      • Baronies
      • Tuscana
      • Ranke
    • Theology & Mythology (One Horned God, History)
  • Magical World
    • The Powers
Main Spells
Instant Petrification 8, Shadow Wings 12, Shadow Walking 13, Witchsight 20, Shadowform 16
Non-Standard magic
Religious symbol destroys struck undead (greater get +20 to resistance)
takes at least several minutes each day for formal worship
Charismatic Cloak modifies Charismatic Aura (rk14) to provide one of 4 effects (+2rk to std effect/Stealth +19%/Disguise rk7/Undead protection 70% resist Fear etc, -3 draining)
Stone Amulet provides targetable magic-suppressing effect (powerful but resistable)
Web is non-damaging, but harder to get out of
Has ritual that (rarely) gets information from the subject's dreams
Can activate a basilisk's soul (Rk15) to gain 3 points of Protection, and access to Instant Petrification - costs a TMR and other penalties.
Has just learnt some Umbral Shadow abilities - 'Pall' of 6.
Ablative protection from Undead draining, alternative bonus to cast
Can cast a spell to enhance a magical shadow of own creation (e.g Shadowform has the effects of Armour of Earth)
Shadow Soul prevents a soul leaving its body

Passive Detections and protections
Armour removes 4 ranks from all aspects (BC, range, damage etc) of incoming fire magics (incl when Darien is in area of effect)
Also reduces bleeders by 1
Helmet takes 10 off MR roll vs Necro magic
Ring makes him harder to stun than normal (+2 to dam req)
Can breathe and see underwater due to fishskin boots
Non-standard Amulets:
Rk15 Invis vs demonic entities (may be over-ridden by witchsight)
+20 to MR vs Chaos
Undead won't approach within 20' (from religious symbol, mechanics per Chalcedony etc)
Standard Amulets
Elder Flowers (Evil Eye)
Chalcedony (10' undead)
Aquilegius (-10 on Fright Table)
Hypericum (+10 MR vs Demonics)

Reaction Modifiers
Accepted by Nordic types as a good honest warrior/raider (I don't think this applies to Sabrina)
Gets along with folks (Spy: Befriend, Imitation; Courtier: Carousing, Seduction, Simulate Emotions)