Dalran's investigation of Furfur's realm-Summer 808

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Dalran's investigation of Furfur's realm-Summer 808

Dalran at the behest of the party (Whilst on the game Blood of Girwyllan undertook to travel to Furfur's realm and mark the chief lieutenants in order to make our magic more efficacious against them in the event we come to blows over anything.

Summary of the main details as at White Lotus day, Summer 808
Furfur’s realm is a hot one and is home to approximately 26 Legions of Furfur’s minions and captured souls. The Legions are under various commanders but there are 5 main Lieutenants who report directly to Furfur, these Lt’s are:

  1. Cadazel, A Male Human(?), some 8ft tall of uncommon looks.
  2. Furon, A Male Minotaur 7-8” tall.
  3. Stempzl, An Insectoid
  4. Pan, A Male Rock Troll with innate Witch-sight ability.
  5. Silguitia, A female Fiery devil type.

The realm (that I could see) has a number of villages, towns and cities, namely:

Jaccaranda, Home of Silgutia
Elvenhold, Home of Cadazel
It is is the largest town on my map of the area
It is situated on a plain beside the lake of ‘Mare Magarum’
Al’Barun, Home of Stempzl
The town has (or is nearby) a Great Tomb full of fabulous treasure
Virst, Home of Furon
This ‘lively’ town has a population of around 10-15,000 souls. The town is built on a rocky outcrop of a mountain and has caves in the side of the city and it is a major trading place full of a variety people, cultures etc. It is a major Beast Lord location for various Beasts.
A bell sounds at the end of the day to signify something. I hypothesise that it signifies the end of the day and the locals then all packs up their wares, stalls etc and retreat indoors. I also think the bell tolls before the arrival of a vicious wind ‘storm’ that carries death upon it in the form of sharp shards ('Shingles') and lethal compounds of acid/sulphur and the like. Exposure to this wind would be detrimental to the health of anyone caught in it.
The town has a vaguely Arabic ‘feel’ to it.
Mah´ Davikia


The Demonic realm of Furfur

After traveling to Breman with the party we head to the Winter fortress and I leave the party behind.

I entered Virst and walk to the northern edge where I descend down to the bottom of the city and locate the tunnels I seek.

Entry to the complex wasn’t difficult as a supply boat arrived and the Furon’ian guard was occupied helping shift supply into a nearby storage rooms. While he was occupied we passed through the rooms and secreted ourselves.


  1. The grey shaded area impedes your drawing of mana and causes cessation of magic in effect.
  2. The doors in Red with a ‘W’ on them are warded and require an amulet to pass which acts as a key as well.
  3. Trapped areas are marked with a X.

Once the room was closed up by the guard a quick search revealed 4 statues with Golden weapons which are meant as a temptation for would be thieves. The 3 statues in the Northern alcoves are trapped Golems who will attack if any try to take the golden weapons. The Western Statue is just that and is also badly maintained as well as covering a secret door passing through into the next set of rooms.

We passed through suites that are made up for Furon’s followers. We spent some time here using Wizards Eye to reconnoitre the complex where possible while being extremely paranoid and circumspect about detection.
I noticed people passing through the main tunnel juncture were stopped by guards who were shown an amulet and gave a password which I learnt by observation. Realising I needed an amulet I looked around the complex and found 2 sleeping guards in the outer rooms. I spent some time TK’ing the amulet off and around to me to complete our disguise and provide appropriate access to the complex.

Cadazel map

With the amulet on neck and password known I decided to be bold and we dropped our invisibility spell and moved on. Our disguises raised no eyebrows and we passed through the warded door and into the hallways. We moved to the top right door and entered the suites there finding no-one inside the first room. A ‘Wizard’s eye’ detected Stimpzl sleeping on a ‘tray’ along with 2 other similar creatures. I placed the marking on a slip of parchment and slid it under the door and the moved the parchment over the tray and slipped the small bits onto the tray to mix with the other material (sand and the like) before retrieving the parchment and moving on. I then located Furon sleeping nearby along with several minions. I slid open the door a fraction and TK’d his helm over which I quickly attached the marking symbols and then returned the helm.

We departed the suites and passed across to the middle suites and entered the SE most room of a set of suites through devious means as the door can only be opened from the inside. Once inside I spied a guard watching the internal corridor and Pan possibly awake. I slept the guard who fell off his chair and raised Pan who came over to him. I quickly countered the sleep and Pan upon rousing the guard gave him what sounded like a bollocking and was then awake. These two are exceptions as almost everyone else (who isn’t on duty) is in sleep mode after what seemed to be a long day of ceremonies and the present time is around their ‘normal’ sleep period. I judge Pan to be too conscious to try anything so I will come back later on.

I move back towards my 'safe room'when a guard accosts me and asks what I’m doing here. I gruffly show the amulet and utter the password and he lets us pass.

We return to an unoccupied room where I sequester Kitty and Purr and then I use to observe the complex. I look around for Cadazel and hear of an incoming boat to the main corridor entry and observe Cadazel alighting and entering the complex. I follow him with caution and see he goes to meet with Pan.

I listen in on the meeting where they talk of the day and other things. I overhear the following titbits of information:

  1. Erzsabet and Braegon may be about to see Kokhan and perhaps assassination is warranted for them and their party.
  2. They are wary of Silgutia and don’t trust her.
  3. Cadazel is pleased with Pan’s performance and is looking to reward him if he keeps up his good work.
  4. Cadazel has had recent communications with ‘The Beast - Rabban’ about the guild party’s activities

Cadazel leaves Pan and proceeds next door and retires for the night.

I pass my eye around and espy a mage type who appears not to have noticed my wizard’s eye but something isn’t right. I withdraw the eye and keep watch on his room. He soon exits his room and goes next door to the guard room. Soon thereafter squads of guards move through the corridors suspiciously aware and watchful. We pull back to the storeroom and wait approximately 1 ½ hours for the ‘alarm’ to dampen down.

Once I see the complex return to normal activity for the time of night we move back to the empty room where I leave Kitty and Purr along with the escape shield.

I enter Pan’s suite and attempt to mark Pan who is now asleep and sans conscious guard. Using a vial I move the marking material close to him and encounter some rock trolls who cause some concern and I improvise. The task is completed and I stash the vial on an upper shelf to the rear.

I return to Kitty and Purr and take a small breather and a large swig of Brandy. Once calm we three proceed to Cadazel’s suite and gain entry through an unguarded non-existent wall into a room with a sleeping human who stays asleep. Cadazel is in his room being ‘entertained’ by 2 females in wonderful (from the look of it) ways and they seem oblivious to anything but themselves. Using their obliviousness I mark Cadazel as the others and we three withdraw to our vacant room. Kitty and Purr use the shield and I expel myself as only an E&E can.