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LOCATION: Kingdom of Ibanvaal
STATUS: Royal Castle
The principal seat of Osidar Dagen, king of Ibanvaal. The settlement was founded in 500 and was called Haraksenborg until 649 when it was seized by the Dagens. Masons from Eltrandor were imported to rebuild the fortress (764-770) and it now boasts a stone keep and two concentric stone walls with many towers. The fortress is located on a small rocky islet, connected to the nearby shore by a narrow, man-made causeway, often awash at high tides. Dagenborg is probably Ivinia’s strongest fortification. The fortress is home to the Cult of Hel, who are housed in two of the castles central northern towers.



1. Dagenborg Castle

This impressive stone fortress dominates the upper town which is itself enclosed within a 12’ high wooden palisade bearing seven 22’ high towers. (a) bonded miller, Arne of Faerag; the watermill is powered by a tidal reservoir.

2. Temple to Hel (Sarkill Dagen)

The healing needs of clan Dagen are met by the Priestesses of Hel. Currently their are six Priestesses at the Castle. In Winter Sarkill travels with the king to Bilun.

3. Temple to Thor (Martar Julaar)

The religious needs of clan Dagen are met by Clan ]ulaar, immigrants from Harbaal, The present jarl is Martar Julaar, a vigorous 58 year old. With wealth he gained from years of viking, Martar built this impressive temple which was finished in 809. The temple contains various holy relics, including a scrolled prophesy by the Oracle of Lokis, obtained by Martar on a visit to Eltrandor in 807.

7. Shipwright (Jaus Dagen)

Size: 8 Quality: **** Prices: high
An uncle of Osidar Dagen, Jaus returned to Dagenborg in 806 after more than a decade of successful viking. In this time he developed an infamous reputation as being among the most merciless and violent of pirates. Jaus, an excellent shipwright by trade, now runs this family business. He has cunningly exploited Osidar’s own natural instinct for violence and depravity to appease his own deep-rooted misanthropy; Jaus acts as public executioner for Dagenborg. He has encouraged Osidar to hear enemies in every voice, and to answer any protest with harsh punishments.

8. Boar Wharf

The dock at Dagenborg dries at low tide. The large building on the dock is a bonding house. Most vessels using the busy port are shallow draft and are beached on the river shore.

9. The Spawn’s Hallow (Fynre Dagen)

Quality: *** Prices: average
Fynre runs the only tavern in Dagenborg, but serves an honest meal and brew despite his monopoly. He owns the stable and orchard immediately north of town and is a good friend of Morgaan RejaaL

10, Chandler (Gard Dagen)

Quality: **** Prices : average
Gard has a thriving business supplying vessels with provisions. He also keeps bees, and produces fine quality beeswax and honey.

11. Weaver (Kathar Vynsen)

Quality: *** Prices: average
Kathar uses exquisite dyes made from many of the wild flowers of the area. She exports many of her finer textiles to Karemus and Chelemby.

12. Trapper (Taumbon Jamyne)

Quality: **** Prices: average
Taumbon and his three sons venture throughout Ibanvaal in search of the finest furs.

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