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The Wiki is a constantly growing and developing collection of information about the Auckland DQ game (as well as splinter groups in London and occasionally Wellington) and the game world we play on.

Various sections of the Wiki will be useful to different people, but here is a breakdown of the areas and how they work.

The most important piece of advice is just to get stuck in and have a go. If you don't like something, change it and see what the response is.

Common tasks

Getting an Account

To get an account you need to contact one of the Wiki Admins. This is because random internet users were logging on and editing pages into Spam.

You can also send an Email to the main DQ mailing list or to 'wiki at dragonquest.org.nz'. Stephen Martin, Mandos or Keith Smith are probably the best to contact at the moment.

Scribe Notes

Adding Scribe Notes

This section is not only for linking to scribe notes but is an excellent way to write them. It allows all players to have input into the scribe notes and reduces the workload on any one person.

To add Scribe notes you need to first edit the Scribe Notes page. Here you find the appropriate session and add an entry like

* [[My Adventure]] - GM:Bob 
which produces
* My Adventure - GM:Bob

By putting it in the double square brackets it will create the blank page with the name of your adventure. Once you save your changes the adventure page will appear in Red to indicate that the page has been created but contains no information. Select edit and add all the information you want to. If in doubt, simply type as much information as you can and others will help out by fixing formatting and other details over time.

Scribe notes are also an excellent way to learn how to write things in the Wiki and linking through to pages documenting the area’s you visit makes it easy to help build on the information about the world. They are a great place to practice using the Wiki as there is no defined style.

Signing Up

Recently people have started to add adventures to the scribe notes page as soon as they are planned so that people can look over adventures and add themselves to the party. An invaluable tool for those who cannot make it to the Guild meetings each session.

To add yourself to a game go to the Scribe Notes page and find a game you wish to play on and click on it. Select edit to edit the page and write your name in the player section.

# Bob the Dwarf played by Bob Bobson

The # at the beginning on the line simply numbers the list. If you want to add links to your character you can to make the line look like

# [[Thaeuss]] - [[Elves|Elven]] [[Binder]] played by [[User:Stephen|Stephen]]
which displays as
# Thaeuss - Elven Binder played by Stephen.

Parties are very fluid up to the Guild meeting and it pays to check the page to make sure you are still on the game, if your character has been removed the person who did so will generally detail why in the Discussion page. You will find this as a link next to the article tab at the top of the page.

The Seagate Times

The Seagate Times editorial pages are available to add quotes, short articles and other news from the game. These articles are then collected by the editors and included in the Seagate Times. The benefits of this is that you can recheck the articles or change them depending on events in your or other people's games without having to email multiple versions to the editors. This ease of editing means that articles can be written much earlier and so there is less of a rush at the last minute.

To Edit the page simple select the appropriate edition and add the details you wish to add in the appropriate place. Check other similar articles as they will give you hints and tips on formatting.

The World

Alusia is a big place. Even with all the adventures that have gone out less than 20% of it has been utilised. Of the areas that have most have only been visited once or twice and few remember the details. This section allows GMs and players to add in the details of the world that they have encountered. From the names of Nobility down to information on a pub the party stopped in at, this section supplies as much info as possible on areas and is like an actual guild library where players can go to research areas before they visit.

While this is very much in its initial phase a number of areas including Fastness of Girwyllan, Newcastle, Isles of Freedom, Sanctuary and the Lunar Empire have been worked on by GMs and more areas are slowly being added.

All players and GMs have knowledge of places and the more we all add, the greater the level of continuity the game will have in areas where multiple GM’s run games. While GMs add the broad brushstrokes of their areas it is important for players to add in the details of people they meet and places they visit to build up the information for everyone.

The main page for this information is here.

Adding to the World

To add information about an area that already has a page, simply find the page and add your information, remembering that the Wiki is collaborative and other people may change the information in the future. If you radically change information in an area it is good manners to note the reason for the changes in the discussion page for the article.

To add a whole new area it is best to start by looking at some of the other completed areas and see what others have done first so you have some ideas on the information you want to include and how they have laid the pages out. By clicking edit you can also see how formatting has been done and pick up tips and ideas.

Once this is done it is recommended that you start by putting all the information you have on a single page, then as you expand each section check it to see if you think it deserves its own page.

If you run into any difficulties focus on getting the information on the Wiki and then speak to one of the Wiki Admins to assist you with any formatting or layout questions. There is a help page which has useful tips. More tips are added as we find them.

Current Events

This helps keep you up to date on when the guild meetings are, when social event are and also more recently is being trialled to detail the social calendar of Carzala and other day to day happenings in the game world.

The Rules

This is used to keep track of the rules changes and votes that have been processed. This keeps the whole process as transparent as possible and allows for people to keep up to date on changes and proposals as they are changed and modified.