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These are the usage instructions for the DQ Community Character Sheet. They will be updated over time, and will probably always be "incomplete". Contact Neil if you have any particular questions or problems in the interim.

this page gives a general overview of how the spreadsheet works and where to find things. For help on particular parts on the spreadhseet, try some of the following:

  • DQCS Getting started - Entering data for a new or existing character into the spreadsheet. (currently on this page)
  • DQCS Custom Data - Adding non-standard weapons, armour, magic and other abilities
  • DQCS Enchantments - Accounting for magical enchantments or "Buffs" to stats and calculations.
  • DQCS Ranking - doing your ranking with the spreadsheet

SpreadSheet Overview

Spreadsheets are easy to break by accidentally overwriting things that shouldn't be changed. But similarly, you may want to change things around to suit your own taste of how you like to view the data, since everyone has different ideas of what they want to see.

With this in mind, the "Chr Data" sheet has a check-box to specify whether or not to protects the cells to avoid accidents. The spreadsheet is fully functional with this on, so I recommend keeping protected mode on if you are uneasy working around Excel. When unprotected, you can freely look around at the calculations and customise the spreadsheet as you see fit.


Cells in the spreadsheet are colour-coded so that anything editable is a light-yellow. It should be possible to enter most custom abilities and changes to stats etc without changing any of the "other" cell formulae.

Each sheet is also colour coded depending on it's main purpose.

  • Light Yellow: As per cells, This colour indicates this sheet is a Data Entry sheet only. You will not need to print them.
  • Light Blue: These sheets are for printing. (Although various data may need to be entered here as well (eg the Equipment page.) If you are going to customise the spreadsheet, try to keep changes to these pages if possible since they are easier to re-integrate into new versions.
  • Grey. These are normally hidden, and contain the various calculations and tables needed to make the whole thing work.


The idea for the layout is that the only sheet you should need to write on during a game is the Loadout. Between the character and Loadout pages you have most of what you need easily available in a combat. The Skills sheet and magic sections should contain enough detailed info that you will generally not have to look to the rules for details on how to use your abilities.

The pages to Print are:

Mandos: I generally have the Character Page as the first in a folder with the Loadout page floating free as it is the one page designed fro scribbling on. The other pages fit into the folder depending on the importance to the character, so Dramus has Spells as his next pages while Tussock has her skills.

Data Only sheets

Chr Gen

This is only needed if you are generating a new DQ character. Initial stat rolls, character information and ranking selections are entered here. Once you've finished, you select the "Create Character" button at the bottom of the page to copy all of this initial data across to the other sheets and setup the initial Ranks.

Chr Data

Main Page: DQCS Chr Data

This is the main data that defines your character. As well as your base character data, it includes the racial options, skill options, and tables for entering various enchantments you may have on and want to include in the calculations (eg from a Greater Enchantment, long-duration spells).


Main Page: DQCS Custom Data

This sheet is enter all of the custom items and abilities gained during adventures that are not part of the standard lists. Most things that I've come across are catered for:

  • Modified weapons and shields
  • Completely new rankable weapons
  • Skills
  • Magical talents, spells and rituals
  • Out of college magic
  • Custom Counter-spells
  • Consumables - eg potions and such forth you carry multiple of
  • EP discounts and extra ranks for any ability
  • A custom race

See this page for instructions on how to enter this custom data. Catering for general enchantments (ie increases to stats or calculations) are handled separately through the


Main Page: DQCS Ranking

This sheet contains the current ranks of all abilities and stats for your character, and is where you do all of your ranking. After entering in the Adventure information, selecting new ranks automatically calculates the required Time and EP and training costs. When happy with the results, clicking "Commit Ranking" will create a printable copy of the final ranking sheet and update the current ranks with the new values.


Provides a running total of money over time. Ranking automatically adds entries for Income from adventure, training costs, and optional living expenses. Other income and purchases (buying items, selling invested items etc) can be manually added here. There is a very simple form on the right hand side to help enter this data.

Sheets for Printing


Main Page : DQCS Character worksheet

The Character sheet is the front page for your character and contains most of the base information. Various sections can be displayed or hidden as required and depending on your character's abilities. Some people only use this page for their main calculations, however it is complemented by the Loadout and Skills page.


Main Page : DQCS Equipment

Here you enter a list of everything "normally" carried by your character. One tricky thing about a character sheet is that what characters wear and carry does change: Unfortunately, this then changes all of the calculations, so we put a stake in the ground for calculating the various numbers. However The Loadout sheet does cater for recalculating almost all the most significant numbers for combat, as described later. [And yes, I noted that this "Printable" sheet is also a data entry sheet.]


Main Page : DQCS Loadout

This is the sheet that stays loose in your folder and is where you keep track of fatigue, endurance, and any odd effects that occur during the adventure.

It displays the Permanent and Temporary Enhancements on your character (as entered in the Chr Data sheet) which you might need to scribble on while on adventure if things change.br>

The bottom Loadout section contains most of your combat numbers. This is independent and can be easily copied and pasted to generate stats for multiple combinations of Armour, Weapons, and Enchantments that you may regularly use on adventure.
Note that Strike Chances here are all calculated as if using your primary hand. Adjustments need to be made for multi-strike attacks as per the rules.


Main Page : DQCS Skills

Contains information on the skills you have. The main character only display basic ranks of skills sheet only , so it is useful to print this page as well. The format of some of them can be basic as they are created as and when required by a character), so you may want to add your own calculations. (But please send any improvements back so I can put it in the standard version!) This sheet may need some print setup required if it crosses more than one page.


This is an alternative location for displaying details of all magical abilities known by your character. Useful for when you get a very large number of magical abilities, or you also want to see data with "Enhance Enchant"ranks included, which is better printed in landscape.

Entering your character

Upgrading a Character from a previous Version

Copying your character across from an old character sheet to a newer version is normally pretty easy
From the "Chr Data" sheet, click the "Upgrade" button and select the old version to import from.
All data it can find will be copied across, and a log created detailing what was done. Check the upgrade logs for:

  • ERRORS - these were not copied at all, so should be looked at. You may need to manually enter this data.
  • WARNINGS - these should be OK, but you might need to check through the log comments and data to be sure.

Note that the ability to copy data across is highly dependent on how old the previous version is. The closer to current, the better the chance of getting all data copied.

Entering an Existing Character

The process for entering an existing character is as follows:

  1. Go to the Chr Data sheet.
  2. Enter basic Character data and initial Initial Stats into the top two tables.
  3. Click the "Reset Ranks" to ensure the base ranking is correct for the selection of race, college and stats. Don't forget this step!
  4. Turn on the on "Enable Manual override of Ranks" option, since you'll soon be entering these.
  5. Enter any permanent and temporary magic in the tables shown. The idea is that Permanent magic is included in all normal calculations on the other pages (eg permanent changes to stats, base chance etc) and Temporary is exactly that - things that may not be on and you don't want to include in all calculations. This table is effectively a reference that you can add as and when it applies while role-playing.
  6. Go to the "Custom" sheet and enter all custom items and abilities you have. (how do do this is - or will be - described later)
  7. You can now enter the current ranks for all of your stats and abilities.
    1. Go to the "Ranking" page. Select the "Future Usable" show option and check all filter options to display all of the available stats and abilities. (Alternatively you can select them one at a time to make the list smaller)
    2. Enter the appropriate value into the "Current Rank" column for all stats and abilities you've changed since creating your character.
  8. Update the sections at the top of the Ranking sheet with current date and time information.
    1. Enter the current session Information (and Adventure details if any) ready for the next ranking.
    2. Enter the EP you have left over from manual ranking into the "EP Carried Over" cell ($H$5)
  9. If you have any skills ranked, go back to the Chr Data page and enter any rank-specific skill options in the lower part of the page.
  10. Press the "Refresh" button at the top of "Skills" page to show all newly ranked Skills before printing.
  11. Press the "Refresh" button at the top of the "Magic" page, to show all newly ranked magic before printing.
  12. You're now ready to Equip your character and define the Loadout, as detailed below.

Creating a New DQ Character

New characters are the easiest to add to the spreadsheet as they have no non-standard stuff to cause problems. The character sheet includes a character generation page to help ensure that character generation is as easy as possible.

Below are the steps to get a brand new character up and running. These basically follow the process as per the DQ rule book.

  1. Make sure you start with a blank character sheet.
  2. Select the Character Gen Page. You can generally follow the process working from the top to the bottom, as follows:
  3. Enter your character name, race and sex you have chosen/rolled for your character. This sets the racial mods so you can see what your final stats will be.
  4. You can add in your characters Age and the date, but this is optional. It will allow you to keep track of your character's age automatically over the years as you play them.
  5. Use the drop-down to select the roll you made for your stats. If you selected the 90 points option leave the drop-down as "Selected".
  6. Enter in your stats in the yellow shaded fields. The total remaining will update as you enter in the points as will the 'Starting Stats' column which displays your actual starting stats after racial mods.
  7. Enter your PB, based on the dice roll or a default of 15.
  8. Enter the additional character details. (You may want to choose your weight, height etc based on the chosen stats.)
  9. There are three language options as part of character generation. Select your choice from the 'Select Language Option'. This will populate fields below this where you may select your languages.
  10. Mages and non-mages have different ranking options to start. Use the drop-down list to select whether you are a mage or not, and enter a college. Make sure you have the minimum MA requirement for the chosen college. (This isn't verified automatically at the moment)
  11. The next selection assists you with your adventuring skills ranking. Simply edit the yellow designated fields to select what rank you wish the adventuring skill to go to. The running total to the right will show how much EP you have left, or if you have overspent.
  12. Spend your mage/non-mage EP
    1. If you are a mage the "Mage Training" section will remain mostly blank - there are no options.
    2. Non-mages have 6500EP to spend in various ways. The first line under the 'Non-Mage Ranking' header is the PC vs FT choice, which you can make via the drop-down. Below this are other ranking options for weapons and skills. The drop-down lists contain the things you may choose to rank. Column F has the rank you wish to go to. There are restrictions on how high you may rank things at this stage. (If you are unsure the GM overseeing the character creation will be able to assist.)
    3. The next section covers any additional character gen ranking you wish to do to use up the remainder of your EP. Only things you've already ranked can be chosen, so enter the new rank as appropriate, ensuring you don't run out of EP. You are only save 500 EP points for later use, so don't let it go to waste.
  13. The final section details your free artisan and cheap skill options, available to both mage and non-mage characters. Again chose from the drop-down lists.
  14. Completing your Character
    1. When completed, print out the Character Gen Sheet so that the assisting GM can sign it to confirm the character was created correctly.
    2. When you're ready, select the Create Character button to copy all of your stats and ranking data across to the rest of the spreadsheet.
    3. If you have any extra EP remaining, you can now use spend this freely in the Ranking sheet. Mage character would normally use this on gaining some weapon ranks so that they are not too helpless in their first adventure! See the "Ranking" section below for more information if needed.
  15. You are now ready to Equip your character and define the loadout.

Equipping your Character

Main Page: DQCS Equipment
  1. Change to the Equipment Page. As part of character Gen you have money to spend on items. As you spend it add the items to the Equipment sheet.
    1. Your Primary Armour goes in the top section.
    2. Next list any other armour you are planning to carry around.
    3. The third section is for weapons you are going to carry in combat.
    4. The fourth is for other equipment you are planning to carry in combat.
    5. The largest section is for Other equipment you will be carrying but will generally drop prior to combat. (ie "in your pack")
    6. You can also enter any potions you have and where they are stored when travelling, but there are probably none if this is a new character.
  2. Change to the Loadout Page.
    1. Enter in your remaining money in the money field. (Oops! this isn't "editable" when protected, as of writing) As mentioned above, Money isn't automatically carried forward with the Ranking yet, but this section will help you during a specific session at least.
    2. In the loadout section at the bottom change your weapons and armour to reflect the way you will normally look in combat. You can also change which "Enchantments" are included in the calcs; typically always Permanent, but maybe temporary as well.
    3. If you change weapons and armour combinations often, this loadout section can be duplicated (by copy and paste) either on to the same page or onto a fresh page. (The spreadsheet must be "unprotected" first)

Once you are happy with all the pages, Print out the Character, Loadout, Magic (if a mage), Equipment and skills pages. aAt this point you should have a fully usable character sheet.