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At some stage your character will either find an item or be changed in some way that modifies the normal DQ calculations. This might be someone casting a spell on you as part of the normal rules, or a customisation handed out by a GM.

The Permanent and Temporary Enchantment tables on the DQCS Chr Data worksheet provide a ways to apply an increase or decrease to basic statistics, attributes and calcuations used in the spreadsheet.

Applying Enchantments

If the change is a simple phsyical and permanent change to a character Statistic or Rank, the value can simply be adjusted in the Ranking sheet. For other changes due to magical effects, two tables are provided as a way to make the changes.

  • Permanent Enchantments are applied to all standard calculations, and so are suitable for any enchantments or modifications that you would expect to have on continuously, For example an amulet or long-running spell or ritual.
  • Temporary Enchantments are not included in normal calculations unless specifically chosen by the user (as in a Loadout) or itemised separately (as in the Magic Resistance table) or

Note that Greater Enchantments are always considered permanent and entered separately at the bottom of the Permanent Enchantments section. The Purification ritual (increasing MA and MR) are automatically included, but you can choose whether this is treated as a permanent or temporary enchantment.


Here is an example where the enchantment tables have been filled out:

Dqcs ench.png

This example includes the following enchantments:

  • A custom character modification adding +5 to Magic Resistance (MR)
  • A custom modification adding +5 to Defence (DEF)
  • Rank 20 Strength of Stone on Endurance, considered a permanent enchantment. (ie expected to be on always)
  • Rank 14 Armour of Earth also considered permanent. This adds to Defence as well as +1 point of Armour
  • A Rank 20 Greater Enchantment, adding +21% to all Base Chance caluclations
  • Purification is considered a Permanent Enchantment, so will be in all calcuations involving MA and MR.
  • Quickness (adding +10 to initiative) is considered Temporary
  • This character (or someone in the party) has Rank 17 in the Enhance Enchantment spell available for use.

Because Quickness is in the Temporary Enchantment table, it is not included in the normal weapons calculations. You would either need to manually add this on when required, or create a Loadout selecting the "Permanent and Temporary" enchantments. See the DQCS Loadout page for details.

Available Enchantments

The full list of enchantments that can be entered is:

Enchantment Name Description
PS Physical Strength
MD Manual Dexterity
AG Agility
MA Magical Apptitude
WP willpower
EN Endurance
FT Fatigue
PB Physical Beauty
DEF Defence
Armour Standard armour protection
ArmourEN Armour protection from Endurance blows
NA Natural Armour
SC Weapon Strike Chance (all weapons)
IV Initiative (Including unengaged and engaged)
TMR Tactical Movement Rate
MR Magic Resistance
MagicBC Added to BC of all magic (spells, talents, rituals)
SpellBC Add only to BC of spells
TalentBC Add only to BC of magical talents
RitualBC Add only to BC of rituals
SkillBC Skill Base Chances (eg Greater Enchantment)
ResistBC Resistance & Stat Checks (eg Greater Enchantment)