Cognitum City

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Cognitum Area

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Cognitum is the western most city of the Lunar Empire and built on the edge of a swamp on a large iron island left over from the civil war. It is very low mana. From the city a Great Wall heads along the edge of the river north to the Inland Sea.

The city is classed as the "interface city" and is allowed to trade with outsiders of all types. It is the last port and city where the High Guilds hold their monopolies. It has a vast population of around 500,000 people. It is an odd city with no town walls. Four Lunar Garrisons are stationed within the city.

Cognitum has an the best library in the Empire. The city does a huge trade with Tycho City and over a dozen ships depart to Tycho City daily. As many barges and ships will be departing for the Lunar City by way of the rivers of Poralistor River to the Inland Sea and then once more onto the Poralistor River and on toward the White Sea.

Southern edge of the White Sea is Joranit City. On the south east shore of the White Sea is the Thunder Delta, which is also home to the huge city of Elz Ast.