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New Climate Predictions

The Conclave of Astrologers are pleased to announce their climate predictions for the next 10 years. These predictions include the new theory of Global Corollary, such as how an imp in Terranova can have an impact on the weather in, say, Artsdorf.

The climate predictions are reliable, scientific and repeatable. They should not be confused with weather, which is generally localised in nature, short in duration and based on observations made by the untutoured public.

The Conclave has interviewed several Atmospheric and Oceanic elementals, has studied the movements of some stars, and even noted variations in the migratory patterns of the Quirk (a pigeon-sized bird whose entrails are said to reflect the energies of the lands it has flown over. Quirks were recently placed on the most endangered list).

The Grand Clavicor said "This is an accurate and thoroughly researched document. There is none of the baser nonsense espoused by those that wander outside. Scientific methodology has been used throughout. Nothing has been left to chance (thanks to the tossers), though it may have smelt better if fewer artists had been involved. And quieter if the gazers hadn't mumbled quite so much."

The Conclave has been a relatively unknown group of star-gazers, entrail-artists, rune-tossers and some elementalists, that was formed to predict the best seasons to fight the civil war. This is the results of their initial attempts to codify the weather on a global scale. They will next focus on deriving the regional permutations of the global flux. They are willing to instruct any worthy in the nice and arcane methods of speculative foretelling.

Alusia ocean currents 3.png

A Nice portrayal of the Sea Currents of Alusia

Alusia cylinder ocean currents 3sml.png

An Accurate prediction of the 10-year average Climate of Alusia
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