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Vassal of No-one (kind of)
Status Barony
Location North of Midheim
Area mmmmm....
Geography Large forested mountain valley, with central tarn and some marshy bits
Population ~70 (human) (unknown pixies, merelves, nixies etc)
Major Towns
Clarkesville (a village)(67)




80% (mostly urban)

Nothing (occasional tinker)
Nothing (occasional tinker)

Note: the map shows Clarksville on the mountain plateau of Gracht. Given its relative population with Gracht it is probably in a smaller valley between Gracht and Borovia.


See also Scribe Notes for Lake Cartography circa Oct 1992 AP. See also Temporary Map created by the honorable Martin D.

Clarkesville is to be found to the north east of Syborite and to the North West of Borovia over a mountain range. It lies at the mountain end of a South West to North East valley, with a tarn below it (i.e. in the middle of the valley) and Syborite at the mouth end (South West). There is a mule track around the edge of the tarn to Clarkesville. The area itself is in the back end of nowhere... but between Alfheim and human lands.

Clarkesville is an artificially created (and to an extent maintained) barony that strictly speaking owes allegiance to no one, but is involved with odd (odd as in peculiar as well as infrequent) tax exchanges with Alfheim.

It was created originally as a buffer zone of no development between Alfheim and whatever was to the west in those days. Alfheim and the original western kingdom (and subsequent provinces) have an ongoing treaty to not violate its borders in any significant military way.

These days most of the western baronies would never have heard of it. (and the elves like it that way)

What must once have been acres of cultivated fields are now covered with blackberry. There are a few acres of tilled land remaining. The very worn down remains of buildings from a bygone age are also to be found around the village. At some point in the past there would seem to have been a bustling town here. The keep where the Baron lives is the one remaining of four towers and now non existent connecting walls. Foundation stones abound in the area about. A careful eye may discern signs of subsidence where a basement or root cellar has collapsed.

Places of Interest

Lake Clarke. A large tarn with some submerged ruins and merelves at the south western end.

Clarksville Village. The only built up area excluding shepherds summer huts or foresters/charcoal burners temporary huts in the forest.

Portal remnants. Remains of portals that were perhaps part of the Elven Portals system.

Three sided pyramids. A small number of three sided pyramids are located on small hills or tors about Clarkesville. At least one of which has a symbol of a heart shape in a cup on a cross. This is believed to be associated with a group of elves known as the Beltan Elves. Also known to be associated with the Seven; a group of powerful human elementalists, some of whom are dead and at least one of which is under heavy guard somewhere in Alfheim. (Thelanef the water mage described as Velanef in the scribe notes.)


Baron Orville Clarke

Marion Clarke (the Baroness) (not to be confused with the other Marion or not...)

Their children Peter, Paul, John and Wendy.

Marion - Queen of the Pixies

Queen Morolev - merelf