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Clarissa d'Ornay is a slightly short, compactly muscular (5'8"/114lbs) young elven woman, with shoulder length auburn hair, an enchanting face, and extensive tattooing. Her natural PB of 21 has been increased by a variety of blessings to 24 for most observers and 26 for Elves and Fae.

In her work-a-day life, Clarissa is furnished with beautiful garments by the best seamstresses in Sanctuary and can avail herself of a range of fashionable outfits suited to the formality and intimacy of her engagements.

On adventure, Clarissa is armed with a serrated hand-and-a-half made of black wood and carries a number of daggers, with a similarly pointy or jagged look to them. She is generally armoured either in suit of mundane full plate, a patched set of Guild leathers, a tight-fitting fur cat-suit, or a shimmering chamsong-style evening dress (Prot. 6) for formal wear.

Visible Value

Clarissa's everyday garments are simple and (somewhat) tasteful, while all the time betrayal their exquisite workmanship and appalling cost to educated eye. Her full combat attire comes to about 80,000sp (Guild Valuation) of weapons, armour, amulets, invested, and potions, through none of the items are overtly magical or ostentatious.

(Note - almost the entirety of Clarissa's direct reward for her service to the Governor of Sanctuary has appeared in the form of filmy garments, "party supplies", and lavishly furnished apartments. "Kitty Cat" thereby annoys his wife, supports local traders, and completely fails to lose with any real currency on his latest "investment" at the same time.)


Offence:Medium-High (Agility fighter and Assassin, with a reliable bolt spell)
Defence:Medium (26 Agility)
Utility:Medium (Social Engineering, Flight)

Passive Detections and protections

  • Resist Pain (from Item)
  • Normal Fire protection (Spell castable due to item)
  • Magical Fire protection (Rank 10) (Spell castable due to item) Effect identical to the original spell of the same name.
  • Can seasonally (Winter) detect scrying and may destroy the item/cancel the spell at whim.


Reaction Modifiers

  • No particular reaction modifiers aside from PB.

Friends, Allies and Associates



  • Excellent Common
  • Elven (only partially literate)
  • Drow (illiterate, poor grasp of the imperative inflection)
  • Conversational Lunan
  • A Smattering of Five Sisters Courtly and Trading Tongues


Long Term

  • Extract horrible, protected revenge from those who have wronged her.
  • Recall exactly who, where, and what they are.

Short Term

Current Focus

  • Continue establishing her contacts in Sanctuary to find more about the slave trade in the parts of Alusia she believes she hailed from.
  • Quietly document the Slave Trade and pass the information on to interested parties.
  • Assemble a trusted network of colleagues to help execute her plans of horrible revenge once they are set.

Skills and Abilities

Party Roles

  • Front-line fighter
  • Reconnaissance
  • Social Engineering and Gigantic Distraction

Main Skills

  • Courtier (Master)
  • Spy (engaged in Master Work)
  • Troubadour (repeated specialisation in Dance)
  • Assassin
  • Alchemist
  • Herbalist
  • Flying (Rk8 with effective 29 AG )

Main Spells

  • Lightning Bolt (Rk11)
  • Flying (Rk9)
  • Whispering Wind (Rk6)

Other Stuff of Note

The useful

  • Detect Fumes can also Detect Enchantment in favourable circumstances.
  • Ranks in Alchemist & Herbalist are increased by one during Summer.

Not so useful

  • Cannot be disguised, illusioned, or made invisible during Summer.
  • Completely forgets training in Alchemist & Herbalist in Winter.