City In Flight

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Adventure GMed by Keith Smith in Autumm 796WK (July 95 AP)


  • Kishwa
  • Spinner
  • Brittimus
  • Dimitri
  • Sardak
  • Grendel
  • Signal

Adventure Outline

Again the Adventurer's Guild is approached by California Smith to solve a problem. This time the problem is at the Beth-Salem site. Lately several people have reported strange sounds and lights in the sky. Myserious circles have appeared in the grass. Some people have disappeared at night then reappeared the next morning with no memory of what had happened. Even Mind Mage probing revealed nothing. The rumour is now going around that the site is haunted.

Already several people have left and it won't take much more to force the site to be abandoned. In that case the Gentleman's Society will make a large loss on the investment.

The Beth-Salem site is one of the Seven Cities of Pasifika but what is unique about this one that the central pyramid and surrounding structures are missing. Instead there is a depression, now filled with water, as if the whole thing had been scooped up and taken away. The current theory is that the pyramid is buried in one of the nearby hills.

What has actually happened is that the Beth-Salem people had managed to magically enhance the spelljammer helm in the central pyramid and went exploring the Alusian Solar System and some of the nearby stars. Unfortunately none of the planets they examined were suitable for colonisation, either being unfit or already inhabited. So they came back to Alusia to rejoin their comrades. However they thought that they had been away for a couple of hundred years, but because they were running at near-light speed they were actually away for 5000 years. Imagine their surprise when they discovered two cities gone (they had already overflown Pasifika and Serendip).

So they had been abducting people in an effort to find out what had happened .....


The party suceeded in finding out what was going on and helped the inhabitants obtain a special crystal from a research base on Luna specifically on the edge of the Sea of Tranquility. This allowed the city to further enhance the helm to break the light barrier and head off into deep space.

An article about the upcoming trip was published in the Seagate Times - Issue 13.