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Location 10 Miles north-east of Brastor Township in Brastor.

Chaity area map.JPG

Government Simon Kinloch - Acting Reeve, reports to Lord Byron Dumbarton.
Reeve Simon Kinloch.JPG
Population ~3,500 settlement & area
Mostly Common

Mostly Folksprach


– Drinking Tax
– Hearth Tax
– Bonding

250sp once a year
25 sp twice a year
%2 of goods' value/month

River trade Yes barges up to Emmitsburg and down to the Champion River trade can make it to Westgate and Emmitsburg
Subinfeudation Carzala-sub-map.jpg
Market town for Puiselet, Blackrock, Monck's Hold, Andonville
Charity town.jpg
As of Summer 818WK


A market town in Brastor Holdings. Political allegiance. Charity is the seat of the family Caith of County Caith in Brandenburg. The family has been absent since 803WK, and a young local man called Simon Kinloch has risen to act as reeve for the Caith family. Simon has done a good job of representing Charity. This has not gone unnoticed in the Court of Carzala in Seagate, where both Simon and the information he provided during the war has been of great value. Simon is said to have enchanted friends living in the Greenwood to the north of Charity.

Most inhabitants of Charity survived the Dark Circle as they managed to seek refuge in the far off lands of the Western Marches, where many remain to this day. Simon is interested in the return of more members of the community but is unable to travel. This town in the central north of Brastor is mostly repaired, with most traces of the war damage gone except for the ruins of the old fortress. The town in mostly wooden structures with wide unpaved streets. With the woods still a haven for undead that survived the war the present townsfolk are building a stockade around the town for defense.

The town was evacuated at the start of the Dark Circle war. The first to return Simon Kinlock, son of the former mayor. He is now in the process of rebuilding the town as of late 806. Most of the town was mostly left standing during the war and is mostly intact, although the buildings are in great need of repair. The town in mostly wooden structures with wide unpaved streets. With the woods still a haven for undead that survived the war the present townsfolk are building a stockade around the town for defense. Most of the returning residents where staying far away in New Charity located in the Western Marches.

Market town for the villages of - Puiselet, Blackrock, Monck's Hold, Andonville


  • Market days are commonly 4-5 days a week.
  • Tinker's rest - 15th day of the month where it is good luck to purchase from a tinker.
  • Darkmoon Faire - entertains for a week from the ~15th of Harvest.
  • Braegons' free healing day (local high ranked traveling healer).
  • Western Marches style town square dance, with local musicians.
  • First of Spring, Guild masters often select apprentices from local youth.
  • Holiday Saint Sabastian meal day - large town open-air feast, with flowers dancing and free wine.
  • Hog running day - some brave locals try to catch a huge oiled Hog (called Brownbuity).
  • Mid Winter - festival and dancing around bonfires to ward off evil.
  • A local toadstool man hunts people outdoors on cold misty winter nights.


Large amounts of river barge traffic with grain and other foodstuffs come into Charity. Exports of Magic mushrooms from the Greenwood and other local products exported.

Guards & Magic

Polly - Cave wicca
A mystic circle of standing stones on the edge of the Greenwood has a mystical older woman who has skills in healing, living in a cave nearby.
Town guard
Half a dozen locals try to keep the local laws and petrol as needed in town. The guards use whistles at the drop of a hat, which is often added to by other locals raising any alarm.
Helen of Charity
the crazy cat lady (~52 small to large cats/mountain lions depending on whats on hand). She use to live on the edge of town but moved to the edge of the Greenwood in 817. Helen frequently visits Charity and is liked. She and her menagerie, always swarms to any whistle alarms.
Enchanted Oak Tree
A reportedly enchanted tree grown near the standing stones. Two squirrel, self proclaimed guardians, live in the tree
  • Krollmar - first of house oak
  • Termitor - destroyer of thieves
Bregrog Wolfsky

Sheriff of Charity. Human male in his 30s, wears plain leather armour. Friendly, well trained and respected. Dislikes alcohol and drunkards.


The Molten Core
An vast workshop, run by Sabastian products armour and weapons for Brastor. Eager apprentices work hard to earn their reputation. All goods are stamped with the workshop symbol, that of a dragons claw. Other common good are also produced by Blacksmiths.
The Bronze Bullfrog
The place to be (well the only place to go) in Charity used to be the Bronze Bullfrog Inn. Although it was looted and there is significant damage to the building it is still standing. Even the sign of the Bronze Bullfrog is still there, though it seems to have been used for target practice.
It used to be run by the Clinden Brothers (Grahm, Malvin, Coel), who may have been relocated during the Dark Circle troubles or may have died trying to defend their home. They had been adventuring and worked as caravan guards in their youth.
It is a large L shaped wattle and daub building, inside, the common room downstairs (one leg of the L) is about 40x20 feet. There are three 10x15 rooms upstairs. There are other assorted rooms, stores, kitchens, etc.
Opposite the mostly complete Inn was stabling. These have burnt down and fresh plant growth is pushing up through the rubble and charred remains.
Ashur Asafe
About 5 miles to the north of Charity, near the Greenwood there used to be a large tower. This was the home of the notable Namer and Alchemist Ashur Asafe. The tower is no more and the area where it once stood is blackened for hundreds of yards in every direction and no plant has grown there yet. Stones from the tower can be found up to a mile.
Shop Smart, Shop Sabastian-mart Purveyor of All Things Good, a prominent merchant house.
The Barn (the Ruined Castle)
A large set of stone barns set in the ruins of the old castle with hundreds of tons of rye, grain, flour and hay. ~120 staff work at loading and unloading badges and sorting out shipments from Tobintown of rye, grain and flour to local settlements and up to Emmitsburg. Barn leader by Cath Mingelfoot (hobbit) who reports to Chief Architect Sabastian.
Dark Graveyard
The remains of a makeshift graveyard was uncovered a mile outside the town in 812, it was created during the Dark Circle war. The area is generally shunned by the local, it is believed to be cursed. It is rumored that ghosts of slain soldiers roam the area.
No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Established a two story stone premises in 814. This branch of the office specialises in finding lost integrity.


Summer 818
The entrances to what a local dwarf said is a remarkably large set of underground tunnels is discovered. A week later two other entrances discovered. Four locals go missing. All entrances are promptly boarded up.
Summer 817
Nine raiding Goblins & Orcs found dead outside the walls. Not a normal death.
Autumn 815
Following the discovery of a graveyard, created during the Dark circle, an illness sweeping through the town resulting in a few deaths. The graveyard is consecrated but is shunned by the inhabitants.
Winter 814
Rumour has it that Sabastian personally blessed the local fields, orchards, and livestock.
Winter 813
First hunger and famine free year since 804WK. Locals declare an annual holiday called Saint Sabastian meal day.
Winter 813
Silent ghost ships made of stone towers seen heading up river by many locals.
Winter 812
Sabastian personally completes "The barns" in the ruins of the old castle for food stores.
Autumn 812
While digging out foundations for a new tavern some undead are discovered buried. They is some panic and people flee the area, the zombies wander not far from the ruins before stumbling into whitefire wards.
Autumn 810
Consecutive years of successful crops has resulted in a booming population. Additional housing is been built at a frantic pace.
Autumn 807
Completion of 'The Molten Core'.
Summer 807
Fortification surrounding the town was completed. An influx of inhabitants is noted, former residents and workers.
Summer 803
Town abandoned because of the coming Dark Circle.