Celestial Mariner

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The College of Celestial Mariner is a variant of Celestial Star and has the same restrictions, base chance and lighting modifiers. Most of the spells, including counterspells, are identical, and Celestial Mariners can learn the identical spells from Celestial Star Adepts.

Summary of Differences

Ability Changes
Speak to Creatures of Light/Darkness (T-1) identical
Celestial Navigation (T-2) new
Night Vision (T-2) not available
Detect Aura (T-3) identical
General Knowledge Spells
Blending (G-1) identical
Star Lights (G-2) visual change only
Darkness (G-3) identical
Coruscade (G-4) identical
Dome of Starlight (G-5) new
Wall of Light (G-6) not available
Wall of Darkness (G-6) identical
Witchsight (G-7) identical
Resistance to Dark (G-8) new
Walking Unseen (G-8) not available
Illumination (G-9) visual change only
General Knowledge Counterspell identical
Special Knowledge Counterspell identical
General Knowledge Rituals
Reading the Night Sky (Q-1) identical
Bind Light(Q-2) new
Summoning and Binding Creatures of Light/Darkness (Q-2) not available
Special Knowledge Spells
Healing (S-1) identical
Creating Light Sword (S-2) identical
Bolt of Starfire (S-3) identical
Meteorite Shower (S-4) identical
Star Boat (S-5) new
Star/Shadow Wings (S-5) not available
Net of Light (S-6) visual change only
Message In The Stars (S-7) new
Fear (S-7) not available
Increased Gravity (S-8) identical
Whitefire (S-9) identical
Falling Star (S-10 Star) identical
Special Knowledge Rituals
Conjuring and Controlling Light Sphere (R-1) identical
Ship Of The Stars (R-2) identical

Imri Athaliah is the only Guild Member who has this college and she was taught it by Sammael.

Rosemary Mansfield or Bernard Hoggins have the full college if you are really interested.