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A place for all the Scribe notes relating to the village of D'arbres and surrounds.

This short story arc has been completed for the moment.


Investigation of D'Abres
A party goes to investigate some missing villagers. It was discovered that the village is protected by magic's that stop Demons other than Foras from materialising and that the village is also protected by a number of Fae courts in an ancient agreement. Zepar is found to be the cause of the unrest and his priest is removed from the village.
Wyvern Hunting
A local binder leaves his tower to collect some ingredients and while he is away a pet escapes. The party discovers that Zepar and Ipos appear to be squabbling over the area and Ipos uses the Guild the thwart Zepar.
Church Nights
A party is hired to track down a priest that has gone missing and he needs to be recovered before the overly zealous Michealines destroy the village and local fae forests with their good intentions. Once again Zepar is behind the troubles and the party discovers that there is some kind of ancient tomb beneath the village but they do not locate an entrance.
The Root of All Evil (When You Wish Upon A Leprechaun)
The party is hired by a young leprechaun whose magic coin has been stolen. An agent of Zepar has located the entrance to the tomb beneath the village and is using the magic coin as a sacrifice in a ritual to open the doors that seal the tomb. The party track him down and stop him. During this time the party are mentally interrogated by the tombs Guardian.
A Timely Ghost
A party goes up to investigate a ghost that has begun to walk from the tomb after the previously mentioned ritual was performed. The party investigate the tomb and are sent back in time to help save the project to ensue it happens. They see the start of the corruption of Foras and meet Seir before he fell. During this Zepar is discovered investigating the area and the reasons for his interest are uncovered along with the Fae pact and other loose ends. The end result is an army of stone elves form out of the tomb and an ancient elven hero is uncovered. The Dragon Roche is also freed from his role as guardian and he leaves to continue his long term goals.
Where the Wind Blows
The party investigate a Dark Circle attack that leaves a Micheline senseless. The party discovers a long lost group of mages residing within carzala and being attacked by an undead spirit. The spirit leads the party to a temple of great Evil erected by Roche to contain a fallen elf more powerful that the demonic emperors. The party recover the weakened spirit and take it to D'arbres defending Roche while the spirit is destroyed once and for all.

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