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GM Info

Michael has been a GM for a number of years, below are some of his adventures.

Some of the Adventures run by Michael

808 WK

Ephemeral Elephants - Spring

807 WK

The War on Horror - Summer
Isil Eth,WordSmith,Loxi,Motley,Kit,Amelia Pendragron and Aryan

805 WK

Never Say Neverre - Summer
Isil Eth,WordSmith,Loxi,Motley,Amelia Pendragron and Sir Christopher Reynard.

804 WK

Protect the Drow Prince (Elf Noir) - Summer
Technical Treason in the Spice Isles (Moskada) - Winter
Axis Dragonmage, Kin, Motley

803 WK

A Cunning Rescue - Summer
Arnaud de Montfort Esq, Dalran, Motley, Sir Christopher Reynard

802 WK

Olympic Security/Destinian Gold - Autumn
Borghoff, son of Praghurst, BrightFlare, Keshah, Shemin-ah, Sir Christopher Reynard, Sir Frances Reynard (Lady Kathleen)

801 WK

Football of Purple - Summer
Amelia Pendragron, Gerrard, Drovar, Eric, TDP, Darien

800 WK

Seven for Thebes - Autumn
Aqualina (Hinemoana), Sir Christopher Reynard, Sir Frances Reynard (Lady Kathleen), Tom

799 WK

Travels with Father Bob - Spring
Arwen Valenta, Clementine, Phaeton D'Tama, Sir Christopher Reynard, Sir Frances Reynard (Lady Kathleen), T'ana Starflower
Enter the Cockroach - Winter
Clementine, Loxi (Rochelle de Marques)
Empress of Azuria - Summer
Aryan, Hope, Jade, John, Kryan, Sabbath, T'ana Starflower

798 WK

Duchess's Pearls - Spring
Keshah, Kryan, Sir Frances Reynard (Lady Kathleen), Sir Wojer, Victoria, Villa
Sky Dwarves Doom (Green Orcs in Purple) - Autumn
Amelia Pendragron, Kryan, Britomas, Tixielanif, Brigetta, Ned Tanner

797 WK

That was now, this is then - Winter (Oct 1996ap)

796 WK

And the Moon Fell Down - Spring (Jan 1996ap)
Amelia Pendragron

795 WK

Courts of Jashmed - Summer (Apr 1994ap)
Bleyze, Bozo, Kin, Kismet, Motley, Pent

793 WK

Black and Purple - Spring (Jan 1993ap)
Arthur Pendragon, Haann Uberreich, Thorn Ilsdottir
Purple Prose (or Pro's) - Summer (Apr 1992ap)
Braegon, Dawn (Mary Jane) (Thistlefoot), Isil Eth, Vychan Adam Jones

792 WK

Disappointment at Destiny - Winter (Oct 1991ap)
Aqualina (Hinemoana), Bozo, BrightFlare, Engalton Redwood, Kryan, T'ana Starflower

791 WK

Medium Sized Evil - Winter (Oct 1990ap)
BrightFlare, Glass/Gerald, Kin, Morgan Lafayette, Motley

789 WK

Infanta - Summer (Apr 1988ap)
Amaranth Vale, Dawn (Mary Jane) (Thistlefoot), John Fenris, Sowlean, Stuart Stogumber

788 WK

Holy Grail - Summer (Apr 1987ap)
Arthur Pendragon, Budwizir, Dawn (Mary Jane) (Thistlefoot), Dumas, Keshah, Mary-M, Mortimer Graves, Motley

787 WK

Bergelfen - First Contact - Autumn (Jul 1986ap)
D'Ma, Girrith, Kree e'Kieron Taijin, Mortimer Graves, Motley, Serendipity


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