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These are some of the area's that the Guild is aware of as either High Mana or interest to members of the Guild. Many are know only by anecdotal evidence and Guild members are requested to update these notes should they encounter the locations or any others that may also be of interest to other members.

The Abandoned Villa

Nastiness Rating:Nastiness Rating 0/10
This villa has been abandoned for around 5 years and lies a few miles north of the head of the Negam river. There is no longer any furniture or decoration within the house. The Villa is possessed by a large hearth spirit, investigations to date have been limited and little is known about this spirit. Last seen in battle with a spirit conjured by Sir Christopher and the outcome has not yet been ascertained, however Vidal revealed he has been working to heal the Hearth Spirit.


Spring 806WK

The house was flown over by a Guild party who reported the chasm was still present but the house looked in good repair.

Autumn 806WK

The house was used by someone to store the body of The Riverman. Guarded by Cockroach spirits the body was rescued by a Guild party who summoned another large spirit from the jungles to battle the hearth spirit. The house was last seen in a state of significant disrepair with a chasm splitting the house in two. The red glow of molten rock can be seen down the chasm. Around the house large tree's (300ft tall, 12ft base width) have been uprooted and scattered.

Alice's Swamp

Rumours abound regarding an area 10 miles WNW of Batibati in the Mercato principality, few people venture into the area and people believe it is inhabited by a dark power. The swamp is a misted low lying area with murky waters and strange grey structures rising out of the mists. Surrounding the swamp are 9 two story towers, occupied by armsmen that patrol the borders of the swamp to kill any creatures that escape the murk. The structures are very large termite mounds. Undead have been detected within the swamp but not witnessed.

The swamp is the home of Isreana a termite shaman and one of the few fae residents of the Isles.

Amar River

While there is nothing inherently magical about the river between Lake Amar and Blue Lake it does run uphill, including up three waterfalls.


The Island of Bawal is reputedly haunted and rumours abound of ghosts and curses. Investigations by a Guild party have indicated that at least one Calamar has been using the island for it's own nefarious purposes.

The Boneyard


An ossuary near the village of Tanah Allay. This shrine-like building is 30ft square Chandeliers and wall decorations are entirely formed from the bones of the interred. Behind the building are a series of stone platforms where the recently deceased are laid out, to cleanse the flesh and release the spirit to the elements. The boneyard is maintained by Vidal a Green Dragon who appears in a form appropriate to his visitors. Around the building a giant spirit guards and protects the location.

A few hundred yards away is a small stone chapel that looks to have been occasionally inhabited over the last few years.

The Devils Claw

Three rivers south of Pasir feed into an estuary that vaguely resembles a human hand with the rivers as long talons.
The region is believed to be cursed and people venturing into the area go missing.

The Kapit Spirit

40 miles west of Kapit at the highest pinnacle in the range there resides a Spirit. Around the mountain exists an area which causes confusion, visual distortions and pain extending out from the peak. Adventurers report these are very difficult to get through although a small number of people have been found to be immune to the effects. The effects are as follows

  1. At around 12 miles out from the peak people report hearing voices, gabbling in tongues and completely indecipherable.
  2. At nine miles this is joined by visual hallucinations and disorientation.
  3. At six miles pain begins and starts to increase the closer to the peak you go.
  4. At three miles the pain becomes unbearable and most people lose consciousness.

At the peak itself is an area without this effect that is approximately a mile in diameter. Within this area is a cavern system in which a Blue Dragon resides along with a Portal to a cavern in the Filgiso Forest

The Karel Ridge

Covering an area ~35 miles long, and ~10 miles wide this High mana zone covers the ridgeline leading south from Mt Karel. It is a popular hunting ground for all manner of mystical creatures including Gryphons, Manticores and Basilisk.

Katingan Spring

This spring appears within a square pyramid fifty feet on each side made from what appears to be a single piece of obsidian. A single entrance 10 feet wide and 20 feet long leads into a central chamber. At the far end of this chamber is a pool of water with a single outflow. The water flowing from the pool does so at a height of 3 feet off the ground and flows in an arc to the western wall where it enters another pool. From here the water somehow arrives outside the pyramid where it bubbles out of the ground and forms a small stream that eventually becomes the Katigan River.

The Building appears to be home to a Hearth Spirit which investigations showed had been asleep for 92,000 years. Vidal has requested to Guild members that the Spirit should be left to sleep and not harmed in any way.

Kota Drift

15 miles off the coast where the Kota river empties into the sea there is a large slow moving whirlpool of a magical nature.

Lakes of Regret

On the Pasir plateau there are two lakes 15 miles apart at the head of two valleys. The lakes both provide high mana for Water mages although they are not a place of power. Despite their distance apart the properties of the water are identical in that they induce forgetfulness in people who drink the water. At each lake a temple takes in pilgrims and assists them in recovery after drinking the water. The lakes are also the location for a number of other features.

  • Near the western lake there is a small village and a pathway from there leads to an ossuary.
  • A small shrine-like building sits on the lake shore a couple of miles from the temples. This shrine can be used as the terminus for portals.

Laoet Volcano

The peak of Laoet Island is an active volcano which is a place of power for Fire mages as well as a high mana zone. The area stretches across the crater and 100 yards from the edge in all directions. Making their home within the crater is an unusual number of Fire Elementals. This may also be home to a Red Dragon.

Mt Biraja

At 7480 feet this mountain is the second highest on the island. At the pinnacle is a cairn within which Air magics may be cast with significant bonuses.

GM Information / Spoiler. (Highlight to read).
When an air mage casts their backfires become failures, failures become successes, successes are double effects and double effects become triples. An 00 is still a backfire regardless of cast chance.

Northern Gulf

North of Serawak the wind always blows to the south. This effect extends several hundred miles out to sea.

Plateau of Decay

This plateau in the northern foothills of the Meratoe Range is 5 miles across and perfectly circular. It is a Necromantic and Earth place of power, within the area at the top of the plateau all living creatures slowly wither and decay, all plant matter is unaffected and the plateau is covered in lush and verdant jungle. Beneath the plateau is a vast series of caverns where Kyanite Crystal was mined.

Winter 807

The Crystal has been destroyed by a Guild Party after the dwarves has been rescued. A number of the lich's minions have been destroyed however Lord Arrindale himself has not been seen.

Rock of Corruption

At the northern tip of the island there is a small hill overlooking the sea. It is rumoured that anyone who sleeps there on the night of the full moon will change shape. (Unconfirmed)

In the same location in the ethereal is a near-dead tree which has recently (807) been found to have a small green bud. Prior to 807 the tree had an iron cage suspended from it. Within the cage was a withered looking werewolf, whether it was alive or dead was never determined. This location had been a nexus point for the great salt curse.

As you approach the promontory from the south, a 3' brick wall crosses the point from shore to shore. The only gap is a gate with a paved path that leads to an inviting-looking little brick & shingle cottage. Inside are four sturdy wooden beds. Over and around the front door the brick work is engraved with a flowering tree and elven runes which roughly translate as Welcome, Peace, Sleep, and Eternity. Although the place is in perfect upkeep (apart from a little dust), there is no sign of magic.

GM Information / Spoiler. (Highlight to read).
At the peak of the hill where the tree stands in the ethereal a couple of Black Hickory nuts were buried in Autumn 807 and the land was (wiccan) blessed. The hill is a high mana area for all Mages and a Place of Power for both Druids and Pacifists.

Tanah Spring

10 miles from the head of the Pagata River a small spring rises from the mountainside and trickles 100 feet down to join the main stream; the stream eminates from a small hole (2" diameter) in a smooth rockface 30ft high. Standing in the stream provides high mana - save for Earth mages who find it a place of Low Mana. The water is cool and crisp and if consumed allows an adept's next cast to be as if they were in high mana. It also has a minor side effect of putting people into a nice relaxing sleep, and may have additional deleterious effects if imbibed by an Earth mage. Residing within the wall is a Vapour Spirit that consumes anything that may be unfortunate enough to fall asleep by the banks of the stream.

Valley of the Children

Half a day down the river from Lonanawang there is a cave which contained thirteen children, known as the children of the abyss. When the children were killed our knocked out they released armoured, highly magic resistant, greater undead shadowy figures who cast mid rank blackfires every round as a free action in addition to having multiple weapon attacks at high rank and, of course, draining lifeforce. All but one, which fled, were killed by a Low level guild party. They were allies of the spider deamon thing and interested in things to do with souls...probably eating them. Direct sunlight burned then kills them as children(2) as does hitting them alot as undead(10). Not sure about any valley full of them, these were the ones attacking travellers in the region. At the back of the cave are four natural exit tunnels leading who-knows-where. If encountered grab them as children and drag into the sunlight, it will hurt less.

Deeper within the caverns resided a giant Spider believed to have been killed by a Guild party in Winter 807.

The Water Nymph

In the Schwaner ranges between Mt Koekoeng and the town of Nangataiop there is a small stone carving in the shape of a nymph. From the base of the nymphs' feet a steady flow of water appears and goes into a pool 3 feet across. The pool has no apparent outflow and the water is free of insects and debris. The water is cool, refreshing and pleasant to drink.

It should be noted there is no actual nymph, just a statue.


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