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I'm trying to remember what was going on and update the campaign area to include the recent ravages of the Dark Circle.

Note: The whole Ildrisholm and Greenwood area still seems to be affected by the dark circle, un-natural darkness.



New map 807

The areas of The Greenwood, the Lesser Sylphs and the Ildrisholm hills themselves comprise a wilderness area and high mana zone often referred to in the guild as Ildrisholm. The air mage monestary and place of power know as the Cloisters is also located in the Ildrisholm hills.

To the north are the Wilds of Gilarni, the east is the Sea of Grass, the south are the Brastor Holdings and to the west is the Sweet Riding, and eventually Carzala.

Known Inhabitants

Brain dump from Sabastian

Talking squirrels, I remember them. Sabastian had one for a while.

Doing a brain dunp there was also;

  • gargoyle's in the mountain top, holding the kick arse dwarven


  • Leprechaun bomber
  • standing stone that turned miniature status real.
  • Goblin tribe.
  • Floating trees over giant turtle
  • Hydra in bowl area that escaped from the plug
  • naga
  • alchemist Ashur Asafe
  • witch
  • graveyard with undead goblin? and draining tree
  • troll in the river
  • kraken in the river
  • cursing cats
  • missing ranger
  • postbox tree in the woods
  • ogres
  • a goblin cloiseter air mage

Scribe notes on the area: Failed_rescue_in_Ildrisholm


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