Castle Brastor

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Castle Brastor
Location Brastor Holdings
Population 0






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month

The main fortress and Castle in the Brastor Holdings. The castle is located next to Brastor Township.

The actual Castle Brastor is built into a taller spine of stout rock and is court to the Count.




Spring 816

The installation of rota mounted, quick load catapults is completed. Is is believed these heavily modified weapons and are effective at targeting flyers.

Spring 815

Castle rebuilding complete which is recongnised by a ceremony at the Castle, attended by all the local dignitaries. Many awards and titles are bestowed, as well as long speeches given. Small sculptures of various people are integrated into the fortifications.

Autumn 808

Construction is progressing at a dramatic pace, assist with the liberal use of magic. The new castle begins to emerge from the ruins of the old.

Autumn 807

Following almost a year of designing the plans for the new castle are finalised and constructions are authorised. With the keen eye of a Master Mechanician and Master Military Scientist all agree the new Castle will be formidable.

Spring 806

Work begins on designing the new castle.