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Badge of the Castellan Borderers

NOTE that this document relates to the Borderers before Brastor was over-run by the Dark Circle.
This document has been replaced by the Carzalan Army.

What Are The Castellan Borderers?

The Castellan Borderers are Brastor Holding's Army. It comprises the Brastor Auxiliary (Town Guard and Militia) and eight semi-regular regiments, four cavalry and four infantry. The Castellan Borderers maintain a mutual training agreement whereby members of the Adventurers Guild of Carzala may enlist more easily. To join the Castellan Borderers, members of the Adventurers Guild must apply to one of the recruiting officers in Brastor, Tobintown or Seagate (A list of GM's to contact is at the end of this document).

NOTE: Any Borderer may be called up for service in Brastor in case of state emergency.

The Castellan Borderers were formed in response to the need for a more permanent armed force in Brastor. Being a peripheral barony, it encounters more than its fair share of raiders, nomads and bandits, and it was found that traditional feudal levy was not well trained enough to combat all these threats effectively. Thus Brastor's feudal levy was abolished with an equal increase in manorial scutage (shield money). In any case, most of the members of the Borderer's are still from feudal backgrounds, with many landlords allowing their tenants to volunteer for three months a year to be trained. The semi-permenancy of Borderer regiments has fostered better-trained men and better morale, and has worked very successfully. Indeed, several Northern Duchies have looked with much interest upon the Borderer's training method.


To gain entry to the Castellan Borderers, you must roll 2d10 (ie. 2 to 20) less than:

+1 per point of strength over 10
+10 if a member of the Adventurers Guild
-10 if no military experience with Brastor
-5 each time a previous Castellan Borderer fails to muster for service properly
+1 for each full year in residence in Brastor (up to 12 years)
+1 per rank of Military Scientist
+1 per rank of Warrior
+1 per rank of Ranger (+1 extra if specialised in Plains)
+1 for every 3 ranks of horsemanship or part thereof
+1 for every 3 ranks of healer or part thereof
+1 if skilled in Musical Instrument, Smithing (any type), Fletching or Cooking
+1 if ranked in any sword
+1 if ranked in any polearm, lance or shield
+1 if ranked in any bow
+1 per rank in the highest ranked sword, polearm, longbow or crossbow
-3 if Elven
-4 if Dwarven
-5 if Halfling
-1 for each foot above 3' if a Giant
-6 if Ore or Half-Orc
-1 if Female
-3 if social class is Poor Trash, Burgher, Farmer, Bandit or Pirate (Sub or LC)
+3 if Lesser or Greater Nobility (11MG or UC)
Grunt the Barbarian wants to join the Castellan Borderers. He has 19 Strength (+9), is a member of the Adventurer's Guild but has not had previous military experience with Brastor (+10, -10). He has rank 1 in Mil. Scientist (+1), rank 0 in warrior (0) and rank 5 in ranger (+5). He is a rank 2 blacksmith and a rank 1 fletcher (still only +1), ranked in a sword (+1), a polearm and a shield (still only +1), but not a bow. His rank in estoc (highest rank sword) is 6 (+6). His parents were bandits (-3). He thus has to roll 21 or less on 2d10 and is automatically accepted into the Brastor Auxilia. If Grunt was an Ore (-6). he would have to roll 15 or less on 2d10 to be accepted.

Requirements Of Service

Characters are required to perform at least three months duty per calendar year. Each tour of duty is calculated in months and are a minimum of three months. Dispensation is given to guild members to travel to and from Seagate in that time (for guild meetings, etc).

A character's first tour of duty must be performed in the Brastor Auxiliaries, unless the character gets 40+ on the entry requirements. A person will be accepted into the regular regiments as follows:

Brastor Auxiliaries
No other requirements; paid 300sp/month
1st Foot Guards
Halberd 4+, Rapier 4+, Castellan Approval, own Plate Armour; paid 700 sp/month
2nd Lance Guards
Horsemanship 4+, Lance 4+, Castellan Approval, own Plate Armour and Warhorse; paid 750sp/month
3rd Crown of Brastor Cuirassiers
Horsemanship 4+,Sabre 3+, own Light Warhorse; paid 700 sp/month
4th Hugler's Heavy Infantry
Broadsword or Hand&1/2 4+, Pike 1+ and Shield 1+, own Plate Armour; paid 600sp/month
5th Light Dragoons
Horsemanship 4+, Sabre or Spear 1+, own Quarterhorse; paid 650sp/month
6th La Moor Light Infantry
Ranger 2+, Estoc or Spear 2+; paid 500 sp/month
7th Cavalry
Horsemanship 3+, Ranger 0+, own Horse; paid 550 sp/month
8th Pardeau Bowmen
Bow 2+, Shield 0+; paid 400 sp/month

Once committed to a regular regiment, a transfer to another regiment must be applied for and agreed to by the commanders of both regiments. Other matters of discipline regarding Castellan Borderer characters, whether whilst on a tour of duty or regarding character dealings with the Castellan Borderers when not on a tour come under the jurisdiction of military law.

Characters who are commissioned officers are expected to provide their own horse regardless of what regiment they are with, and pay 1 month's wages per year towards the upkeep of their battle, parade and dress uniforms. Also, to maintain a higher degree of unity and discipline in the officer ranks, characters with commissions must perform at least six months duty per calendar year.

Monthly Stationing

Each month roll 2d10 to determine stationing:

Regiment Tobintown Brastor South Lending
1st DFG 2-3 4-20 -
2nd DLG 2-5 6-19 20
3rd CBC 2-6 7-16 17+
4th HHI 2-7 8-17 18+
5th LDR 2-4 5-14 15+
6th LML 2-3 4-13 14+
7th CAV - 2-7 8+
8th PBM 2 3-12 13+
Brast.Aux. - 2-20 -

There should be roughly 50-100 men per company of troops, lower if cavalry and higher if infantry.


Each week roll 1D10 to determine the character's activity. Roll 4 times each month. Extra time in the tour (for instance, 3 months will be about 13 weeks) are spent on light duties at Brastor.


1-5 Garrison (Tobintown)
6 Guard (Aestus' Summer house)
7 Patrol (manouevres with Seagate military)
8-9 Patrol (Westmarch)
0 Raid (Artusian bandits)


1-6 Garrison (Castle Brastor)
7-8 Guard (towns in Brastor)
9 Patrol (around Brastor Holdings)
0 Raid (various town guard duties)

South Lending:

1-3 Garrison (South Lending)
4 Garrison (Lake Gordon)
5 Patrol (Eastmarch)
6 Patrol (manouvres with Nova Dom)
7-8 Patrol (Choth Gap)
9-0 Raid (nomads beyond Choth Gap)

Dying In Action

Whilst on a raid or patrol it is possible to die.

on d% Raid Patrol
chance of dying 96+ 99+
irresurectable 00+ 99+

It is possible to reduce or increase the chance of dying. For each 1000sp of investments purchased, decrease any one chance of dying roll by 1%. Such investments MUST be bought before the dice are rolled for a particular raid or patrol, and are automatically used. For each brave deed attempted in a raid or patrol, increase the chance of dying and the irresurectable rolls by 1%. Each brave deed also adds +1 to the recognition die roll on raids.

If a character dies and is resurectable, the character will be raised and billed at standard rates by adventurer's guild healers unless under specific instructions not to heal the character. If a character dies irresurectably, the Castellan Borderers will extend their condolences to the nearest notifiable next of kin about the death.


Special recognition may be given for valour or cowardice in raids.

Per Raid on 2d10:

Roll Description Effect
2 Dishonoured Discharged from the army, banished from Brastor
3-4 Reprimanded 1 month's pay docked, demoted 1 rank, confined to barracks and cannot train for 1 week
5-15 Satisfactory Nothing special.
16-18 Honoured + 1 to promotion rolls for rest of tour.
19-20 Decorated Receive medal and 1 month's pay bonus, +2 to promotion rolls for rest of tour.


A character may be promoted up to twice every 3 months of service. Promotions are to the next rank in order of command, or to Ensign if starting a commission. Promotion rolls are made once per month and once per raid. New ranks become effective at the start of the next month of service.

To maintain rank, a Castellan Borderer must continue to be active over time, as below. If a character does not perform the required time each calendar year, they will be demoted one rank and then one more for each further year in absentia.

Commissioned officers are not demoted below Ensign, but will be asked to suitably explain their absence or resign their commission, thence being demoted to the highest non-commissioned rank they attained. Senior commissioned officers and Sargeant-Majors are full time army staff, and would only suit retired characters. A character may however refuse a promotion, or resign a rank and be voluntarily demoted. The numbers in brackets are the maximum number of that position per regular regiment. There are no positions above captain in the Brastor Auxilia, it being a non-regular unit.

on 2d10
Rank / Extra Pay per Month Minimum Service
per Year
- Private /+0% 3 months
Non-Commisioned Officers:
16 Lance /+10% 3 months
18 Corporal / +20% 3 months
20 Sergeant (20) / +30% 3 months
22 Sergeant-Major (3) I +40% full time
Commissioned Officers:
19 Ensign (20) /+50% 6 months
20 Lieutenant (20) / +75% 6 months
21 Captain (10) / +100% 6 months
22 Major (2) / + 150% full time
23 Colonel (1) / +200% full time
- Commander of the Army of Brastor Holdings (Currently General Rodgers)

Cumulative modifiers to promotion rolls:

Honoured +1, Decorated +2, Elf or Dwarf -1, Giant or Halfling -2, Orc or Half-Orc -3, Female -1, +1 for every 3 ranks of Military Scientist or part thereof, +1 per every full 20 points of entry requirement you have, -5 for being a Castellan Borderer who has a record of failing to muster for minimum service.


After ten years service in the Castellan Borderers, a character may retire. On retiring the character may maintain their rank nominally and is gifted a pension of one month's wages per year from Brastor and a writ to pay for the purchase of ten acres of land in Brastor. However most Borderers perform for further service, with their pension and land grant being incremented for each ten years served.


A character may train in something only when there is a chance to use it. While on light duties a character may train anything. While confined to barracks, a character may train nothing. Training at other times depends on what the character is doing - they will only be able to learn things as follows:

Garrison Guard Patrol Raid
Military Scientist Y Y Y Y
Ranger - - Y Y
Warrior Y - - Y
Horsemanship* Y Y Y Y
Special Weapons / Skills Y Y Y Y
Other Weapons / Skills Y Y - -

Each week on a tour may be spent training:

  • Three weeks towards any weapon your regiment particularly uses.
  • Two weeks towards any weapon used in the Castellan Borderers; Military Scientist, Ranger, or Warrior skill; or *Horsemanship if you are from a horse regiment or are a commissioned officer.
  • One week towards any other weapon, shield or skill, except Assassin.
Grunt the Barbarian trains for 13 weeks, 1 weeks garrison, 7 weeks guard duty, 3 weeks patrol, 1 week raiding and 1 week light duties.
He is in the La Moor Light Infantry. Since he only has 3 weeks on garrison, raiding or light duty, he could only rank warrior for a maximum of 3 weeks, so decides not to bother.
He ranks:
Skill Time Ranking Worth of Ranking Changes
Estoc 4 weeks 12 weeks rank 5 -> 6
Ranger 3 weeks 6 weeks rank 5 -> 6
Battleaxe 1 week 1 week -> rank 0 (a weapon not used by the Castellan Borderers)
Halberd 1 week 2 weeks rank 0 -> 1
Mil.Scientist 1 week 2 weeks rank 1 ->2
Horsemanship 2 weeks 2 weeks rank 1 ->2 (Grunt is neither in a horse regiment nor a commissioned officer)
Artisan-Cook 1 week 1 week -> unranked (7 more weeks to rank 0)


Castellan Borderers Recruiting Officers:

  • TBA

For further information, the Castellan Borderers maintain a liason officer at the Adventurers Guild at Seagate as well as at the Duke of Carzala's Court.

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