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The War against the Dark Circle has shown that the Carzalan Military was in need of a reorganisation and the Carzalan High Command have created a new structure for the Carzalan Army in the same vein as the Brastor Army (see Autumn 806).

The Duchy of Carzala's New Model Army was designed in response to the need for a more permanent armed force in Carzala and particularly its frontier region of Brastor, which has more than its fair share of raiders, nomads and bandits. The war against the Dark Circle has fallen heavily on Brastor with the loss of over half its population either as civilian casualties or in the military; fighting to rid Brastor of the Dark Circle.

As of Winter 806 the majority of the current units are significantly under-strength and when the units reform and are coloured in Carzala and Brastor (over the next few seasons) volunteers will be called for by recruiters.

Organization of the New Model Army

The new model army of Carzala is divided into Regiments, which are then organized into 3 Brigades. See the Full Army Roster for more detailed information on each regiment.

1st Brigade (The Guards)

Commanded (officially) by the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army, Leto, Duke of Carzala. This is the smallest Brigade, consisting of only a single Infantry Battalion from the Duke's Halberdiers and one cavalry Squadron from the Duke's Own Horse Guards. Nevertheless it is the most visible and prestigious due to its presence in and around the Carzalan nobility whom it is charged to defend.

2nd Brigade (The Heavy Brigade)

Commanded by General Daryk Strong, the Heavy Brigade comprises infantry Battalions from the Brastor Pikes and Hugler’s Heavies, and cavalry Squadrons from the Shields of EastMarch and Carzalan Hobilars. In addition a Company from the Carzalan Corps of Engineers is attached, and in times of war the Brigade may joined by Militia battalions.

3rd Brigade (The Light Brigade)

Commanded by General Connor McIntyre, the Light Brigade comprises infantry Battalions from Fulham’s Foot, the Pardeau Bowmen, and the Highland Axes, as well as cavalry Squadrons from Dubresky’s Light Cavalry, the Desai Hussars, and the Artusian Rangers. In addition a Company from the Carzalan Corps of Engineers is attached, and in times of war the Brigade may joined by Militia battalions.

The Borderers (Independent Regiment)

The elite Borderers regiment exists outside of the brigade structure and is used for scouting, path-finding and small unit tactics.

Troop Types

The Carzalan army has four types of troops:

These serve for 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years active service with benefits accruing and increasing with time served. These represent some 30% of the total army strength but most of its operational strength, and are the body of regular soldiery. They are well-trained and equipped troops.
These are retired troopers who served their term out or were mustered out when the time of crisis passed. Old troopers are placed in the Reserve until they are past fighting age (50 years). Reserve troops can be recalled for service in times of war, and generally rejoin their old units. These are moderately well-trained and experienced troops who will have their own arms (and often armour) for use. Reservists train with the army for 4 weeks a year and are paid for their time. The army keeps good records of who lives where and what sort of troopers they were. These represent some 10% of army strength.
These troops are generally Light Infantry but can be made into Medium Infantry given the right equipment and training. Militia are trained throughout Carzala on Sundays, and in times of war may be called up to serve for 2 months per year. This troop type represents some 50-70% of army strength.
Special Reserves 
This includes Seagate Adventurers Guild members. These represent a special class of troop detailed below.

The Army and The Guild

The Carzalan Army continues to maintain a mutual training agreement with the Seagate Guild whereby members of the Guild may enlist under terms that are more flexible and allow them to continue their adventuring careers while contributing their specialist skills to the Carzalan army.

To enlist in the Carzalan Army, members of the Adventurers Guild must apply to one of the recruiting officers in Castle Chilton, Castle Brastor or Regar’s Keep. Please note that any current or reservist member of the Carzalan Army may be called up for service in Carzala in case of state emergency.

Guild members constitute a Special Reserves class of recruits and have their terms of service amended as well as being placed in a regiment best suited to their skills, temperament & talents upon completion of their training.

Characters that join the Carzalan Army are required to perform at least 3 months of initial training and servivce duty, and one month per calendar year thereafter. Dispensation may be given to guild members to travel to and from Seagate in that time (for guild meetings, etc).


The enlistment criteria for Adventurers are higher than those for Regular troops, but in return they are granted special flexibity in terms of service and periods of active duty. If a PC wishes to enlist in the normal fashion and become a Regular trooper they may do so, but the charactrer will be unavailable to be played during its full-time term of service.

Guild Member Entry Criteria

To gain entry to the Special Reserves of the Carzalan Regiments, you must roll 2d10 (ie. 2 to 20) less than:

+1 per point of strength over 10
+10 if a member of the Adventurers Guild
-10 if no military experience with Carzala
+1 to 10 for military experience gained elsewhere (GM's call, only possible if -10 above applies)
-5 each time a you failed to muster for service properly
+1 for each full year in residence in Carzala (up to 12 years)
+1 per rank of Military Scientist
+1 per rank of Warrior
+1 per rank of Ranger (+1 extra if specialised in Plains)
+1 for every 3 ranks of horsemanship or part thereof
+1 for every 3 ranks of healer or part thereof
+1 if skilled in Musical Instrument, Smithing (any type), Fletching or Cooking
+1 if ranked in any sword
+1 if ranked in any polearm, lance or shield
+1 if ranked in any bow
+1 per rank in the highest ranked sword, polearm, longbow or crossbow
-3 if Elven
-4 if Dwarven
-5 if Halfling
-1 for each foot above 3' if a Giant
-6 if Ore or Half-Orc
-1 if Female
-3 if social background is Trash or Bonded
+2 if social background is Military or Gentry
+3 if social background is Lesser or Greater Nobility
Alice the Adventurer wants to join the Castellan Army Special Reserves. She has 19 Strength (+9), is a member of the Adventurer's Guild but has not had previous military experience with Carzala (+10, -10). She has rank 1 in Mil. Scientist (+1), rank 0 in warrior (0) and rank 5 in ranger (+5). She is a rank 2 blacksmith and a rank 1 fletcher (still only +1), ranked in a sword (+1), a polearm and a shield (still only +1), but not a bow. Her rank in estoc (highest rank sword) is 6 (+6). She's a female human (-1) and her parents were serfs (-3). She has to roll 20 or less on 2d10 and is automatically accepted into the Special Reserves. If Alice was an Ore (-6) she would have to roll 14 or less on 2d10 to be accepted.

If a roll is unsuccessful the candiate may reapply in a seasons time.

If you have a character who would like to join up please contact a GM who can oversea the roll and confirm you enlistment. Once this is done please notify the Campaign Committee so that a record of enlistees can be maintained.

Requirements Of Service

  • A character's initial training and duty tour is a minimum of 3 months.
  • Once the initial tour is completed characters are required to perform at least 1 months active duty per calendar year to remain in the Special Reserves.
  • Dispensation may given to guild members to travel to and from Seagate in that time (for guild meetings, etc).

Upon enlisting in the Special Reserve a character will be assigned to a Regiment. The choice of Regiment will be made with reference to the character's skills and abilities, and also the needs of the various Regiments.

GM Note: Choice of initial Regiment may be made between GM and Player looking at the character's skills and considering a best match. If there is an obvious match there is a high probability (not no certainty) that the character will be assigned to that Regiment. If there is no obvious match the GM may choose to an initial assignment in the Militia Battalions until the PC gains skill to join other units.

Once committed to a Regiment (outside of the initial 3 months training tour), a transfer to another Regiment may be applied for and agreed to by the Commanders of both units. Other matters of discipline regarding Carzalan Army characters, whether whilst on a tour of duty or regarding character dealings with the Carzalan Army when not on a tour come under the jurisdiction of military law, and should be adjudicated by a GM.

Characters who are commissioned officers are expected to provide their own horse (regardless of what regiment they are with), and pay equal to 1 month's wages per year will be withheld towards the upkeep of their battle and parade uniforms.

Rank and Pay

If not of noble birth you may not join directly the ranks of commissioned officers. Non nobles who seek to become commissioned officers must serve at least 1 year in the ranks before applying. Special cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the GM should discuss this with a Campaign Committee GM.

Rank / Pay per Month Minimum Service per Year
All recruits gain the Dukes shilling on enlistment.
Private / 3sp per day (7 shillings & sixpence per month), less stoppages 1 month
Non-Commisioned Officers:
Lance / 100sp 3 months
Corporal / 120sp 3 months
Sergeant / 180sp 3 months
Sergeant-Major / 240sp full time
Commissioned Officers:
Most senior officers are Nobles and are not paid for their duty. Pay below is for non noble officers.
Ensign /252sp (1 guinea) 6 months
Lieutenant / 276sp (1 guinea 2 shillings) 6 months
Captain / 324sp (1 guinea 8 shillings) 6 months
Colonel / 753sp (3 guineas) full time
Commander of the Army of Brastor Holdings (Currently General Rodgers)

Land Grants

With the recent levels of fighting across Carzala the Carzalan High Command has decided to award troops land in Brastor as additional bonus for their past service and so when the majority of the fighting ceases they will award swathes of land to formations. This will mean fewer burdens on the treasury, less worry about finding people to work the land and a safer environment with all those old troops being there.

Example: The Brastor Pike Regiment which fought so bravely a rear guard action against Rashak’s forces during the breakout had its 300 men awarded land just to the South of Tobintown which equates to some 40 acres each – officers getting more. The land went to the remaining soldiers and surviving widows/widowers/family of the fallen.

Future Land Grants

As of Spring 806: Now that the main fighting against the Dark Circle has concluded, future land grants will be awarded at:

  1. 0-10 years: 5 acres per 5 years service
  2. 11-15 years: 10 acres per 5 years service
  3. 16-25 years: 15 acres per 5 years service

The land itself is awarded every 5 years with additional land being added as terms of service are reached.

Land awarded to troops or family cannot be sold within 10 years of receiving the grant after which it it 'freehold' for the family to dispose of as it sees fit. The exception to this is Land given as compensation which can be sold to provide ready funds upon the death of the trooper.

Land - Compensation

Widows and Widowers of troops fallen in battle are entitled to land in compensation for their loss Length of Service : Land Awarded

  1. 1-3 years  : 3 acres compensation
  2. 3-5 years  : 4 acres compensation
  3. 6-10 years  : 5 acres compensation
  4. 11-15 years : 6 acres compensation
  5. 16-20 years : 8 acres compensation
  6. 21-25 years : 12 acres compensation
  7. 26-30 years : 15 acres compensation
  8. 30+ years  : 20 acres compensation

Monthly Stationing

Rewritten to reflect larger staioning area

Each month roll 2d10 to determine stationing:

Unit Home based Carzala Brastor Manouvers Borders
Duke's Halbardiers 6-16 2-5 17-18 19-20 -
The Brastor Pikes 6-16 - 2-5 17-18 19-20
Huglers Heavies 6-16 - 2-5 17-18 19-20
Fulhams Foot 9-12 13-14 2-8 1-17 18-20
Pardeau Bowmen 9-12 13-14 2-8 15-17 18-20
Highland Axes 9-10 11-12 2-8 13-15 16-20
Duke's Own Horse Guards 8-14 2-7 15-18 19-20 -
Dubresky's Light Horse 9-12 13-14 2-8 16-17 18-20
Shields of Eastmarch 9-10 11-12 2-8 13-15 16-20
Carzalan Hobiliars 9-10 11-12 2-8 13-15 16-20
Desai Hussars 9-12 13-14 2-8 16-17 18-20
Artusian Rangers 9-10 11-12 2-8 13-15 16-20
Engineer Corps 8-12 2-7 13-16 17-18 19-20
Militia Battalions 2-20 - - - -

The different units differ in their monthly stationing based on the level of risk each unit is able to react to. The lighter units are more mobile and can move much faster than a heavy unit and so they will tend to be stationed in more volatile areas. The more regal and ‘showy’ units such as the duke Halbardiers and the Duke’s own Horse Guards will never be serving at the “borders’ as they are dedicated full time to internal security within Carzala.

There should be roughly 50-100 men per company of troops, lower if cavalry and higher if infantry.


Each week roll 1D10 to determine the character's activity. Roll 4 times each month. Extra time in the tour (for instance, 3 months will be about 13 weeks) are spent on light duties at Brastor.

Home Based:
1-7 Garrison
8 Guard
9 Patrol
0 Raid
1-6 Garrison
7 Guard
8 Patrol
9 Patrol
0 Raid
1-4 Garrison
5-6 Guard
7 Patrol
8 Patrol
9 Raid
0 Raid
1-2 Garrison
3-4 Patrol
5-6 Patrol
7 Patrol
8 Raid
9 Raid
0 Raid
1-2 Guard
3-4 Patrol
5 Patrol
6 Raid
7 Raid
8 Raid
9 Raid
0 Raid


Special recognition may be given for valour or cowardice in raids. Roll each raid per month 2d10:

Roll Description Effect
2 Dishonoured Roll 2d10 again:

2-4 Discharged from the army and no training
5-8 Stockade for 6 months, No training allowed
9-17 Stockade for rest of Tour, no training allowed
18-20 Cleared of the dishonour through new evidence and restored to ‘Satisfactory’ result

3-4 Reprimanded 1 month's pay docked, demoted 1 rank, confined to Stockade and cannot train for 1 week
5-15 Satisfactory Nothing special.
16-18 Honoured + 1 to promotion rolls for rest of tour.
19-20 Decorated Receive medal (GM to detail briefly) and 1 month's pay as a bonus, +2 to promotion rolls for rest of tour.


  1. A character may be promoted every 3 months of service.
  2. Promotions are to the next rank in order of command, or to Ensign if starting a commission.
  3. Promotion rolls are made once per 3 months.
  4. New ranks become effective at the start of the next month of service.
  5. Bonuses from Raid experience may be added cumulatively to Promotion chances in the season the raids occured only

To maintain rank, a Carzalan Army soldier must continue to be active over time and serve time as discussed earlier under the 'Minimum Service per year by rank' under teh section titled 'Ranks and Pay' . If a character does not perform the required time each calendar year, they will be demoted one rank and then one more for each further year in absentia.

Commissioned officers are not demoted below Ensign, but will be asked to suitably explain their absence or resign their commission, thence being demoted to the highest non-commissioned rank they attained. Senior commissioned officers and Sargeant-Majors are full time army staff, and would only suit retired characters. A character may however refuse a promotion, or resign a rank and be voluntarily demoted. There are no positions above captain in the Brastor Auxilia, it being a non-regular unit.

Non-Commisioned Officers:
Commissioned Officers:

Rolls for Promotion

Ranks & Roll required for Promotion
Private to Lance 17+
Lance to Corp 19+
Corp to Sgt 21+
Sgt to Sgt-Major 25+
Ensign to Lt 18+
Lt to Capt 22+
Capt to Major 24+
Major to Colonel 27+

Cumulative modifiers to promotion rolls:

Honoured +1, Decorated +2, Elf or Dwarf -1, Giant or Halfling -2, Orc or Half-Orc -3, Female -1, +1 for every 3 ranks of Military Scientist or part thereof, +1 per every full 20 points of entry requirement you have, -5 for being a Castellan Borderer who has a record of failing to muster for minimum service.


  1. If at the end of a tour containing 3 or more raids no promotion is gained the PC may roll again to see if they are successful in promotion as a reflection of glory for multiple combats.
  2. At the end of every 4 tours the PC will gain an automatic increase in rank up to the rank of Corporal or in the case of commissioned officers to Lieutenant.


After ten years service in the Army, a soldier may retire. On retiring the soldier may maintain their rank nominally and is gifted a pension of one month's wages per year from Brastor and a writ to pay for the purchase of ten acres of land in Brastor. However most Borderers perform further service, with their pension and land grant being incremented for each ten years served.


A character may train in something only when there is a chance to use it. While on light duties a character may train anything. While confined to barracks, a character may train nothing. Training at other times depends on what the character is doing - they will only be able to learn things as follows:

Garrison Guard Patrol Raid
Military Scientist Y Y Y Y
Ranger - - Y Y
Warrior Y - - Y
Horsemanship* Y Y Y Y
Special Weapons / Skills Y Y Y Y
Other Weapons / Skills Y Y - -

Each week on a tour may be spent training:

  • Three weeks towards any weapon your regiment particularly uses.
  • Two weeks towards any weapon used in the Army; Military Scientist, Ranger, or Warrior skill; or Horsemanship (if you are from a horse regiment or are a commissioned officer).
  • One week towards any other weapon, shield or skill, except Assassin.
Grunt the Barbarian trains for 13 weeks, 1 weeks garrison, 7 weeks guard duty, 3 weeks patrol, 1 week raiding and 1 week light duties.
He is in the La Moor Light Infantry. Since he only has 3 weeks on garrison, raiding or light duty, he could only rank warrior for a maximum of 3 weeks, so decides not to bother.
He ranks:
Skill Time Ranking Worth of Ranking Changes
Estoc 4 weeks 12 weeks rank 5 -> 6
Ranger 3 weeks 6 weeks rank 5 -> 6
Battleaxe 1 week 1 week -> rank 0 (a weapon not used by the Army)
Halberd 1 week 2 weeks rank 0 -> 1
Mil.Scientist 1 week 2 weeks rank 1 ->2
Horsemanship 2 weeks 2 weeks rank 1 ->2 (Grunt is neither in a horse regiment nor a commissioned officer)
Artisan-Cook 1 week 1 week -> unranked (7 more weeks to rank 0)

Process of any PC joining or being part of the Carzalan Army

  1. Join the Army
  2. Specify which unit you will serve with
    1. First Timers join the Militia as their initial tour, no matter what their skills are unless they have 40+ entry points
  3. Define your starting rank
    1. Pvt or Ensign (depending on birth) for new troops or if reenlisted troop then the rank they last had if they have kept up their tour requirements for the rank.
  4. Roll for Stationing for the Month
  5. Roll for activity for the 4 weeks of station
    1. Roll for recognition for each (if any raids)
  6. Roll for Stationing for the Month
  7. Roll for activity for the 4 weeks of station
    1. Roll for recognition for each (if any raids)
  8. Roll for Stationing for the Month
  9. Roll for activity for the 4 weeks of station
    1. Roll for recognition for each (if any raids)
  10. This is the end of the tour
  11. Promotion chance
  12. Calculate any training time over the past tour
  13. Spend any EP
  14. Redo Ranks
  15. Recalculate Entry points

Return to point 1 if you leave and then return to the Army or work out your next tour by starting at step 2s to 14.

Service Records

In order for the army to keep accurate records any new members of the Carzalan Army should have their service details signed off by a GM so that other GM's can see what has happened historically. Up to date service records will be required for promotional purposes and with any ceremonies the soldier may need to attend.

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