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The walled coastal trade city of Calder is the main seat of the County of Calder.

Population: 15,000 people of many races.
Languages: Common 95%, Dwarf 30%, Orc 45%
Law/Safety Calder Elite Black Guard

The walled city was sacked and captured in 789 by Lord Azzur who has stayed on to rule the city with an iron fist. It is said that Lord Azzur to be a human man of great skill and personal power, that is able to shape many magics, as well as use weapons with great skill. The local 'Storm Cult' openly supports Lord Azure and has his favour.

You can see Ogres, Orcs, Humans, Elves, and many others.


Home of the 'Black fleet' - which is in fact less than a dozen ships, which leave port under the cover of fog. They often do not come out of the fog when it clears, and days and sometimes weeks later return with damaged ships and new cargos.



The trade goods of the county all travel the River Branden and are bottlenecked on the city of Calder a source of some contention between Lord Azzur and The Duke. This has forced the Duke of Brandenburg to effectively turn a blind eye to Lord Azzur less savory activities.