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Nastiness Rating 9/10

The Dragon Duke


Bune appears as a small green dragon with three heads : one that is seemingly human, one that is like a dingo and one that is like a Gryphon. He speaks with a high-pitched, but comely voice. His scales are jade and his talons are silver.

He is a linguist and knows the Generic True Names of all things.

Bune requires an offering of human life before he will serve. Each head must have a life (3 total) and only lives which arc pleasing to the demon will be accepted. If dissatisfied with an offering. Bune can break any binding and will attack and devour the summoner. He prefers new-born babies, but will accept maidens when in a jovial mood.

Note: Bune is a 7 hex creature and may trample smaller figures.

Known Agents and Followers

The 'Black Empire' once controlled a sizable chunk of the southern continent several millenia ago. All that's left are some temples, burial sites and other things best left untouched in the jungles of that region. The drow who ruled that 'empire' worshipped Bune.

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

Bune's altar in his temple in the southern continent had significant amounts of gold applied to improve the mana flow by Arnaud. Shortly afterwards the temple became active, although the party he was with and subsequent parties disturbing the temple may have also contributed.