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Natural Habitat
1-30 (6)
Brownies are "little people" similar to leprechauns, but more sociable. They tend to be benevolent toward those who are not of faerie (unlike their wilder kindred who despise humans).
Brownies will aid the human inhabitants of an area in exchange for food (a dish of milk left out each night). If disaffected, they will seek out and give information to the household's enemies.
Brownies specialise in using minor magics to assist in keeping order, repairing minor damage, and doing light work around human dwellings. They can bless or curse crops in the same manner as a Witch. Their small help can also be turned to mischief if they are affronted in any way. This might take the form of falling roof tiles, collapsing floorboards, or other small disasters.
Movement Rates
Running: 150
PS: 7-8 MD: 20-25 AG: 20-25 MA: 17-19 EN: 4-5 FT: 10-11
WP: 17-19 PC: 16-19 PB: 12-16 TMR: 3 NA: None
Brownies have no natural weapons. They carry small swords (treat as daggers), but do not use armour. They may also carry bows which will have the same characteristics as the self bow.