Brides of Blackrod

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Brides of Blackrod
GM: Jim Arona
Session: Autumn 811wk
Night: I'm thinking Monday or Wednesday at the moment.
Location TBA
Level: High

He's back, he's black and he's on fire.
This Guild recreant, so recently resurrected from his justly deserved slaying is back with yet more villainous plans for world domination. And, this time, he's brought company.

  • Turf - an elven Namer, played by Terry (who is arriving after the 29th April)
  • Logan - a human E&E, played by Neil.
  • Keshah - an elven Rune Mage and his sword, played by Mike.
  • Ithilmor - an elven Mystic of light in the darkness, played by Clare.
  • Arwen - a human druidess, played by Simon.
  • Menolly - a elven tree-hugger, played by Karen.
  • Flamis - a human roman candle, played by Jacqui.

Sirtekh, chaos lord of House Kerberoth, Warder of the Acheron Reach, having located the Adventurer's Guild of Seagate, seeks to take advantage of their expertise. To that end, he would like them to investigate, hunt down, bring to justice or in any other wise harry Blackrod. Although his physical form was slain, his spirit was drawn down to Hell, that he might be restored to the mortal world and work his evil upon the defenceless.
He was last seen around Jiroth, before fleeing northwards, where he met his temporary demise. After consulting with Suneth, the Celestial Recorder, Lord Sirtekh inclines to a place on the plane of Nualis called Bloodfang Keep. He will settle 60,000 sp to be held in escrow by Guild Security. Half may be accessed now, the remainder to be paid if the party are responsible for the recreant's permanent death.

Scribe Notes


Quick Version

1st Fruit. Briefing and shopping.
2nd Fruit. Leave the Guild.
3rd to 8th Fruit. Travel to House Kerberoth (most of the party on a path)
9th Fruit. Menolly arrives via different path.
10th to 17th Fruit. Training and shopping while waiting for the caravans.
18th to 19th Fruit. Travel through a path to the Heights of Chaos.
20th Fruit. Travel. Weird rock outcrop (Blackrods old Secret Lair). Arrive at the Inn (Florian)
21st Fruit. Walk the switchbacks and arrive at Sura.
22nd to 24th Fruit. Study in the library at Sura.
25th Fruit. Talk to the Nameless One who provides directions to White Thorn wood. Portal to Cathry.
26th Fruit to 2nd of Harvest. Collect wood. Fly over salt field. Travel through Gates of Hell. Get peed on. Travel to City of Brass.
3rd Harvest. Arrive at City of Brass. Market day.
4th to 6th Harvest. Training/learning incantations.
7th to 8th Harvest. In library learning incantations.
9th to 13th Harvest. Walking along path.
14th Harvest. Arrive at the Bishops. Offered job of retrieving a book which we accepted.
15th Harvest (Equinox) Go to barrow. Fight stuff.
16th Harvest. Back to the Bishops for some rest. We get access to his library and spend 2 weeks training.
29th Harvest. Head back into barrow to purify on the summit. Head towards Bloodfang Keep. While flying spot weird village formation in a pentagon. Check out central village. Learn about Bloodmoon mercenaries and the Jade Armour. Start looking for the mercenaries.
30th Harvest. Scouting towards the Black Sea and back to the central village. Meet the village priest.
1st Vintage. We fly towards Sighişoara. Spot weird blue pond near city. Have a look. Logan feels himself being summoned by Turf. Has a chat. Logan begins learning plane TN so he can assist Turf coming to our plane to help with our job. Rest investage the town with crystals and actual going in.
2nd Vintage. City has large mercenary camp outside. Get into the Kings General venue. Tell we found Bloodwolf taint in come of the mercenaries. Turk comes through and we have a Jesus scene on the pond.
3rd Vintage. We help the General locate the people with the tainted blood. Shop.
4th Vintage. Bodies of those we identified start turning up. We leave and follow the trail of the Jade Armour. End up back at village. Track down Bloodwolf mercenaries and fight. Get the Armour.
5th Vintage. Back to village to recuperate. Menolly heals Arwyn for 5 days of two broken shoulders. Some training was done. Was a Monty Python Black Knight scene...
9th Vintage. Investigations into the Keep, local city and more. Plan to burrow into hill failed, giant sentient bats at night time.
10th Vintage. Plan to fly into inside of Keep, using the Starling brooch. Land inside and head into Citadel. Fight happens inside Citadel when Linen's attacked the party after they were released by an attempt to burrow through the floor. Move through keep, encounter succubi, battle, Menolly gets partially eaten by 1 succubi, all 3 succubi killed.
11th Vintage. Further exploration of keep, discover demi-lich skull and Terask in 3 levelled dungeon. Check out mill in village, meet mill keeper (goblin), inform village of deaths of succubi. Ask for help in construction.
12th to 15th Vintage. Work with villages to construct tubes and tunnels to lead skull out of dungeon into path of slamduck ward to kill it. Run trap for skull on 15th and kill it.
16th Vintage. Full investigation into Keep and portals.
17th Vintage. Turf learns Bone Jelly ward.
18th Vintage. Turf divinates checkerboard room, experiment in room, set food trap for Terask, get loot from dungeon, kill spider, trash mill, cut castle from rock cliff, discover dragon in rock.
19th Vintage. Evacuate village, fly to Bishops, retell story.
20th Vintage to 21st Frost. Train in Bishops library.
21st Frost. Evening. Fly to barrow and collect darkness, retrieve more robes, recast purification on spire.
22nd to 28th Frost. Small group (Flamus, Logan, Turf, Arwyn) travel to home of Prince of Darkness, commission weapon break down.

Long Version

Session 1

1st Fruit. Briefing and shopping. Restoratives and language potions bought. Briefing of mission and issues with residents love for healers and those with any healing type skills or spells. We are to not mention these at any time. Briefing on the history of the area, people and factions we might encounter, differences in the way magic is practiced. Plan trip to leave the next day.

2nd Fruit. Leave the Guild. Most of the party travel with wings following Keshah who can only take so many traveling the path. Menolly and dogs travel with Sirtekh (huge cliff)

3rd to 8th Fruit. Travel to House Kerberoth (most of the party using astral wings)

9th Fruit. Menolly arrives.

10th to 17th Fruit. Training and shopping while waiting for the caravans. Purchase spell racks. Toy maker creates gem animals attuned to individual animals. Menolly purchases one for Basil.

Caravans arrive. 25 families (75 to 80 people) more shopping. Menolly finds a curse collector (Maleboniran) who removes her curse which includes a binding of finding a further interesting curse and return it to the collector. Menolly has a patch of different coloured hair. Discussion on best way to travel to various locations and where Blackrod might be. More information learned about people and areas we are heading into.

Another group of adventurers (Bunny Guild group) come through and we buff them as much as we can.

Session 2

18th to 19th Fruit. Travel through a path to the Heights of Chaos. End up on top of a cliff with a valley of jungle to travel downwards through. While on the cliff we get attacked by organized and trained griffons in formation. Maneuver to swoop in, grab people, fly over jungle and drop from a great height. We fight back, kill all but one of the griffons (animal versions, different to Alusia) which was slept by Logan.

Pinpointed a murder of crows flying further up (entity aura of Sin – Murder) which we pursued and killed 8 of the 13 crows. Crows were wearing silvered talons (loot – 8 sets of silvered talons).

Communicated with remaining griffon and followed him back to its nest/lair. Retrieved 6 eggs (loot), and other items of interest (more loot – spun gold nest, war hammer, round shield, 4 potions) Menolly skin changed it and it’s traveling in her mouse cage with Briar (also skin changed as mouse). Rest in lair and in evening we buff and fly onwards.

We fly over/near several towns/cities. Packed earth walls, some with stone walls. One city has a zigerat in centre of the city.

20th Fruit. Travel. Weird rock outcrop which looks like crossed fingers. Underneath there is a cave lair where there used to be several labs. (Black Rod's Secret Lair). We check out the lair, spot blood which is 5 to 7 months old.

Blood samples: GTN Succubus. Serves Eret or Savage Duke. Tests done reveal succubus was under damnum magnatum, had been transmuted into a human. Maybe a disguise. Fought another magic user, man with huge staff. Succubus gets away, man flies off using rug walking.

Investigate rest of rock, discover a hidden seal on the top of fingers which are a flat figure of eight shape. Weird runes on seal, some sort of super combo of runes.  Keisha's divination reveals this is a seal to "keep The Devil from returing to hell via this plane" (Is this right? Or is it "to stop the Devil entering this plane"?) It also appears to be the tiny tip of a trap or prison reaching far below.  The key thing is that this is a good seal, and we should not play with it.

Continue traveling. Wind makes flying unstable and dangerous, so we land and walk. Arrive at an Inn at the base of the mountains, in an odd place (river junctions). Inn looks really old but site would get flooded regularly. Very odd. Encounter Florian, a flying dude wearing goggles and flying outfit. Young, 18ish, strawberry blonde hair, dashingly sweet, curvey wavy hair, nice guy. Seems to have a group of women following him about. Flys upwards on a bike, crashes and ladies rescue him. He knows fire magics.

Session 3

20th Fruit (cont) We decide to stay in the Inn for the night. Keshah is paranoid with the Inn. Talk to the Inn staff. Even though it looks 100 to 200 hold it only arrived in it’s current location 3 years ago. “Owners” were farmers and now run the place. It wasn’t finished when they took it over. They were making the bar downstairs and upstairs “grew” rooms. We investigate.

Aura of walls, floor, roof comes back as construct or undead. A quarter million old entity with enough sentient know-how to hold grudges and want revenge. Keshah calls the place House of Many Rooms. Has a room like a gaming board, he’s encountered it before. It comes from Plane Bob.

Evening a bunch of romans come in from somewhere in the rest of the house. Speaking Latin and talking about eyeballs with lazers shooting out of their eyes. They are lost and looking for a way home, which is one of the rooms in this place. We discover they are cursed to continue to wander in the halls of the house.

We find a library in the house, which contains books in Hurthan (written in cartouche form) magical. (loot)

21st Fruit. We move up the switchbacks using firey running feet spell and arrive at the walled city of Sura. The city is made up of stone houses and tiled roofs. We travel through the city, a large temple area and market space. City is low mana unless you showed religious observance and then the mana is normal.

We find a normal library, check out the books and a herbalist book with a magical bit to it in Eldarin/Draconic language is found and acquired (loot)

We visit the temple district and meet a temple official called Whenapa who is in charge of the library. We ask to study in the library. He is attended to by many nubial females, who seem very interested in our males once they realize we have some magical abilities. They tempt with food and drink and several party members get waylaid by this.

22nd to 24th Fruit. Study in the library at Sura. Locate 3 books with magical aura which we are given permission to study. All are incantations. 1 is healing, 1 is defense and 1 is information. (loot) Ithilmor makes a large batch of holy water which gets shared around. On the 24th Flamus sees the man with the huge staff that she saw in her vision of fighting with the succubus in the old Secret Lair of Blackrod. We ask to be introduced.

25th Fruit. We are introduced to the Nameless One and chat about common interests. We discuss our mission and where we are traveling to, and ask for any information he could aid us with. He tells of directions to White Thorn wood in a grove north which is sort of on the way to the Portal to Cathry. He offers to travel with us for a way and shows us the ruins location. White Thorn wood, for use in stabbing and killing vampires. Flamus plans to weaponscraft the wood onto metal shafts for use. We travel in the night to gather it at dawn.

26th Fruit to 2nd of Harvest. Portal/Cathry. Collect wood. Fly over salt field. Travel through Gates of Hell. Get peed on. Travel to City of Brass.
3rd Harvest. Arrive at City of Brass. Market day. One of the merchants offers us an incantation for Walking Unseen. We also meet an Elemental Lord who offers to teach Flamus an incantation called Stormfury which is something to do with fireballs. We meet another called Chandryl (metal/fire)
4th to 6th Harvest. Training/learning incantations.

7th to 8th Harvest. In library learning incantations. We learn about the existance of special armour for earthmages called Jade Armour. And some silk amour made by special silk that is 1,000sp for a bolt of fabric or a night of pleasure. Lady Chandryl offers us the use of a gate to Trontime which is in her house which will lead us to the right path. She describes where we will come out as Nigwurd, the mouth of the river Nig.

Session 4

9th to 13th Harvest. Walking along path which is ever onwards. The entrance comes out under water about a mile down. We need water breathing and swimming to make it to the top. When we pass through the entrance into the water we spot broken circular stone like some old ruins. A large figure is under stone in armour. DA's as warm, short lived sentient and magical. A 6m tall man like figure, wearing a helm or ceremonial hat with horns and not many clothes on. GTN comes out as Great Idol and Molok, seems people sacrifice babies to him, has a chest opening where they roast... icky, good thing he's trapped here.

14th Harvest. Much swimming upwards and we break the surface off the shore of a town. Not far is a port or jetty's with berths for boats, long boats. Lots of dark brown and red wood used in things. We swim over the to the port by whatever means people use... which included floating and levitation which does cause a crowd to come look at us. We ask to see the Bishop and the crowd seems to breath a sigh of relief. They provide us a wagon and horses to travel to the Bishops home. We dry off, get warm and have some food before heading to the Bishops. As we travel we notice there are many peasants working the land, but they don't quite seem like they are from around these parts. Seem they have been bought here to create a population.

The Bishops house is rather stylish, in fact the style doesn't seem to match the rest of the houses we have seen. He seems rather modern for his time. House is similiar to ones seen in Holland. There is a low hedge boundary marker to the Bishops land and a gate with roses which seem very out of place with the weather being autumn, almost winter. The roses are protected with a war air spell, and there are two separate plants, one for each side of the gate.

Rose 1 is able to detect unholy and Rose 2 is able to detect Bloodwolves, whatever they are. As we travel closer to the house there is an impressive fountain in front of the house which would probably freese into an awesome statue in the height of winter. We are greeting by a rather small guy in a leather coat, mustard coloured skin and sticky out ears who DA's as a long lived sentient, elf, his nature is holding grudges, seems he's an assassin of some sort called Svert. We get greeted and lead into the house.

We are introduced to the Bishop who is a rather dumpy wizard dressed with a wizards hat and a staff. He is introduced as Avart Harrindime and DA's as a long lived sentient like an elf... but doesn't look like an elf. We chat about things, and he mentions he has a job if we want one. There is a book he would like retrieved from a barrow nearby. Would we be interested, we said yes. Apparently the book is insubstantial and only becomes a book in moonlight. We are warned not to read it, but anything else we find is loot/fare game. Being a barrow it will probably have wights or nightcrawlers. There are ogres in the area, possible Nubelongs/dwarves but shouldn't be any dragons as the last one apparently died a while back. He even mentions non-flying jumping dragons. He offers access to his library is this job is done. His library is pretty impressive and there are some incantations we would have permission to study.

We stay the night and do some preparation work. Some questions are asked about the barrow and it's inhabitants.
1) What is the proper name of the barrow?
Tomb of Dispair
2) What name of important entity buried there?
3) What species?
4) How is the barrow defended?
5) Are there wights?
6) Skills and talents of Dragonlords?
Command dragons
7) How many dragons in barrow?
At least one, maybe undead

15th Harvest (Equinox) Go to barrow. Keshah flies up to the barrow and sets up a portal so the rest of us can travel through. A volcano is spotted 5 miles from the sea, odd it shouldn't be here. The barrow is a huge long oval shape running east/west and there is an entrance on the east side. The entrance is covered in large stones. 1 metre high rocks. We check it out from far away, Logan using his eye to get a closer look outside and looking inside. We then get a bit closer and there is a ring around the grassy barrow. Looking inside Logan's eye sees the barrow has one long hallway running all the way from entrance to the other end, which ends in a stairwell going down which is marked by 2 white urns with grey markings on them, almost like porceline. The eye travels down the stairs which ends in an iron reinforced door which is closed but not rusted at all. He pushes the eye through the door, there is some magical resistance and the eye is transported to a new location north of this barrow. There are some insubstantial zombies in the room and there is another door at the end of the room which the eye can't get though.

We head to the location of the second place, and we cut a hole into the top of the barrow to get in. The earth is bound earth covering this second site which is a fae realm, not quite this plane. There were some bound earth spirits that got released when we cut the hole, and then it was all on. Through the hole we can see paved floor. We get blasted by meteors, 3 of us get hurt, and then there is a darkness dropped on top of the second site we are on. Some drop down the hole, and some fight above. We combat wights. Eventually we kill them all, and we all drop down the hole.

Session 5

15th Harvest (Equinox) We rest briefly and recuperate. We get the door at the end of the room open and there is a darkness we can't see through. Flamus uses her special eye seeing thing and can tell that at the edge of the darkness there is a wall of sunlight and then a bunch of wights and nightcrawlers who appear to be preparing on us. They can see us, we can't see them. Combat. We shot magical range through the darkness, some randomly, Flamus can see. We get some, some come at us through the walls and we fight. Ithilmor, Keshah and I get feared and suffered some effects but we eventually rally and kill them all. We found some items of loot (book, staff, scrolls, bracer, gem, potions, and 2 spell racks) We check the bodies and it seems the nightcrawlers are humans, perhaps past adventurers who tried to loot the barrow or previous book seekers for the Bishop. The wights however are dragonlords, with longer faces/skulls. We spend some time healing and rebuffing before heading onwards.

We travel through more of this barrow, spending some time going through passages which appear to be a way to slow down invaders. We eventually end at another door which looks like it leads somewhere. Logan spots wights with dark spheres and we charge down the corridor. The dark spheres roll towards us, knocking some of us prone and then the wights dark fired on those prone targets. Arwyn gets frozen on the ground. Flamus throws a lot of fireballs down the corridor. Ithilmore rallies Arwyn, those prone stand up and prepare for incoming. There are 9 wights to deal with and they all appear to be casters. Once the dark spheres reach the end of us, they roll back down the corridor repeating their roll over us. I got super feared and ended up frozen and catatonic from more black fires and my hair went white except that bit from the curse removal that's black. Darkness happens just to make things more difficult. Ithilmore throws black fire at them, Arwyn throws dragonfires at them. Keshah rallies me and I just just become panicked in a black corridor I can't see down but know those balls are rolling so I climb the walls. More things fly in both directions but eventually we kill all the wights and it's light again.

Session 6

15th Harvest (Equinox) (cont) The hallway which looped around a corner ends in the real door. We fix everyone up, Keshah has some delayed hits so we wait until they trigger so we can deal with them first. Logan uses his eye to look through the door, it's darkness on the other side. DA on the door reveals a curse which triggers a sound (doorbell) so a silence is used, door is unlocked, Arwyn opens the door. The room appears to be square but we can only see a small section. There is a ramp going down, Keshah uses a mirror on the stick to have a look into the room. The ramp which used to be stairs is really worn, old but the ramp has this brown sticky stuff on it. The sticky DA's as long-lived sentients which like high mana... not stepping there. We firearch to the bottom safely. There is more weird sickly fungus in the rock cracks (burning fever) and the dark granite of the corridor has a magical aura which is of a night magic nature. Further along this corridor opens up and Logan can see sparkles ahead.

We move cautiously forward and the opening shows us this huge inner cavern which has been worked. It's a huge pit with a high spire in the middle. It's 70ft down from the opening to the bottom of the room. There is a pathway running in a spiral round the left wall to the bottom. The roof of this room is dome like over the spire. On top of the spire is a lectern with a book on it. And a dude. The dude is talking to a wight that is floating beside the spire, and there are 4 really big dudes in full armour at the bottom. The floor is covered in sparkles, they are gems wedged into the floor showing a copy of the night sky, which seems to move. And among the jewellery on the floor are scales... big scales like dragon scales.

We have this huge fight with these guys. The ledge we are on get hammered and Keshah falls to the bottom of the room. The 4 big dudes move up the spiral walkway heading towards us. The wight and dragon-dude cast spells at us. Arwyn and Ithimor head along the spiral pathway, part gets destroyed, Ithilmor awes two of the big guys who jump off the ramp and turn into pigs... seems they were werepigs. I get feared again and panic off down the corridor to hide. Arwyn teleports to the spire and begins fighting the big dude. The dude pushes Arwyn across the room with a sphere and kills one of his own pig guys. Arwyn teleports back and continues to fight. This dude has gems with spells in them that he triggers, nasty things. Flamus kills one of the pig guys. The big dude reverses gravity and sticks himself to the roof, running towards our corridor to try and escape. Me and Logan who are still there panic a bit. Arwyn teleports over to continue fighting this big dude, he concentrates on Arwyn so we can help. I threw some holy water at him which seemed to help. And we eventually kill him. There is much loot however some of the items from the harrow need to have elements of night poured on them so they can be removed from the barrow intact.(crimson robe, gems with spells in them, glaives, dagger named Wicked, philactory, a spell rack with spells in it, potions, scrolls and wight robes)

Session 7

Flamis writes:

We proceeded to loot and explore the vast cavern. The floor was made of some intensely black obsidian-like material, inscribed with glowing astrological patterns. This seemed to store the very essence of night. In one corner was a mill that could convert this into essence of Moon and another in the opposite corner for essence of Uranus. The central spire was also magical, adding ten ranks to the power of any ritual performed there. Furthermore, it was inhabited – by an entity called Kochbiel – whom we were to learn was an angel of the Grigorii. Still, we all performed our purifications on the spire. I also conversed with my other selves, mostly regarding the one called Blackrod. These were the questions and their answers:

Q: What name is the former Guild member known as Blackrod currently using?
A: Blackrod
Q: What type of entity is Blackrod now?
A: Cambion
Q: How may Blackrod be permanently killed?
A: no answer
Q: Where is Blackrod’s resurrection chamber?
A: in Hell
Q: Where can Blackrod currently be found?
A: Perfidious Albion (We later learned that this is a place on Tanuel).
Q: What is Blackrod’s most powerful ability at present?
A: capturing souls
Q: Which colleges does Blackrod currently have access to?
A: Rune, Mind, Fire
Q: What is the name of Blackrod’s major on-plane ally?
A: Wax-bite (We later learned that this is the name of a Pit Fiend – a type of devil).
Q: What is the best counter spell to use against Blackrod?
A: Entity branch
Q: What is Blackrod’s major weakness?
A: Overconfidence
Q: What is the best way to attack Blackrod?
A: Melee
Q: What is the best way for us to get home?
A: Astral Gate
Q: Where is the Jade Armour?
A: In the forest, far to the southeast, near the sea

It must be added that Itilmor's Reading the Night Sky ritual showed that any encounter with Blackrod was likely to go badly for us – so it is probably a good thing that it appears that he is elsewhere.

We flew back to Trondheim and handed over the Book – unopened. This was a good thing, since it was extraordinarily dangerous – it would apparently write anyone who attempted to read it into its pages, with no way to return.

16th Harvest. The Bishop then gave us the use of his library, and we spent a good two weeks there, doing something like eight weeks worth of ranking.

29th Harvest. We returned to the Barrow to renew our purification, and having purchased a wagon in Trondheim, that evening we travelled to Transylvania on the wagon using Ithilmor’s magic. We arrived in an odd clearing in the forest, in front of a church. The church was deserted, and there was no graveyard. We scouted around and found a ruined village. Through my Flamesight ritual I saw what had happened. The villagers were attacked in the darkness by vicious creatures with the bodies of men and the heads of wolves.

30th Harvest. Returning to the church we realised what was strange about the clearing – the grass was lush and green as if it was spring and not autumn. We learned why when we met the pastor of the church – who had access to certain magic and was holding off the winter. He told us that the people here were separatists from the Church, who escaped persecution by hiding here, deep in the forest. But that hadn’t saved them from the Blood Wolves, who came in the night and slew them all. These things had the ability to steal the bodies of those whom they had previously wounded, displacing the souls of their rightful owners. We would have to careful in dealing with them – and deal with them we would, because their leader wore that Jade Armour that Arwen coveted. They were serving as mercenaries in the war to the south – so it was there we would be going next.

Session 8

1st Vintage. We fly towards Sighişoara. The city is rather large (5,000 to 6,000 people). Outside the city is a very large mercenary encampment with many different companies showing a presence. We see a weird blue pond near the city and head there for a look. The lake has a magical aura and a reflection effect. You can see versions of yourself in other realms. I don't go near it but Logan looks into it. He goes all weird and quiet and his eyes roll up into his head and a different person's image appears in the water. Ithilmor and Keshah recognise the face as a guild person called Turf. When Logan comes back he says he's been chatting to Turf and he will learn the planes name so Turf can portal to us to help us in the hunt for Blackrod. So he settles in to start work on that, we set up camp at the edge of the forest so we can see stuff. The rest of us investigate the town with crystals and eventually go in for a look around. Arwyn uses her boat to triangulate that the Jade Armour (and the Bloodwolves) are near the city.

They have some market styled areas, one was even selling wolves but they had all been trained to be viscious fighting dogs, too big for me. There are several cathedrals, a couple of old ones with pretty stained glass windows that show in the setting sun which look like they have taken a beating. Not so many people there. Plus one really new cathedral to the Holy Mother which seems a lot more people were visiting it. Flamus looks for ingredients for her divination spell. City has a large mercenary camp outside. While we are wandering around town we DA the odd mercenary as we know the Bloodwolves are here but we don't know what they look like. Some of the DA's come back with some of the mercenaries have been tainted with the Bloodwolf taint but it's not activated yet. We hear tales of the lady in the lake and how it is dangerous at night especially during full moon. Arwyn goes looking for the unofficial fighting club that's happening. Chats up one of the mercenaries that's been tainted and checks out the fights to see if any Bloodwolves are there. Learns how the mercenary got tainted.

2nd Vintage. Logan teaches Turf the plane name. A group of us go looking for the General, crash a party, Arwyn and Ithilmor charm their way into his private rooms and is very happy to see 2 pretty ladies. Once they start telling him about us following the trail of Bloodwolves which lead us to his town his charm drops and he believes we are a branch of the church used to "deal" with problems. We tell him we have found Bloodwolf taint in some of the mercenaries and he is willing to assist us if we point out who is tainted to him and his senior staff.

3rd Vintage. We point out the General locate the people with the tainted blood. Turk comes through a portal and floats to the top of the lake and walks across it. He is seen from the town and both church groups send out parties (with followers) to see what is going on. We have a Jesus scene on the pond. When he gets to the edge he and Logan stand chatting, the groups of towns folk get closer. It's pointed out to them that this is drawing unnecessary attention so Turf summons a firey mount which the villages panic thinking it's a dragon, Turf and Logan are riding it. They start making themselves go invisible while on the mount, and the townsfolk panic thinking the dragon is eating Turf and Logan as the two go invisible and then the mount disappears too. Rumors fly in the town about a dragon.

4th Vintage. Bodies of those we identified as being tainted start turning up dead. The General packs up and leaves the town. Arwyn checks the location of the Jade Armour (and the Bloodwolves who have it) and they have moved back towards the way we came. We leave and follow the trail of the Jade Armour. We head to the Black Sea, Arwyn uses her boat and recalibrates the direction as back to the central village of the pentagram. We rune portal back at the central village. The priest isn't there. We rest and get organised and buff for chasing the Bloodwolves. Towards evening we hear howling wolves.Someone listens to the wolves and hears that they are looking for something to eat. We work out they are heading towards one of the other villages and use flaming run to chase after them. We track down the Bloodwolf mercenaries to a destroy farmhouse outside one of the villages. The house has large holes. Turf disguises himself as a peasant and runs into view calling about his house. We hide and follow. One comes out of the house and charges Turf, armed with very large nasty weapons. Turf cuts off it's hand. A second Bloodwolf comes out of the house and follows up with ah glaive. Turf kills the first one with a silvered weapon, so it can't jump into it's next body. Second one gets injuried as we gang up and looks like it's going to kill itself to jump bodies. I trollskin it so it can't. It's head gets cut off with a silver weapon and he dies without being able to jump. I spot a third Bloodwolf trying to slink away in small wolf form. People chase after it.

This third Bloodwolf realises he's in for a fight and transforms into his huge hybrid form with some very nasty looking weapons wearing the jade armour we have been tracking. A big battle, Arwyn takes 2 huge wounds which break both of her shoulders but in the end the wolf is killed with silver and can't jump away. We loot (jade armour, sword breaker, several swords including one called Spike which belongs to the Lord of Cruelty, a pike and a flail)

Session 9

5th Vintage. Back to central village to recuperate. I heal Arwyn for 5 days to repair her two broken shoulders. Some training was done. And we also looked at Bloodfang Keep using long range detection crystals.
9th Vintage. More investigations into the Keep, local city and more. It's a square walled fortification with a castle inside. It's carved out of the spur, worked stone, looks like possibly magically done. There is a causeway that runs from the keep to a town further down. We look at the town and spot a weird squat building with millstones hanging from thick ropes, and connected is a turn wheel with donkeys on it and slowly crank up the mill stones. Possibly a time device. The north face of the mountain leading up towards the keep is covered in smallish twirly/twisted pine/conifers which all turn the same way. Look like they were trained around something that has been removed, or it's invisible. The town doesn't seem as full as it should be for the number of houses present. They mostly do things in the early mornings or late afternoons, not during the middle of the day. The town buildings of note: a church, and inn with an oslery/stabling, and the mill. The causeway seems to be make of chipped limestone... and has bones in it.

While observing the town we get no spider sense. However once Arwyn is healed we start looking at the Keep and the first look and everyone gets a wash of being noticed. Flamus and Arwyn get an emotional feel which is lust or hunger. When Flamus peers at the keep from above she gets a brief look before being blocked. She draws a square outer keep with an inner rounded almost pentagonal shaped citadel with a murder walkway leading between. We will have to find a way to get into the central area without going across the causeway or through the main entrance. One plan is to burrow into hill. Ithilmor and Turf fly over and find an overhang underneath the shear cliff underneed the keep. As Ithilmor prepares to dark sphere a hole to make a base camp Turf notices the really large bats who have appeared and are watching. The DA as long lived sentient, 24ft wing span, magical odd incantation of banishment. They fly back to the party. We can't go in that way.

10th Vintage. Turf uses the precog of his crystal to try and see what would happen if he flew over the wall of the keep as a person. He gets a picture of a slam, dunk ward that would kill whoever flew over. He tries the precog again but having him fly over as a starling. Nothing happens. We also pre-cog tunneling through the mountain. A vision of iron walls blocking and tunnels filling with hot magma are all bad things. So over and in is the plan.

We fly in during the day as starlings. Keshah see's a pretty girl in the village on the way in. We land on a tower of the Citadel, change back, go for the trapdoor into the citadel. Logan unlocks the door, Turf opens it, Keshah's esp picks up a hungry entity downwards - gluttony. Down some stairs, Flagstones a paler stone than the walls. A creature is spotted moving through a flagstone.
Lilin: long lived sentient, primary attack form - temptation, weakness - overconfident.

Someone tries to stab the Lilin, it but it slinks away in the stone. At the bottom of the stairs are 3 doors. 1st one leading into an audience chamber with benches. 2nd an empty room with a old dove cote cage which is empty. 3rd is a robing room, with another door. It appears the Citadel itself is the local Nexus, and rotates as described to us long ago when investigating options to get to Noualis. Long corridor with 8ft high ceiling, wooden panels, floor stones with more Lilin. Ends in a wooden door studded with iron. Wood is Lignam vitae/wood of life, unaffected by draining. Logan has an eye searching downwards onto the next level. He spots a gangling naked female thin who is loping along below us like she is tracking us. Arwyn is asked to make a hole in the floor so we can get at her, and as she casts a spell on the floor a fountain of these small critters pour out of the floor and attack us. Piles of these Lilin demon things. The hole failed, just these were released instead. Logan continues to watch the female downstairs, she casts quickness, and other things. We fight and smash these creatures. (still in combat at end of session)

Session 10

After the last of the creatures were killed, A Succubus joined the ugly creature below, tempting Logan to join her and forcing him to abandon the wizard eye.

We moved on to find a way to the enemy, discovering a highly warded door protecting an area with black and white checkered floor. At the end of another corridor, we were attacked by surprise by the two already seen plus another Succubus. The ugly one leaped immediately onto the "virginal" Menolly and proceeded to devour her. Fighters rushed to her aid, while the two succubbi attempted to beguilled the red-blooded of the party. (Curiously enough this happened to be most of the men and women)

The Succubbi were well defended, but finally defeated with particular note of the deadly weapons from the fighters, enhanced dragonsmite from Logan and Flamis, and a well picked counterspell. The final Succubbi offered surrender, but with terms not acceptable to Turf who promplty sliced off her arm then head with his sword.

Session 11

Further investigation of the complex found:

  • The Brides has created the props to convince people vampires lived in the castle. Ie.e fake coffins etc.
  • Down below, the same "Dragon" known to have appear from a window was living below. The Tarrasque has a sloth field around it, making anything seemingly physical or magical never reach it. The bridges would drain villages and feed the bodies to the Tarrasque. Its claws and strength are such that it could tunnel out of the basement and depart the castle.
  • Beyond this dragon, we spied a Demi Lich, in the form of a crystal skull with jewelled teeth. These have a gaze attack where if you do not resist you are killed permanently, and if you do resist you fall into unconsiousness with your soul sucked into one of it's teeth. Yikes! It also takes only crushing damage, with massive protection on top.

With no effective defence against the gaze attack, Logan came up with the idea of using the "slam dunk" Ward outside to destroy it. A tunnel was built with darksphere to the surface, extending this to the top of the wall containing the ward, and using Crystals of Vision to build the tunnel and monitor the demi-lich's progress.

Arwen (with Teleport) and Turf (stealthy) would deliver the backup attacks, with two potions that should kill it. It resisted the slam-dunk ward, but was still damaged. The first potion was also resisted to no effect, but the backup potion (consumation of fire and water) successful. the Demi Lich was set alight and was consumed within 5 seconds. Only the essence was available to be collected.

Investigation of town and talked to the beleaguered inhabitants. We capture and interrogated the malformed creature maintain mill. The mill was creating Spin Silver the Blackrod was using to create permanent Run portals across planes. We collected the Silver and discussed what to do with the prisoner.

Experimentation on Tarrasque with powerful poison, unfortunately this only briefly weakened the creature. We do not yet have a solution to penetrate the Sloth field, and the creature may soon leave unless we maintain the feeding schedule

Session 12

16th Vintage - We investigate the portals set up inside the keep. One goes to Tanawell, one to Alusia and one to Melcuth. We try various ways to see if we can work out the destinations but are unable to find the end answers. We check out things in the keep and work out a plan of action to try and solve the room with the checker board in it instead.

17th Vintage - Turf spends the day learning the counterspell to the jelly bone ward on the door entranceway.

18th Vintage - Turf gets close enough to divinate the rest of the room and see what else is there. The Jelly bone ward resets every 3 minutes... ouch.

Info: Black tiles - strange tile. Repeals items, tiles are completely clean of dust and debris. It repeals things to an adjacient tile. It has Spin x 2... and resets every pulse.

White tiles - Spin. has 50% chance of not being there. Spin of a half.

The intercees in betweek the tiles: Magic effect - create beauty or Top. Top being an atribute of Quark and to do with directionality. It can spin things.

Once this was discovered the party tried a few experiments in various places on the board... from a distance. Ithimore has spiders who can spin, and she sets them to spin and they create a cloth of beauty.

Logan spins a coin along the intercees using a spell hand thing, and the coin turns inside out.

Flamus creates a wooden top and gets the spell hand to spin it in the intercees. The top collects Top and spins true.

We then discover the Terask has moved around in the dungeon and taken up home in the loot lair of the skull... so we discuss new plans to move the Terask so we can burrow in and retrieve the loot. It involves some donkeys and a pile of stone and iron walls. It works and we burrow in and retrieve a pile of loot (8 potions, 12 scrolls but 7 are damaged or destroyed, 2 copper scrolls, 1 hand mirror, 1 thimble, 1 spool of thread, a pile of large value gems, 1 shield, 2 crystal eyes, 1 box with a mozaic serpent on top, and a spider)

The spider was a living thing called Hunger. GTN Brood of Angolent, long lived sentient (like and elf), plane - outer darkness, highest leveled skill was evagulation/killing things with it's spikey things. Not really a nice thing. Logan was chatting to it, and no-one really had a handle on it. It was released, but Turf poured some of the funky level 30 holy water on his weapon and chased after it... he heard a voice from Vecnar telling him to kill it. Which he did. The voice did cause Turf's agnostic ways tested.

We grabbed the loot and got out of the dungeons. The Terask is rather nasty. We go back to the Mill and trash that instead. We work out the safest way to dismantle it, retrieving what reuseable materials we can... and then trash the rest so Blackrod can't come back and use it... some of the retieved items include 2 windlesses, a spin filter and we uncovered some blood material which you can encase objects in and it makes the object a target for entity targeting spells. Nifty.

And while we are on a roll of trashing things we decide in the afternoon to trash the keep permanently by slicing off the castle from the rock cliff and dropping it in the river below. Hopefully the drop my do some damage to the Terask... that we can't kill and hopefully sever the portals and the nexus so Blackrod can't come back.

The castle drop is planned carefully, the rocks underneath are burrowed and dark sphered and the castle slides off and into the river below. The sloth field on the terask helps slow it's descent and it lands safely and wanders off down the river. We also discover the newly exposed rock under the keep has a really large wing inside it. Much panicing happens.

We ascertain that the wing is probably a dragon, a really large one. And that the keep was really only a wart on top of the rock encasing it. Arwyn calls up an earth elemental to ask it about the thing inside the rock. It says "That which is eternal never dies" and then gets brain melted... what ever is in that rock is big seriousness... we decide to leave :)

We head back to the village and talk to the elders there about the new problems (live Terask wandering around, and a dragon in the rock) and offer to move all the inhabitants to somewhere else.

19th Vintage - a portal is created to outside the nearest city and we transport as many of the village who want to leave. A few obviously don't want to leave. We then fly off to the Bishops to tell him of the new developments, so hopefully he can alert the authorities.

We tell the bishop about the death of the succubi, the live terask and the now discovered frozen dragon in the rock. In the retelling we let him know about some of the unusual items we found and he freaks out a little about the item belonging to the Lord of Cruelty. He is a minion of The Mistress of Sin and we get into a long discussion and debate about evils. This included information about Mrs Fang, who the spider said he was going to visit before Turf killed it. Aparantly she works for the Lord of Threads. And Mrs Fang has a tendancy to eat people... as she is a large spider.

We discuss the time and how it doesn't look like we are going to get back to the Guild in time for the next Guild Meeting and instead opt to stick around here for a bit longer. We ask the Bishop if we can use his library again and he agrees so we look into doing some research and training here. He also gives permission for someone to take cuttings of his interesting rose bushes but the person needs to have herbalist at high enough ranks to keep the cuttings viable. Ithilmor offers to do this which gives us 4 and a half real weeks time in the library, taking us into the second of third week of winter. And 18 training weeks inside the library since it has that funky affect of multiplying your training time.

21st Frost - we do a quick trip out to the Barrow and collect more darkness essence. We find 6 of the robes have survived the time since we visited last and we look to use some of the darkness essence to bring some out with us. Some stuff is put into the pools and altered to other essence.

We head back to the Bishops and decide what else we want to do before heading home. We have a number of weapons that can be broken down into points of essence. With some advice from the Bishop it's discovered that Damion, the Prince of Darkness who isn't evil but a demon loard can break down the weapons more effectively than Flamus so a group will travel to the Princes home to ask him to do this. The Bishop has an astral gate that goes there but it can only take so amny people. It's decided me, Ithilmor and Keshah will stay behind at the Bishops while Arwyn, Flamus, Logan and Turf will go.

A goblin coachman turns up as a guide and drives Turf's carriage to the Princes place. It takes 6 days travelling to get there.

28th Frost - away party arrives as the Prince's home. He's rather large, hair is blue, looks a bit like Mark, PB very high 22/23 and much discussion happens. Turf almost loses his last holy water potion. Eventually he will help with the refining of the weapons (Flail worth 18 star points, pike worth 12 undeferential, teeth worth 16 ruin points) Discover Vorpal weapons are good against giants, fire angels and jabberwockys.

The prince offers Arwyn all sorts of goodies on a weapon for a baby, but she turns him down saying that it's way too much work.

[OOC we discuss party loot distribution]

SGT Snippets & Gossip


Rank 17 Enhance Enchantment is available. Enhanced duration is in En. Dur column, which is normally the case.

Magic Rk Effects Dur En. Dur Arwen Flamis Ithilmor Keshah Logan Menolly Turf
Strength of Stone 16 16 EN 17 hr 33 hr



Enchanted Armour 12 +18 Def, 5 DR vs all damage
12.5 hr



Strength of Darkness* 13 +8 PS 2 hr



Witchsight 20
10.5hr 20.5hr



Firearmour 15 64 damage ablation vs fire 16 hrs 31 hrs



Heat Shield 7 32 damage ablation vs cold 8 hrs 17 hrs



Willow Healing 7 Heal 3 EN per Pulse for 9 Pulses



Greater Heart Rune 14 Heals 10 EN when EN damage taken 15 days -






  • City of Sura
    • Local Library was mostly written in Eldarin/Draconic
    • At the Temple: They are very keen to have children of outsiders. Can get permission to access Temple library which had some magical knowledge.
    • Met "the Nameless One" at the temple, who has a child here.
  • City of Brass
    • Access required us to go through Gates of Hell, then turn around and leave again. Once you've found the path, you can find it again.

On the plane of Nualis:

  • Trondheim
    • Was entered via a difficult portal 1-2 miles underwater.
  • City of Sighişoara
    • Lake outside of city, home of Resulka a woman who lives in the lake. Lake has a magical aura of reflection. If you looked into the water you would see a reflection of yourself from another realm. It acts as a trump.
    • Base camp for mercenary operations for Hungary King. Many mercenary companies camped outside city walls.
  • Bloodfang Keep
    • Desolate castle high in the foot hill of mountains. Very little lives here and the surfs live out a pitiful life. Previously run by 3 succubus whom were allies of Blackrod. A nexus is contained at the centre of the castle.


White Thorn wood - Found in a grove north (of where?) which is sort of on the way to the Portal to Cathry. Use in stabbing and killing vampires

People and Creatures


  • Arald Haraldsen - A Bishop. Is a rather dumpy wizard dressed with a wizard's hat and a staff.
  • Florian - an immortal. Young, 18ish, strawberry blonde hair, dashingly sweet, curvey wavy hair, nice guy. Seems to have a group of women following him about
  • Chantrel - met at the bazaar of the City of Brass.
  • Lady Chantrel - elementalist (metal/fire) lives in the city of Brass. Has gate to Trondheim which is in her house
  • Tintagelites: horns, black eyes with red iris
  • Mal'ebonirans: dark green/black/purple, elven cast but dark, and legs that bend backwards.
  • Sorcerer: like our spell casters
  • Mages: Holy Mother Church people. Do group castings/chorus magic
  • Witches: only women - like sorcerers and mages, work in group castings
  • Wizards: only men
  • Necromancy: is a skill like a medium not a college. More like they are servants of the dead, very haunted people running around doing tasks for the dead who might have unfinished business etc.
  • Demons: Not evil. Some actually quite pleasant.
  • Devils: Evil!!
  • Undead: elemental despair, can be released or redeemed but if they resist the push they get tougher and nastier
  • Angels: Order and lawful, not always what we perceive as good
  • Elves: like goblins, small, yellow
  • Dwarves: Nibelung
  • Ogres: tough, they put their food under their skin to protect themselves. Babies are yum. Females go into oestrus when feed babies... nasty
  • Ogres: eat people, found in Black Forest/Wastes
  • Wrens (birds): currency when heading into hell. Used to bring on dawn which can be useful if trying to get away from things
  • Bloodwolves: cursed with a winter hunger that makes them bigger, tougher, stronger, able to transform into a wolf, or a hybrid wolfman form, huge. If the body dies the Bloodwolf possessing the victim can jump from the dying to another human who has been tainted by the blood. Each Bloodwolf has a bloodline, and it jumps into one of it's bloodline, it has a way of keeping track of those tainted. If you get bitten after one day the taint sets in and they can possess your body, kicking out your soul and killing you in the process. To kill: silver weapons or able to sever the connection in the spirit realm so it can't travel to it's next body or keep it attached to the body (it can't jump unless host dies) so trollskin can keep it in the body.
  • Lilin: 2ft tall small diabolical creatures. Strong. Long lived sentient, can move through rocks. They disintergrate into dust/stone chips when killed, no life or death buzz a bit like golems. Golemites. Susceptible to special holy evil type damage that Flamis does.
  • Demilich: [Destroyed] Has a Gaze attack with resist and die, don't resist and die permanently. Malevolent rather than a calculating mind.

Brides of Blackrod

  • Hulda - large muscular succubus with extraordinary long arms. Is able to leap vast distance and great heights. Can swallow an entire person.
  • Fiora – beautiful woman clad in not more than a few tissues. Can intoxicate individuals with easy and convince them she is not a threat. Casts powerful fire and charm magic.
  • Bathory – beautiful woman whose eyes shine with reflected light, she is clad in seven veils. If attacked her form shatters and the attacker cursed with bad luck. Casts both mind and illusion magics.

The brides had their plane of origin altered by Blackrod to the local plane, this prevented them being banished. Beware of this ability when confronting him or him minions!

Brides of Blackrod: Treasure & Valuation

Treasure Distribution

Item # Weight Arwen Flamis Ithilmor Keshah Logan Menolly Turf
Greater Healing Potion 1 6 oz L 1 W W
Water Curse 1 2 oz 1 N
Light Oil 1 ¼ lb 1
Healing Potion 3 ¼ lb 1 1 1 L
Potion of Invisibility 1 ¼ lb 1 L
Potion of Removing Minor Curse 1 ½ lb W W 1 L
Potion of Concealing Pact 2 6 oz 2
Wolves Blood 4 12 oz 1W 1 1 N 1 W
Potion of Ophan Blood 0 ½ lb 1 N 1L
Potion of Powerful Restoration 2 ½ lb 1 W 1
Wiccan Scroll 1 - 1
Rune Scroll 1 - 1 L
Necromancy Scroll 1 - 1
E&E Scroll-Charisma 3 - 1
E&E Scroll - Evil Eye & Awaken 1 - L 1
Celestial Scroll 1 - 1
Earth Scroll 1 - 1 W
Ice Scroll 1 - 1
Mind Scroll 1 - 1
Sunstone 1 - 1
Black Sapphire 1 - 1
Diamond 1 - 1
Emerald 1 - L 1 W
Wicked 1 - W 1 W
Gaptooth 1 20 lbs ?
Giant Flail 1 25 lbs
Giant Pike 1 40 lbs
Bronze Sabre 1 15 lbs ? ? 1
Spite 1 - 1
Heavy Mace 2 6 lbs 1 L 1
Evenstar 1 2 lbs 1 N
Spellwarden Shield 1 10 lbs 1L
Hammer of Thunderbolts 1 4 lbs 1 L
Staff of the Tranquil Glade 1 2 lbs 1 N
Green Jade Armour 1 36 lbs 1 N
Cloak of the Winds 1 2 lbs 1 W W W
Copper Scroll: Pattern of a Namer's Bracer 1 lbs 1 N
Celestial Bracer 1 24 oz 1 N
Scarlett 1 12 lbs 1 W L
Jewel of Gaze Turning 1 2 oz W L 1 W W
Nocturne 1 1 oz N ? L
Lantern Stone 1 ¼ lb 1 N
Starling Brooch 1 1 oz 1 N
Doubling Ring 1 lbs 1 N?
Brazen Flying Cup 1 lbs W 1 N
Chaise Lion 1 0 lbs W L 1 W
Brazier of Revelation 1 4 lbs 1 N
Tome of Dissipation 1 3 lbs L W 1N
Walking Unseen - Unremarkable Appearance 1 3 lbs 1 1 1 1 W
Grounding 1 3 lbs 1
Silver Talons 8 2 oz 4 W
Rune Stelae 4 12 lbs


Total value of gems: 114,160 sp

Gem Value Gem Value Gem Value
Bloodstone x 3 340sp each Carnelian x 2 310 sp each Chalcedony x 2 190 sp each
Chrysoprase 170 sp Onyx x 3 220 sp each Onyx x 2 340 sp each
Peridot x 3 360 sp each Rose Quartz x 2 340 sp each Carnelian x 2 170 sp each
Chrysoprase x 3 310 sp each Citrine 200 sp Jasper x 3 270 sp each
Moonstone x 2 170 sp each Moonstone x 3 180 sp each Rock Crystal 170 sp
Rock Crystal x 3 310 sp each Sardonyx x 2 300 sp each Smoky Quartz 290 sp each
Smoky Quartz x 3 270 sp each Uncut Bloodstone x 3 360 sp each Uncut Jasper x 3 300 sp each
Uncut Moonstone x 3 350 sp each Uncut Onyx x 3 320 sp each Uncut Rose Quartz x 2 220 sp each
Uncut Sardonyx 240 sp Uncut Star Rose Quartz x 3 290 sp each Zircon 180 sp
Zircon x 3 300 sp each Zircon x 3 340 sp each  Alexandrite 5,200 sp
Amber 760 sp Amethyst 760 sp Aquamarine 5,200 sp
Azurite 79 sp Banded Agate 68 sp Black Opal 2,400 sp
Black Pearl 7,000 sp Black Star Sapphire 2,900 sp Bloodstone 140 sp
Blue Quartz 53 sp Blue Sapphire 4,600 sp Blue Star Sapphire 6,500 sp
Blue-White Diamond 24,000 sp Bright Green Emerald 2,000 sp Brown/Green Garnet 370 sp
Carnelian 160 sp Chalcedony 370 sp Chrysoberyl 280 sp
Chrysoprase 220 sp Citrine 460 sp Coral 430 sp
Deep Blue Spinel 3,600 sp Deep Green Spinel 280 sp Green Spinel 130 sp
Emerald 800 sp Eye Agate 52 sp Fire Opal 3,300 sp
Freshwater Pearl 13 sp Golden Yellow Topaz 4,900 sp Hematite 19 sp
Iolite 290 sp Jade 700 sp Jasper 100 sp
Jet 430 sp Lapis Lazulie 52 sp Malachite 51 sp
Moonstone 260 sp Moss Agate 32 sp Obsidian 38 sp
Onyx 120 sp Peridot 220 sp Pink Diamond 3,000 sp
Pink Pearl 340 sp Red Garnet 540 sp Red Spinel 520 sp
Red/Brown Spinel 590 sp Rhodochrosite 115 sp Rich Purple Corundum 4,500 sp
Rock Crystal 100 sp Rose Quartz 240 sp Sardonyx 470 sp
Silver Pearl 330 sp Smoky Quartz 90 sp Star Rose Quartz 190 sp
Star Ruby 4,600 sp Tourmaline 550 sp Turquoise 122 sp
Violet Garnet 3,700 sp White Opal 1,000 sp White Pearl 410 sp

Experience Awards

Arwen Flamis Ithilmor Keshah Logan Menolly Turf
56,228 55,825 58,975 55,510 52,500 49,525 27,300
After racial tax:
56,228 55,825 49,146 46,258 52,500 41,271 22,750
After the Loot Auction:
49,299 59,246 51,267 39,080 56,671 47,892 20,521
Income (less expenditures):

Award Disposition

Arwen's Award

Flamis' Award

Ithilmor's Award

Keshah's Award

Logan's Award

Menolly's Award

Turf's Award


Autumn 811wk: Fruit(4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 House Kerberoth 4   5   6  
Moon2.jpg 7   8 Menolly Arrives 9   10   11   12   13  
Moon3.jpg 14   15 16   17 18 Heights of Chaos 19 ...cont... 20
Moon0.jpg 21 Arrive Sura 22 23 24 25 Portal to Cathry 26 27  
Moon1.jpg 28   29   30    
Autumn 811wk: Harvest (5)
  1   2   3 Arrive City of Brass 4 train
Moon2.jpg 5   6   7   8   9 Walk path 10 ... 11 ...
Moon3.jpg 12   13   14 Arrive Noualis 15 Equinox Attack Barrow 16 Rest 17 Bishop library 18
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon 20   21   22   23   24 25
Moon1.jpg 26 27 28 29 fly BFK via village 30 scouting  
Autumn 811wk: Vintage(6)
  1 to Sighisoara, turf 2
Moon2.jpg 3 4 village, jade armour 5 healing 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. 9 at Bloodfang keep
Moon3.jpg 10 Attack keep 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon1.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest
Winter 810wk: Frost
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 2 3 4 5   6
Moon3.jpg 7 8 9 10



Moon0.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon1.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30