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Bretonnia is a Destinian-ruled theocracy near Raniterre.

Vassal of Destiny
Status Theocracy
Location In the South-West of
Southern Alusia
Geography tba.
Population ???

98% Human

Urbanisation 10-12%
Major Towns several
Languages Brett: 95%

Raniterran: 70%
Destinian: 40%
Common: 30%

Exports ??
Imports ??

Recent History

Until recently, it was Avenal, the coastal Duchy of Raniterre. The Royalist Destinians, after being forced to flee first Destiny, and then the Ellenic States, were invited into Avenal by the evil Duchess Pearl. Queen Pearl of the new Kingdom of Bretonnia quickly set about using the accumulated wealth and power of the Destinian Renegadoes and church to settle old scores with her husband, neighbours, and old friends. She gained more wealth by opening a portal to another world, which has different physical laws and many trading opportunties. Eventually in her lust for power she kidnapped Medea, an important Ellenite and the daughter of Ernest the Black, the most feared pirate of the Isles of Adventure. Mighty and just retribution rained down upon her head in 803WK.

Political Structure

In the absence of the Queen, the country is ruled by the privy council (a.k.a. the Council of Bishops), who normally make all decisions, although custom and usage governs the habits of most of the population, and individual members of the Privy Council have "ministries" which give them a free hand to interfere with whatever they think is appropriate. Like the baronies, there is a distinction between the way towns operate and the feudal holdings of the countryside. Although there are nobles with sizeable estates, most of the countryside is controlled by various PoL orders.

Privy Council

  • Duke Guido (token link to royalty)
  • Admiral de Saumarez (Admiralty)
  • Bishop of North See (defence, security / Warden of the marches) Michaeline
  • Bishop of Guido City (trade, revenue, excise, external affairs / Treasurer) Michaeline
  • Bishop Banhorst (Justice / Chancellor) Urielite
  • Bishop of New Territories (war, manpower / Marshall) Michaeline
  • Bishop of Thal (Education, Propagation of Faith) Gabrielite


  • Francis del Pyrene, the Harbour-master



The official language of Bretonnia is Brett which is proudly spoken by Bretonnians. Merchants, courtiers, guards, and scholars will speak passable Common. Most locals also understand Raniterran but will be reluctant to speak it. Destinian is not so widely understood but the locals are happier to use it.