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  • Autumn 805 – Silverfoam - When the entire group was transported to the 666th level of Hell, and their magic was being stripped off them while demons were attacking, Silverfoam was the last one leaving by Banishment.
  • Summer 805 -Cayenne – diving into quicksand to save another party member
  • Spring 804 - Gareck – Was three foot away from a wolverine, charged in, impacting and killing one hit.
  • Winter 804 - Mario - This was his first adventure. He went into an encounter with bones flying about and took two spec grevs to shield Human while he cast.
  • Autumn 804 -Silverfoam - while badly wounded, he refuses to drink a healing potion until it has 'aired' a bit. Instead he charged into combat, then drank it.
  • Summer 804 - Tussock - After the party leader fell down a bottomless pit, Tussock dived in after.


  • Autumn 805 - Talon - While in the lowest level of the Dark Tower, the rest of the party were killing their way towards the Dark Lieutenant while he was doing a ritual. Talon, did an end-run around the fight and managed to pour Waters of Gaia on the sacrificial victim, disrupting the ritual, before being killed.
  • Summer 805 - Grizelda – wanting to find a trap release by triggering the trap
  • Summer 805 -Gok – Trying to pick up and move the artifact, and not dying from the draining
  • Summer 805 -Peter – leaping into a small cupboard, while holding his nose, to rescue a young lady.
  • Spring 804 - Flamis – charging in against the big bad creature
  • Spring 804 - Tussock – A bunch of weapons were in a very dangerous room. Tussock was lowered in on a rope to fish them out.
  • Winter 804 - Jhiselle. Was captured by vampires. She wandered off then went back to visit them.
  • Winter 804 - Peter – He charged into a mass of trolls and survived
  • Winter 804 - Theodona – She saw two party members into trouble and went in to help. She received a crushed pelvis
  • Autumn 804 -Adam Vychan Jones - for continuing to protect Flamis from the rain of arrows even though he was facing certain death.
  • Autumn 804 -Sam - the party were camping in an area full of undead that were trying to eat them by laying traps around the campsite etc. Every morning Sam went out first.
  • Autumn 804 -Saute - went straight ahead to whallop a Mind Mage who was casting TK Rages.
  • Summer 804 - Amelio - During a combat, he went in and offered appetisers
  • Summer 804 - Boulder - for standing in front of the wyvern and taking what it dished out
  • Summer 804 - Tom - volunteering to be tortured for eight hours so an important potion could be made.
  • Summer 804 - Anathea - Was in there trying to affect the wyvern
  • Summer 804 - Stardreamer - A sixty foot basalisk had dived into the earth and was heading towards the petrified statue of the daughter the party was trying to save. Stardreamer hurled himself down the hill to protect the statue. He did, by letting it fall on him.
  • Summer 804 - Kit - Stood the twelve pulses required to fight the opposition while the rest of the party were unconscious